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  1. Felines? Yes, at least I think I'm pretty okay with them. I occasionally need references to get the way their skin lays over their legs correctly. As for bird wings, I've sketched them before, I do need references so I can get the type of feather layout the certain type of bird has, but I think I can probably do them.
  2. And we're open!! Feel free to request/comment on how you think I can improve my art.
  3. Finished commissions post reserved
  4. This is the gallery! Now, all of my art can be found here. But I'll be placing some varied examples here for you to get an idea of what my art is like. I'll occasionally add more that I'm proud of ^>^ DRAGONS: Asailia (My OC) Ladybug Nadder HUMANS: Skya and Amneter (2 more OCs) Alya and Chat Noir (Miraculous Ladybug) FANART: Broken Most Recent Piece:
  5. Hello! I'm Davin, and this is my art stash here on DragCave. To start off: THOSE WHO STEAL MY ART WILL BE REPORTED. I own my art. Those of you who take it will quickly find yourselves wishing you hadn't. I'm done with thieves these days, so please don't test me. Now, onto the rest. I'm always up to draw something for you guys! I love to do it, and it's fun to learn more while I do it. Commissions are very relaxed, just post asking me what you want, and I'll either accept or deny. Payment is not required for most art, though if you want a piece that's going to take me more than 6
  6. Hmm Pose.... the hatching curled up, with one of his wings splayed out, and the adult standing proud? Maybe a few bits of snow and ice on both, as if it'd just been in a storm? I'd always imagined Moonstones as a more icy type. Accessories... none there either. Again, thank you so much!
  7. Are you still taking requests? If so, can I have a drawing of a male moonstone hatching, and that same hatching as an adult? Thank you, if you can do it! If you're busy, no prob.
  8. Can you do an anime version of a glaucus drake? Just the head of it?
  9. Yay!! I was worried because I've been booted from a few rps for that reason.
  10. Raein Skulblaka Language Arts Room Hallway He nearly jumped a foot in the air when the lunch bell rang. Was it really already time? He'd not been expecting it to come so quickly. Then again, he had decided a bit late to attend class. But that was his own fault. He should probably start waking up earlier. He pushed himself out of the chair and too his feet, scanning around the room once. Students were slowly filing out. He made his way after them, keeping enough away that he didn't bump into anybody. Stepping out of the classroom after a moment's wait, he stepped into the hallway. One
  11. ((My goodness, sorry for being gone so long. Ugh.... life. Anyway, back now! Before I go through the trouble of making a post, is anybody not being spoken to??))
  12. OH MY GOSH! Sorry I was gone for a week! I was grounded for NO REASON, and wasn't able to get on. Am I still in the rp....?
  13. ((Okay... losta questions. Quick speel: Everybody please know I'm on Tech Crew for a musical, so my work hours are a bit out of proportion right now, as we're doing the show. We will decide lead mares when there are three choices for each herd. Thus far, I believe there is two for one herd, and one for the other. Emeelia had last posted on April 20th. Considering she posted now, I will look past it, but next time please tell me Emeelia, so I don't delete any characters. Everybody from their own herd knows each other. They pretty much grew up together, as these herds are ve
  14. ((Bumping.... guys, why is nobody posting?))
  15. ((Yes, if a foal is to be played, it needs a form. When it gets older and no longer applies I'd ask you to edit it. Please check first page, there has been a rule edit. This will be strictly enforced. I'm not stating the rule so I know you actually looked. Also, for the umpteenth time, PLEASE PLACE YOUR HERD IN YOUR POST!! We need to avoid confusion. )) Stygian ~ Nightmare Watching the herd, Stygian made his way down the hill to them. He figured he should at least communicate every once in a while. Yes, that would be best. He looked around, surveying just whom he should speak with
  16. ((@georgexu, please PM me any applications. This is your second warning. If I have to warn you once more, your application will be ignored. @all: Check the news on the front page! There has been a change. Also, please remember to place your herd above your character's post!!! This is to avoid confusion.))
  17. Raein Skulblaka Language Arts Room He looked more than a bit surprised that the professor dumped a bucket of ice on a students head. Was that allowed here? Raein had never seen it happen thus far. As long as it didn't happen to him, it was fine. When the girl jumped up, he watched with a raised eyebrow, the side of his mouth upturning slightly in a smirk. Wait until she found out a teacher was the cause of it. He wondered if she still would murder the person who'd done it. Or would she chicken out of it? Moving away from the door, Raein chose a seat and plopped down, leaning almos
  18. Will post tomorrow hopefully, I've had rehearsal all week so computer times at a low.
  19. Stygian ~ Nightmare The stallion chuckled slightly at Musa's comment after she walked away, turning and looking at his herd, which seemed to be pretty calm at the moment. Nothing new happening.... just chatting. Which was good to him, at least until some foal ran up to him complaining of being bored or something similar. Then it was tiring. He shook out his coal black mane, turning away from the Daydreams. He needed to stop worrying about that. Musa was right. What did they have to worry about a bunch of white prancing ponies? Ethereal ~ Daydream Trotted to the herd, stopping within
  20. True. I gotta go, be back tuesday
  21. Ahhh, I'll be gne until next Tuesday, no internet where I'm going. See you soon guys!))
  22. ((@goergegexu94 Pm all applications to me. And everybody, at a friends, be back Tuesday.))