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  1. [i was waiting for more people, but I guess we can start for now.] Kitty Jaci couldn't sleep last night. Last year she wasn't put in a group, but this year was going to be different. The Cardinal couldn't just ignore the huge potential she had forever. After shifting around for about half an hour, Kitty checked the time and decided to go downstairs for breakfast. She dressed in her most decorated coat, adjusted her brown hair, and wrapped her signature white scarf around her neck. Once everything was set to go in the mirror, Kitty walked through the door to her and her roommate's room, t
  2. RP Advertisement Name of RP: The Order: Protectors of the Dead Link: [X] # of active RPers: 2 (We haven't started yet.) Plot Summary: Students from the Castle of the Holy Spirit prevent monsters from escaping into the real world. Although... something seems to be stirring outside of the castle... and everyone is on edge. It might be nothing, but yet students have been going out and never coming back... Other: We've just been accepted, so we haven't started yet. PM a sheet if you're interested.
  3. [it should still be open, because when Starfire flew out Robin had to close it behind her I think. I don't have anything in character to contribute at the moment. Sorry. ]
  4. Insta-Recap/Forum News Feb. 20: Forum News started. Any plot info will be posted here as well as a quick recap of events. Feb. 22: TotallyDrow joins with Khaine. He looks like Axel from KH and is clearly trying to bribe me. It worked. Feb. 27: Moved to the Other Section and my extra comments have been deleted. Mar. 4: RP starts with RainDash and TotallyDrow as members.
  5. Characters: RainDash (Owner and Operator): Name: Kitty Jaci Age: 16 Weapon: Scimitar. It curves around and the hilt and flat of the blade are decorated with designs to keep evil at bay. A rosary hangs around the end of the hilt. It can be separated into two weapons, both identical to the other. Appearance: Kitty has brown hair and wears a white scarf. She wears the usual uniform for a priest, but decorates it with safety pins and metal hoops. She also wears a large black coat over it, hoping to have it whoosh around behind her. Her eyes are usually brown. Abilities: Blister S
  6. Plot "As you know, you're the best in the business…," the man shrouded in darkness said. "Hurry up our order doesn't like us dawdling on pointless requests." a Priest, with blonde hair and dark blue eyes snapped. He was built as though he were a kind of barrel, sturdy and huge. "Either tell us where the Blister is, or stop wasting our time." "Sir! I thought you were here to take care of that ghost in my home!" the man across the way exclaimed, dropping something that had been in his hands. "You came out here to help me with my problem right?" "Ya see sir," the blonde Priest said, "we'r
  7. Theresa "Do you think that would have been the worst thing that ever happened to me?" Theresa said, her eyes cold. Her lip twitched, trying to form into another sneer. No, this time she kept her emotions hidden under her mask. "You know, if you had said that you were innocent, I would have spared you. When Ceto comes back, and she is coming back I'll let her in on all your dirty little secrets. You think I don't listen? You. Are. A. Scared. Child." Theresa moved back to her door, sweeping her legs into a kind curtsy. "Ma'am, I look forward to watching as all the power you seized rises up
  8. Theresa would honestly sooner roll over and ask her Poppy to rub her belly than back down. Poppy had the crew in her side, so it was likely that Theresa's cause wouldn't be helped if she killed Poppy here and now. "So… first mate," Theresa sneered her lip curling at the title Poppy had given herself, "how are those wounds? The large x across your chest if I remember right." She swaggered up to Poppy, her cold stare making the room drop almost ten degrees. "All it would take is a good cut to open those up again. Let you bleed out on the deck. Then we would feed you to the crows, after making su
  9. Phe stood and started to leave, when she was almost fallen on by Firenze. The shock made her jump, and her already frazzled state of mind caused a small fire to start at her feet. Phe didn't even bother to try to put it out before she went to the window and did the thing that Starfire did. The window opened and she flew out as fast as she could. They were going to tell her that she had no control, that her emotions were too tired up with her powers. She flew back to the Arena, remained close to the ground as she went. As she stood on the already charred earth, she cried. At least here she coul
  10. Theresa was mad. Well, that was an understatement on her mood. Theresa was verifiable thunderstorm ready to destroy anything that stood in her way. She gave cold glares and asked through her teeth where Poppy was, tersely wording everything she said, avoiding having her entirety of anger spill out onto someone undeserving. She waiting to kill Poppy… then maybe Castiel for good measure. She'd gotten her hands on the papers that those two had been passing around. They were fakes. They were fakes because she'd seen real Templar papers before, and these… they were close, but they didn't need to b
  11. Mary stopped when Abe asked where they could go for food. She… hadn't thought about that. She usually didn't have money to pay off her own inn costs, and barely kept up with all the clothes she ran through. Well, that was back then anyway. Mary didn't know about any pastry shops, she'd heard about them though. "Okay then, let's go and eat pastries and stuff. If we have to, I'm pretty sure that we can ditch on the bill. Mary smiled, glad that Abe was finally feeling better. As compared to her own tragedy that had happened so long ago, but felt as though it had happened a minute ago. She was alo
  12. Mary "Nah, I was drinking and thinking. Ran out of stuff to drink though. So I thought I'd cheer you up, since you looked like you were having a tough time and also because you cut all your hair off." Mary was up front, she had no real reason to be a liar. Sudden changes often meant bad things to people, and it was in her own experience that most wanted only the status quo. Most. "By the way, ditch that stupid past. Dragging crap like that with you only makes you more unhappy in the long run." "Hypocrite." She smiled and pretended not to hear her own thoughts. It was better to run from s
  13. Ashe hated the fact that she had to knock and follow orders more so than the other Enforcers. Thankfully, she could ditch her partner easily, partially because he was unobservant and easy to fool when freshly baked pretzels were involved. She slid up to the door to her suspect's house, gun in hand, and knocked. "Police." She waited three seconds, letting the suspect shuffle around to either open the door or escape. Judging from the clatter of objects, Ashe guessed it was escape. Ashe quickly dashed around the back, gun out and ready to fire. The suspect dashed down the grimy alleyway behind hi
  14. Mary saw Abe, which was weird because she barely recognized the other woman with her hair so short. Moving carefully, Mary moved to the overhang where Abe was standing to hide from the sun. Mary leapt down in front of the other woman, carefully landing on her feet with cat-like grace. "Heya Abe. I wanted to say that you had a nice hair cut and-" Mary noticed the red rings around Abe's eyes. "Is everything okay? If it's about the mutiny then don't worry, it will all turn out fine! Unless it's about you and Cullen… don't worry just 'cause you're apart doesn't mean you'll never see him again!" sh
  15. Phe had calmed down considerably now, but she'd been out of the room when Kami asked her question. So she didn't know that other girl was curious about their roots and various histories, but Phe wouldn't answer that anyway -at least not honestly. So she went to grab a bite of pizza, randomly picking whatever hadn't been gnawed on by the ferret, and sat down on the couch to eat. These new additions would have to be watched and monitored in case of -no, she couldn't do that to her teammates. This wasn't a villain team after all. There was a sort of uncomfortable pause, so Phe spoke up,"I'm sorry
  16. Mary The roof was quiet, which was perfect. She picked out the tallest building to sit and think. These were precious moments when she wasn't happy and optimistic. When her eyes were nothing but blank pools of brown that scanned the city. She gripped a flask she'd 'liberated' from some noble and drank deeply from it. When it was empty she wiped her mouth and put it back on the ground. She liked to pretend the Sista Viska could be seen from the roof, the white sails fluttering in the wind and the creak of the deck under her feet. Robb grabbing her shoulders as she left only made her feel h
  17. [Yeah, but we're still in Jump City in the original Titan's Tower. So it's surrounded by water. Nothing to post IC at the moment.]
  18. Mary She was suddenly turned around, Robb's hand on her shoulder. For a moment, she didn't know how to react, she wasn't planning on running into him. "Yes, Robb. I have to leave, I owe the captain… the true captain. I'll be back, though. It's just something I have to do." Mary smiled, trying not to cry. She was going to miss him so much, and she could only hope that she'd make it all the way through this war or mutiny or whatever. [Class.]
  19. Mary She gathered her stuff, packing away what little she owned. It wasn't much, but she had to leave. Poppy's rise to power, it was too little evidence and too much of the Assassin crap she'd heard before. She owed the captain, the true captain, too much to back down now. She put it all in a bag, and slung it over her shoulder. It hurt a little, no, I hurt a lot to think that she'd be leaving and Robb wasn't coming with. She gulped and started to walk down the plank and onto the dock. [Night.]
  20. "A simple one? I could never wear something like that. I tend to get a bit grease-stained when I work on stuff. Plus, I don't doubt that flashy outfits like that draw attention to yourself. I… I'd rather stick to the shadows." Luna shrugged, which was uncomfortable and awkward while Athena was leaning on her. She probably shouldn't do that. "Listen, I've had a bit of a…" she searched for the right word, "sheltered childhood? I don't know. Don't try to impress me or get close. I'll be off this ship sooner or later. Dress how you like, not on my account." the way she figured it, Athena would eit
  21. [Leviathin, Phe isn't hiding in a closet, she's just in the hallway. I didn't say anything about a closet. ] "Please go away… it's a lot of people here and I'm just searching for some space. Please go away, I'll be fine. It's not your fault… go away." mostly, she knew that she had limits on how many people she could handle in one room. She could get used to it, but she needed some time. The last thing she needed to do was burn down the Titan's Tower. She curled into her herself, holding her legs against her chest until it hurt, her arms visibly shaking. She'd been brave so far, but she
  22. Phe remained hiding behind the couch, making sure that her eyes were only visible. She didn't know what to make of the new visitor. He was scary and had a weasel. Phe didn't understand what a weasel was. She just knew that it apparently had sharp claws and craved pizza crust. She didn't like it. She slunk closer to the floor and used as a shield. She'd been brave enough for today. She couldn't take any more surprises or people at the moment. Maybe if she zipped down the corridor she could escape before they made her introduce herself. Then again she didn't want to be rude to the Titans. Phe fl
  23. Theresa As Ceto spoke to her, one could almost see how much pain Theresa was in. A large part of her wanted to leap off the side with Ceto, jump into the water and swim away. She moved to the railing and leaned against it, watching her captain swim away from the ship. She gripped the railing until she was certain that her fingers were going to bleed. When she relaxed a little, she pulled off her glove, looking at the branded finger. She had a duty to the Creed first and foremost, but maybe she could figure out a way to prove Ceto's innocence. "Those of you who have sided with Ceto may dis
  24. Theresa "The last time we had evidence and ignored it was when my old captain's boat was taken over. There's too much risk, Ceto. I can't pretend to ignore the evidence! I can't pretend that you're not a Templar if there's something else to prove it. I know it's fishy, but we'll have time before we reach port so I can look at the document. Please, I don't want any more fighting." she meant every word she'd said. She didn't want to fight unless she had to, and at this rate it was growing increasingly dire. She didn't want to convict Ceto, but she did want her at the very least locked up un