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  1. Hey, check out the very first xmas 2015 hatchling. -egg spam removed, please use lineage links for growing eggs/hatchlings - /view/KgnH1[/url]
  2. Tigers for definite, Siberian Tigers to be exact. Tigers are the true kings of the jungle. But a close second is Jaguars because they are so stealthy. They also have super smooth fur.
  3. Thanks for the Nhiostrife cajunsun!
  4. I just got my 2nd Gen Thuwed, now it says "The breeding lists are closed.", are they closed forever? Here's my thuwed - https://dragcave.net/lineage/nbwtW
  5. Has anyone tried earthquaking them yet? Mine didnt work.
  6. Oh so im not the only person with this problem, thank you so much.
  7. Why do all hatchlings that hatched after yesterday, (on DC and hatcheries) look like a stage 5 egg even after they have gendered? Is this a glitch, i've tried clearing my history and cache but nothings working, help?
  8. Woah, all the adults are awesome. The gemstone ones remind me of the dragons from the movie "Avatar", anyone else think this?