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  1. I need one of these!!! Gimme!! /goes to desert to find "You expected to see some eggs, but there are none to be found."
  2. First thing I see is their looks. But the most important thing is their personality and whether they can make me laugh a lot. My current boyfriend is shy, so he doesn't talk a lot (so that's good, cuz I probably talk his ear off ), but he has a great sense of humor. It's perfect though! It's the same humor as my father. And you know how the saying is, "You marry your father." YAY!!!
  3. Oh. My. God. I was just watching harry potter.... Funniest. Thing. Ever.
  4. Was gifted a royal blue and thunder this weekend. Also got a cheese!!! WHOO HOO!!!
  5. Today I named my mint "York Peppermint Patties"... Couldn't believe it wasn't taken!
  6. This. Is. Awesome!! Sign me up yo!! I absolutely LOVE pillows just as well. They are one of the few dragons I decided to collect So nice to see others appreciate them like I do
  7. Well thank you I tend to think so that no one gets offended by what I say. As long as she doesn't do that while she's pregnant. Because if a mother does that to their child, it is completely irresponsible and I can't stand people that do that. {Sorry if I offend anyone, but it is completely wrong for people to do that to unknowing living things inside of them.} My cousin got his girlfriend pregnant, and they kept it. God bless that child, Brayden is so adorable. But he was 6 pounds and something, a very low weight, which could've been a very bad thing. I don't know if she did anything bad while he was in her. Even though we don't think she's the best for my cousin, they're still doing the right thing for Brayden (they moved in with each other and are getting married this summer). Also another thing I forgot in my opinion post: People that say abortion "kills" the baby; The baby isn't living yet. It isn't even completely formed already, ie it doesn't have a brain, can't move at all, doesn't have clear physical appendages... etc etc. So you can't say that it "kills" the baby, because the baby doesn't even know it's alive because it doesn't have a brain and can't comprehend anything. P.S. But I think you may have a biased opinion against extreme republicans (because they generally are the ones who are against abortion). But then again, I also have a thing against extreme republicans, but that's because I'm a democrat and.. it's a whole 'nother story... Hahaha
  8. "I don't suffer from insanity... I enjoy every moment of it." Yours truly, Albert Einstein
  9. I don't know any specific planet... But I'd live the jedi's of star wars... I'd go crazy fangirling all over...
  10. I know. It makes me wanna punch one in the nuts.... I don't understand what they're thinking... Pregnancy in general is a gift from the Ol' Man upstairs... But not rape...
  11. Entomophobia - the fear of insects (mostly stinkbugs for me) Helminthophobia- Fear of being infested with worms. (me and tapeworms.. I can't even think of it without shuddering! AHHHH!!!) Turophobia - fear/phobia of cheese. I also have a fear of corn dogs... But I haven't found a name for it yet
  12. Aww! Why shank you! There was more common sense to it.. But I'm not supposed to be on the computer right now and my madre got home
  13. While I plan to never use abortion due to things I have heard/seen about it, I am still Pro choice. Every woman has the right to choose whether they want the baby or not. If the woman didn't want that baby in the first place (perhaps it was an accident), it would be better for the "baby" to be aborted rather than live with a mother that didn't plan it out and wasn't ready for one. Either the baby be aborted or go up for adoption, which is always just as good of a choice as any. My mother was adopted, as well as many of my friends (I can think of at least 3, if I thought about it a little longer, I'd be able to think of more). Also another reason for abortion: Perhaps the girl was raped. Would you want a child by a man that raped you? Because I surely wouldn't. The reasons I wouldn't choose abortion for myself go along with the following: - I've seen horrendous pictures of horrible extremes of abortion that just make me squirm - I personally don't want anything going inside of me and ripping me out (please don't pick at me because I said this. I know this isn't correct, but I'm entitled to my opinions and thoughts) - I don't plan on getting pregnant until I get married and am financially stable enough to support my child(ren) - While I know things can happen in the mean time, I still am not intending on using double protection, ie birth control and a condom - If I had an accident, I still do not plan on using abortion. I would love the child nonetheless and treat it liked it was intended and planned for. *While I know you may not have the same opinions as I do, please do not try to correct me, because I could quite possibly go berserk on you because this is quite the controversial topic. Thank you very much, I really don't want to offend you* **I would love to hear if you have the same views at me though!**
  14. Currently I'm in relationship with the most amazing guy I've met. His kind, smart, and funny, which is the best part, because his humor is exactly that of my father and grandfathers. So.. I guess he really makes me happy
  15. Just got the devil one. Soooo cute!! New favorite!!
  16. Just got the hatchling holding an egg. Cool!
  17. I have 16 so far. My absolute favorite would either have to be the nyan cat one or the egg with the rotating cage around it that changes to the color of the egg. So cool!
  18. I wonder if TJ (or any of the other artists) ever thought of making and easter "egg" dragon. Hahaha. It would be awesome if that existed!