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  1. What are all the 35 haloween items?Im missing one! I have:Flowers,bones,coins,mead,chicken,water,recipe,sweet roll,ladder,knife,cloth,soap,candle,pot,necklace,gems,apples,dyes n spices,sandwich,GoN stattuette,cheese,feather,,diary,cat toy,black cat,dead rose,coweb,baby suit,pie,pumpkin,potatoes,green elixir,map,moon(when you leave the village) What am i missing and how do i find it?
  2. First time i got the black pants in fancy pants adventure 3 i was invincible and i tought they were supposed to do that.Killed the boss with ease.
  3. I have a new method:Go camping on abanoned page. Its filled with rares.
  4. Well gamificated learning would be much better. First your brain emits dopamine when playing games. Second that leads to addiction. Third people would be addicted to learning:win. Also games made my reflexes better.Typing 24/7 on a keyboard needs skill. And probably school is boring because there isnt as much interaction there.And school manuals are getting more sour every schoolyear.In the 6th grade theres no more "solve the question to save the knight" thing.That makes the brain think we didnt acomplish anything without mr.knight.Thus not producing dopamine and making it boring.
  5. Im allergic to honey,makes me cough.
  6. Its not needed,because after my studies you need at least 1400 clicks.(two of my dragons survived,one with 1455 and one died with 1378 or something) Also its easy to realise if your egg will hatch or not because it will start cracking(or not,then you need clicks)same with hatchlings,when their gender is shown up its very rare for one to not mature(i think.)