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  1. I know one about a little crocodile who turns out not to be able to swim because he is, in fact, a dragon? https://www.panmacmillan.com/authors/gemma-merino/the-crocodile-who-didnt-like-water/9781529044744
  2. Ooooo. Ooooooo oooo ooooo. Okay, I'm glad I found this thread. @Sesshomaru, first, SAME, and also, have you ever puttered around the Sur La Lune website? They're in transition from an old format to a new one right now, but they do these great annotated versions of fairy tales and let you look at different authors' and cultures versions of similar stories side by side, and it's just really really great for folks who are into that kind of nerdery. Here's a random bit of the currently-in-development site that shows a bunch of different takes on the Beauty and the Beast theme. For all the others out there who like Fairy Tales and, er, can deal with ones that make them cry buckets, I love Oscar Wilde's Fairy Tales. He only wrote a few but they mostly are just heartbreakingly beautiful and ... er... heartbreaking. They're on Project Gutenberg, and "The Happy Prince" and "The Nightingale and the Rose" stick out most in my memory. I have a tendency of doing that, too. Er, if Platonic dialogues are fair game for this list, really like several of them. At least the translation I initially read of Candide is also funny in English. So is Gargantua and Pantagruel, but both were more fun to read in French, for me. ANYWAY... My actual list: The Brothers Karamazov (I like Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky's translation best) The Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy by Sigrid Undset (Nunnally translation) which is kind of the same weight as the above but focused on woman and how her choices shaped her life ... is it too early to call N.K. Jemisin's The Broken Earth Trilogy classic? Hamlet and several of Shakespeare's sonnets, too The Aeneid by Virgil The Inferno by Dante Persuasion by Austen The Little Prince Ulysses Love in the Time of Cholera The Glass Menagerie A Confederacy of Dunces The End of the Affair The Last Unicorn Haroun and the Sea of Stories The Phantom Tollbooth
  3. @trystan I'm afraid you've brought a ravelry friend thingy on yourself. Hi from the state just south! I especially love your Appa. I think whimsical little projects might be where my future knitting interest lies. @GhostMouse I love your colorwork! I'm starting to try getting into such things. there's this blanket pattern I've been ogling for ages... but I can't deal with the scratchiness of most yarn suitable for steeking and am kinda scared of using some nice soft malabrigo something that will need a ton of help not to unravel if I dare to use it. Glad I found this thread as I just seem to have re-gotten-into knitting. Well, crocheting the occasional chain for a drawstring, too, but mostly I knit. I made my spouse an eldrich/octopus dice bag for Christmas, which is probably the thing I've done lately that I'm proudest of. My kid's also obsessed with ghosts so I hacked together a plushy for him of one. Now I'm working in this endless cowl thingy for my sister. I'll stick some recent work in one of those hidden bits:
  4. hey, being easy to please is a wonderful thing! I wish I weren't such a persnickety old grouch sometime, but I think I have been since I was a toddler and it may be genetic or something. I do love silly action movies, at least.
  5. I almost got that for my partner for Christmas - they used to spend a ridiculous amount of their time modding a Slack community that was wonderful sometimes but eventually imploded. I thought it might be too real, though. Is it good? I'm currently reading From Blood and Ash by Jennifer Armentrout, which is kind of fun but also I want to yell at her editor for how many times the same words are reused twice within a sentence of each other despite a preponderance of readily available synonyms that could make the prose so much better. I got there by way of liking Sarah J. Maas, who does similar heroine-driven, kinda romantic fantasy stuff considerably better. Aforementioned partner and I are reading The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers to each other, too. It seems like really wholesome, well-realized space opera. I'm taking a break from Nicole Jarvis' The Lights of Prague because I wanted something I could listen to while knitting and it doesn't have an audiobook version. It has an interesting concept - lamplighters as monster hunters, traditional slavic vampires who aren't all really monsters, etc - but it drags a bit at the start thanks to well-intentioned but ploddingly-realized love-letter-to-setting stuff.
  6. I just posted something in suggestions on this topic. Especially on the AP, it blocks eggs that disappear in a hurry and is functionally a game-breaker. There are probably ways the code of the site might be able to compensate, which is why I posted over there instead of here, but unless this is becoming a pay-to-play game, something's gotta give. In screenshot, notice the last row is blocked from view. This is on a recent Samsung Galaxy.
  7. Android/Chrome user here to report that, as of the last few days, the ads at the bottom of the AP have started blocking the last row of eggs - which is almost always where the new eggs show up. Screenshot to show what I mean appended. While it's theoretically possible to just scroll up or use the menu option to refresh the page, rather than pulling down from the top, both those options take significantly more time and therefore put mobile users at a marked disadvantage in picking up eggs from the AP, where refreshing and clicking quickly is the name of the game. I've been unable to snag anything that wasn't stale from the AP on mobile since this change occurred; it's functionally a game-breaker. If it's possible to change how these ads are formatted, size down the eggs so they don't overlap with the tabbed ads where they pop up, or something, I suspect I'm not the only one whose continued use of the AP would be re-enabled. Especially with, say, the release of the Pink Sapphire, AP use isn't really optional for fully playing the game.
  8. I was just thinking about this and am so glad it's been recently brought up. Empathic support for changing gender to sex. Fwiw, I'm a communications professional who helps companies create guideposts for inclusive language in their style guides/internal policies. 3 members of my immediate family that I'm aware of are various shades of not cis. I have number of trans friends and know and discuss practical terminology folks with who study and teach feminist and queer theory. On the basis of all that, I am certain the current use of gender on the site is hurting some users, however unintentional that may be - so there's good reason to expedite what I suspect would be a fairly simple change. Even using the word 'sex' can be problematic, but because it's pertinent to the game's mechanics as, among other things, a breeding sim, it's the far more accurate and less offensive option here.
  9. THANK YOU, @Guillotine! Having a heck of a time finding it so far but I'll keep looking.
  10. My strategic advice has amounted to a general disinterest in stepping on the keyboard - for now, for the most part. It's been neat to be on Team Umbra, at any rate. I suspect we ALL could benefit from a win after the last couple difficult years, though. I'm mostly here, though, because I wanted to ask: are there other games out there in the ether that are similar to Mana Alchemy? I see, for instance, the 2048 corollary in the winter games. I missed the first time Mana Alchemy came around, and I'm weirdly fond of it now I've finally found a rhythm to it. I only wish I could contribute to my team score and not just my candy bank by playing.
  11. If I could filter by which individuals were in a cross section of groups - or were in one group and not another - that would help me a lot. I have a lot of groups, but I don't have one for CBs that are holidays, say. It would be cool not to need to get that granular.
  12. Really glad to see more interest in this. Maybe next time TJ's got an itch to work on the UI, some of these thoughts will get incorporated if enough of us say they'd be helpful.
  13. Oh that's lovely. I really like the description, too.
  14. Has the name of the new holiday dragons been announced? By the codes of the two TJ posted I'm going out on a limb here and guessing Gingerbread... Feeling such tension between being armed and being purdy with my fort! Can't wait until I've got a monitor and not just a phone to play with it on... I'm missing the lower corner of the map for now, but still having fun.
  15. I've managed to miss the holiday festivities for a decade. Glad to make it this time!
  16. Please forgive my interjection with a question, but I suspect someone following here would be as likely as anyone to know: what do you do if you have a prize (like, 1G) that you're willing to breed for others' lineages and collections as gifts or trades? I saw a link at the start of this thread for tinsel appreciation in the breeding section of the forum, but that thread isn't taking replies. I'd also rather breed what folks are looking for rather than just try different things, especially since it's taken several attempts for eggs to be produced with every eligible partner I've introduced my poor Gold Tinsel fellow to. I feel like I'm sitting on a wasted resource right now. when I know people are looking for 2g prizes and kins, especially since internet speeds are unlikely to catch up with modern expectations where I live anytime soon and it makes catching the super rare CBs hard. Is there a good thread for what I'm seeking that I just haven't found yet? Thanks!
  17. - oh good. Not just my energy freezing! I have some watering yet to do...
  18. Not quite there yet but getting close. I love so many of y'all's designs! Makes me wonder if I should take another look at swamp tiles and build a humorous cemetery instead of some of this.
  19. Very happy that it helped, @BringsTheSnow! 😊
  20. New developments at level 30 in photos described in the hidden bit.
  21. OMG the grown up glowshrooms are adorable.
  22. That's super helpful. Thank you. Fwiw, there's a similar mechanic of some sort with pumpkins.