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  1. CB Seasonal (winter) https://dragcave.net/teleport/9b586e65b8674b879cb3644d21e367a4
  2. First let me start off by saying I do not think you have tried everything (at least going by your posts) in trying to obtain metal. Sure I have seen quite few during the hourly mark. Yet I have seen just as many in between the five minute marks, not ON but for example at xx:22. A lot of it is simply timing and being in the biome at just the correct time. For example in my 4 years of playing I have seen total of only 4 Silvers in the cave (yet somehow lucky enough to get 2 of those) where I have seen lots more of Golds (and only able to get 1 though seen lots more). My wife on the other hand claims the exact opposite, she has seen lots of Silver and very few Gold. You also can do some rather difficult tasks in obtaining one as well, some will trade for tons of hatchies or are other various threads which give chance of obtaining one or even create a Neglected to trade for one. One way is to actually make the biomes move, the more eggs that get cycled thru by nature means the more chance of seeing one. As to your suggestion, yes it sounds nice, but sorry I just cant support. 2 day drop: This will just cause more drama and hassle than a normal release. There will still be tons of players that will not be able to get one, especially more so since EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE will definitely be trying to get as many as possible. There will always players that simply wont be able to make w/e 2 days those are. And what about players that start just after this? They will want one as well, so what than, we do this on regular basis? Sorry but this will just cause nothing but more grief and complaining anyway I look at it. More complaining about all those lucky enough to get some trading them, more complaining from ones that werent able too even though they tried, more from those who missed it, etc. Tagged/flagged metal not count towards ratio: Once again sounds good initially, but ultimately this will still indirectly impact ratios and make the current situation worse that it is now. They will still be traded which will impact false player rarity initially. Which means Metals will no longer be considered Rare, since there are tons of them up for trade (not counting fact that since are not rare atm they are no longer special). Afterwards, all those will be bred in far greater numbers than what is bred now which will just keep the future ratios of CB nearly extinct, but hey lots more have them so they will just keep breeding those plus all their prior bred ones. Frankly its unfair that a majority of us cant catch rares: Well yea it is, but that is kinda the point of having rares, otherwise what would be the appeal and attraction if anyone could just go out and get all of everything they want. In the end I think there are better suggestions that will not cause as much drama and complaints and will be more fair. The "Store" idea is one, another could just be to do a one time like holiday free gift for finishing holiday event. If you finish the event you get choice of choosing one ADULT metal. That would still throw off their ratios some, but at least that way any active player would have 1 at least that they cant trade. I am sure there are other ways I have not thought of too.
  3. To implement mini-games for anyone that wants too, to kill time while waiting for something else to do in DC is fine, especially if it is past mini-games that have already been in DC. Some people really liked and got into some of those. I personally do not understand why on full time basis, where as I did understand prior times mini-games were around as it was only during special events where you could not play DC like normal (ie cave was full of nothing but new Holiday, AP was usually filled with Holidays). But I see no problem at all to bring them back if players want. However, as per OP, to bring them back solely as a way to win prizes/limited dragons I have big problem with. Especially IF this is the only way going forward to win prize dragons. It should not be a requirement to play a different game in order to get something in DC. So if someone wants to play mini-games sure fine but do not actually reward them for doing such with special highly valuable dragons. That is dictating that all DC players must now play some other game in addition too. The ONLY way I could support this suggestion is if it were to reward them by giving them things that any and all players can already get with little bit of time and effort. In other words uncommons and/or common dragons.
  4. Entering the "Trader's Canyon" IMHO just seems too complex. You have three main branches once you enter. When all this store idea really needs is the Orphan's Rest part. A place where you can see your weekly (cycle) points accumulated, your total points you have and all the eggs you can purchase. I am not opposed to the three proposed areas however. The Bazaar and making potions just seems to detract from the main part of this game, which is getting collectables, all the dragons along with raising and breeding them. This is just a minor thing to me though. The Ecology Management Agency / 10 Blocker bonus. This part just seems to add a lot more complexity to this idea however. For several reasons. 1) The cave itself already is designed to keep itself in balance. Sure having something in place to encourage more doesnt hurt, but it can be done in simpler ways than this. 2) The whole concept just seems un-natural to me. When you hear about groups banding together IRL, it is more to save rare or near extinct things. This is kinda reverse here in this idea having humans and dragons to band together to get rid of things that are super common ?? 3) The complex nature of the whole thing. Having quests, having to look every cycle for the 10 most common, having X%, the 0.1 of point or collecting 10 for whole point. The whole Ecology / 10 Blocker part for example can easily be replaced by: Pokemonfan13 suggestion will naturally come up with the most common Blockers, without having to worry about an actual set number (like 10 suggested). Those that fall into the Negative price will accomplish the same thing. It will give players Shards for getting those eggs. It does away with the whole need to collect 10 or 0.1 point thing too. This suggestion will not work if prices are fixed though obviously. Pricing: I think all dragons not normally found in cave should be set/fixed prices. CB Prizes, I prefer cost method 1. However I can easily see thousand or more showing up every year, so method 2 might even be better. That would mean twice as many showing up as method 1 especially for first couple years, but with limit it should stabilize out over time. CB Old Holidays: agree with everything in OP with one minor addition. 1100 base price + add'l amount for every year as it gets older. Like say 100 more for every year. For example last years will be 1100, year before would be 1200. That would make the oldest holiday (Holly) be I think 1900 and will take another 2 mo's longer to get the oldest. All others should be based on BOTH Rarity + Ratio. The base price should be determined by its rarity. So for example the most rare like Gold/Silver would be set at the highest cost. With the most common set at lowest cost. I personally like 2000 down to -10. The ratio would than either subtract or add to that base cost depending on the caves need .. just like how they drop in cave now I would guess. Ratio would only fluctuate max x% of the base rarity cost like say 10% just to keep it simple. SO..... Gold/Silver = 2000 +/-200 depending on ratio Most common = -10 +/-1 depending on ratio. Or if you really want method that will help to control and maintain a balance to counteract any superficial rarity that players may add. It could be as high as 100%. SO... Gold/Silver = 2000 +/-2000 depending on ratio Most common = -10 +/-10 depending on ratio. Of course cyradis4 made good point that maybe a lot would rather buy lots of commons in store if they are priced fairly low. My idea could contribute to that, which would make things worse in-cave. But I just think most will be saving their shards to get more rare dragons. Maybe only using store to get negative ones, which still should help out in-cave.
  5. Bred mine with Nhiostrife and I love it. I got 3 Celestial eggs, was hoping to get mixed but ah well could only keep one anyway Think it looks better with it in Corporeal form but still looks nice with either form. Celestial via Nhio Was disappointed to see it go back to original form right after breeding but it does make sense.
  6. Agreed as I dont either. Have not noticed anything about the chins, but than everyone sees things differently. For example is one minor thing on the Male that I notice, but I am guessing most will never see that. Unless I were to call it to everyones attn, and than they may or may not see it.
  7. My guess is these will be uncommon. Merely speculation at this point but are several things to imply this. Like knowing they have BSA as I believe so far all BSA dragons are at least uncommon is just one thing. Mixing 6 hrs in even though initial release seen far fewer numbers going out than most usual new releases. Only time will tell.
  8. Meh, I just collect some and kill them all to help others have more than just one choice of w/e egg someone decided to mass breed.
  9. 50 - 100 common/uncommon hatchies sounds perfectly reasonable to me. I know I would easily give that many for 2nd.
  10. I vote for Option 11 - Other. Release more dragons. The more that are released the less chances you have CBer. The more you release the more competition each common has to share with other common dragons. When I started playing several years ago, it was quite common to see all three slots with exact same description / egg. I see that occasionally today, but that is rare. Except during new releases which is not a CBer so doesnt count. I do see two slots with same egg today from time to time. But even when that happens, quite often you only have to wait 5 minutes and at least one if not both of them get replaced. That did not happen as much when I first started playing, sometimes it could be blocked for 10, 15 etc minutes at time .. or until someone decided to finally take one of them or the hour mark came up.
  11. Yep agreed, making font smaller helps. Centering helps imho too. But best option of those pics was not even available. NOTHING over the dragon. The name of the dragon is already in top left column and everyone knows you are viewing a dragon.
  12. Actually TJ stated generated and picked up in pretty equal numbers. So yes they are hitting peoples scrolls. I personally dont know where, but apparently per TJ they are. Also TJ said that Almandines were not the most rare in last couple weeks. TJ never stated which was. So it could have been either Spessartines (my guess) or Pyropes. It also neglects to differentiate whether those were only in-cave or Overall population. Since specifically mentions generated and picked up, I read that as overall so also could just be simple matter that lot of them are from breeding and those from what I have seen do not have as much trade market. A big interpretative part of that is TJ's view of 'pretty' equal. 10's / 100's / 1000's really do not know. Or maybe even in relation to the total number of dragons that go out every day? That could be bit larger than what a normal player may think or maybe not. Yes I mostly got same thing as you, just was stating someone else could read something else from it. As to the prices fluctuating in store depending on if under- or over- populated. I like it and yet dont. Cons of that are players can easily see price go up or down every day and than know current status for each dragon. One can get an idea now based on how they are breeding or seen in-cave, but that is not same as actually seeing it officially confirmed by price in the Store. Besides the game already has set procedures in place to help control that. Yet at same time I do see your point regarding user driven rares. That is more of false driven rarity that will continue to be such as players artificially inflate it for awhile. So IDK, maybe only have it vary if it is over or under for certain set time, like say over a month ??
  13. NOOO! Say it isnt so. *Runs off to log in* *whew* It is not showing up on my Dino Cave at least currently. I can only see it switching to default skin. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it remain this way. So how come Dino and Blackout which were not supposed to get updates is getting this UI update simply for aesthetic reasons (which I am sure it will eventually since others have already seen it there at some point), when the much more informative and useful update of the clock at top has not been added to any other skins?
  14. Thank you cyradis4 for clarifying that and SockPuppet for actually providing the links. I did a search for that at some stage with no luck and just wondered if maybe it had been mentioned in IRC or something. So am glad to have finally gotten the clarification. As to your 3 examples (Blacks, Stripes and Seasonals), those may or may not prove that false. You have given one example yourself which does not. Pyralspites* breed really easily and yet do not show up in cave with the same ease. I have personally seen another example during Holly Contest with Spitfires. Towards end of the year Spitfires still could be found in-cave, maybe slightly less than normal, but were still not that difficult to find in-cave. However, breeding towards the end of year reflected drastically different results. Breeding resulted in far less instances of producing an egg and also appeared to have far greater outright refusals. Of note, a large number of participants were hunting Spitfires from AP which were commonly bred eggs as well as breeding their own. Less often were they being hunted in-cave. Not absolute proof but does show pattern which seems to point towards disproving. The fact is, it really all depends on how it is coded. While it may make sense to have them separate, as it gives more flexibility and control, that really means nothing. The way it was coded in other parts could have meant it would have been more difficult or not possible. Back to your 3 examples, I said it may not because it could simply be coded with two separate fields but usually the same / similar ratio is plugged in for both. Pyralspites could have been different from the norm, having two completely different ratios plugged in for them. It makes sense, but that really is not solid proof either. It always boils down to how it is coded and maybe there are other factors involved. For example one could start rumour from TJ recent post about Pyralspites. It infers that Pyralspites are rare, listing them among and comparing to Copper and Xenos. But while TJ may have inferred that, TJ does not point blank state this indeed true. *Pyralspites. We now know for a fact that all 3 have same ratio. The biomes they appear in by nature will have an impact. Knowing that Pyropes have same ratio as other two, shows to me that biomes have more impact than I would have thought. Pyropes themself are easy to explain. Showing up in Volcano which is the second least crowded or dragons that it has to share and compete with, will by default make them appear more often. Added to that Volcano is also a popular and high trafficked area by the players (not as popular or as visited as Alpine but still one of the higher visited biomes). So end result Pyropes appears to be uncommon while other two appears to be more rare, even though ratio is same. Why do they all seem to breed like the dickens, I have already theorized the ratio might be set different than the norm. But that is all it is at this stage .. a theory. Maybe they do not have rare ratio set at all and are just appearing in biomes that way due to other factors, like for example Spessartines and Almandines are just being overbred.
  15. Bred Prize dragons definitely have some sort of ratio. So as long as we are not discussing that.... Why? for 2 reasons I have heard. (assumptions really) 1) In short they prolly do, but it is irrelevant as it is not counted or applied. I have heard many times that bred dragons do not impact in cave dragons. IF indeed true, than this means that they are completely separated somehow into two categories (in cave vs bred). So technically it prolly does have set ratio given somewhere. However, by separating it, this allows one to have a table specifically for In Cave dragons. That table should not have any dragons in it that the cave can not generate. Prizes will never spawn in cave and so will never impact those in-cave ratios. Ratios in-cave affects and controls numbers of how many of each type of dragon is likely to spawn. Where as ratio for breeding (which can be same ratio) really only controls the % chance of producing an egg or which parent it comes from. Anyway, more than likely the in-cave dragons normally created will prolly have a counter that keeps track of all dragons created. But since the Prize was never generated actually in-cave, it will not have been counted by that counter. This would still be the same if someone had chosen CB Gold for example from the Raffle. Cave did not physically generate it and so would not be counted on in-cave counter. 2) I thought I recalled hearing at one point that any dragons from Raffle were not counted. Which makes sense with above. But yea, I fully agree with you. Even if I am completely wrong with those assumptions. I still think the numbers we see from the store will not make much difference. Trading: Ah well that makes it more difficult than. Game play and expected rules should be familiar. Uniform. When something new comes out, player already partly knows what to expect when everything is kept similar. So keeping the same rules as was applied in previous Raffles would just have kept game easier. Not only that but some players will complain about things like this "Raffle prizes could be traded, why cant I trade this waaaa waaaa waaa". But since they changed over time..... well fudge is all I can say lol. I personally preferred that Store dragons be locked to your scroll, but thought I recalled that Raffle dragons were not. So guess I will butt out and stick with what I first said .. however it was done in Raffle is fine by me As to Limits. Meh I prefer some ways over others, but really my biggest concern is that there are some for any of those special types of dragons will be available I listed above. Yes Limits without question. Specifically how is all up to preferences and matters of opinion. My biggest concern is that they never supersede scroll limits currently established .. which I doubt TJ would anyway.
  16. I have read quite bit about this suggestion from other threads and what I have heard about it I supported. So thought it time to actually read this thread. I still have not read it all I know you stated you were brainstorming and had not thought it all through. Auction / barter / gamble system. I KNOW this is already done to some level via trade offers, but that is unofficial and not in-game. Having this Officially part of the actual game just rubs me wrong. Especially considering there are a number of younger players. It also "could" counter the whole idea of this suggestion. The fact that every player with some effort over time can get any item in the store. If this is done in way that only top 20% offered, this could still end up being the players whom already are getting most the better dragons still getting most of them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After actually reading some of this thread, I still SUPPORT this idea overall. Currency: Points vs Mana I think Mana is cool idea and it even fits in with the new elements and I really want to like it, but in the end I just cant. Why? The proposed Mana system just adds too much complexity. This is a simple clicky game. Sure over time as things get added, certain aspects of the game have gotten more complicated and less easy to understand (breeding habits of certain breeds, color moon phases, etc, etc). The game will continue to get less easy (or grow stale) but why purposely add to this when it is not really needed. The Store alone is adding a new feature, so why not keep it as simple as possible, the Point system will accomplish that. I am not opposed to even calling it Mana, but prefer to leave out all the proposed varying amounts of elements. Just one unit is all that is needed no matter what you actually call it. Which Dragons available in Store: I am not opposed to any dragons being available. If they were available in any of the Raffles, I am fine with them being available in the Store. Meaning all CB regardless of rarity, CB Hybrids, CB Alts, Prizes, Holidays, or anything else I may be leaving out. However this brings up..... Limits: IF all the above are available, than YES there must be limits. Holidays should never be able to exceed scroll limits. So max anyone can get of any one particular Holidays would be 2 or less (or even Max limit 1 of each type but not to exceed Scroll Limit). CB Hybrids should definitely have max limit, especially since TJ has already stated this, but I fully agree. CB Alts of breeds that were never intended to be CB for same reason as above. (Blacks, Vine, Undine, Striped, or any other may be forgetting) Prizes should be max limit of 1. Maybe one of each type (Tinsel and Shimmer) so at most max limit of 2 in total. Prefer just max of 1 though. GoN: I prefer no, but am not opposed either. Especially as long as it never exceeds scroll limit. Biome: They should be same as Prizes, GoN, or anything else gotten from the Raffles. Location: Cave Ratios: Once again, keep it as simple as possible, dont have them included in ratios. Maybe I am wrong, but I am under the impression that anything obtained from the Raffles were not included in the ratios. It should be the same for anything obtained from store as well. Yes this includes even the Commons. If someone had wanted to get a common in lieu of Prize or anything else available, I am sure it would have been treated the same. It should be no different here. I have read arguments about store possibly throwing ratios out of whack. This would mostly eliminate that. Not completely as there would be few additional dragons created from breeding, but I think that is separate from Cave ratio anyway. Even if not I just do not see the limited amounts of bred Dragon via limited amounts of store Rares obtained being major impact. Price Amounts: If each dragon's price is set well and appropriately, it really should have minimal impact on the game. TJ will best know the value for each and I have full confidence in w/e price or system TJ decides to implement this. So will simply leave that up to them. If TJ is looking for ideas, I can discuss further. Store Dragons Tradeable: Leaning No. However I think it really should be the same as with Raffle dragons that were obtained. Were those tradeable? I really dont know. Keep it simple, go along with w/e those were. Map: I really see this as separate suggestion, but I will say I am strongly opposed to any exclusive special biome dragon .. or really any store exclusive dragon at all.
  17. I have no question that increased activity in certain biomes can cause seeing more of everything in that biome .. including rares. But I am not following you. You first gave an example of Lunar Heralds. Lunar's initially dropped in Alpine and Coast. Because of the flood of Lunar's, this impacted Pyropes making them seen more rarely simply because hardly anyone was hunting Volcano. (with you so far). You than went on to say that Spessartines seen a dramatic increase because Coast has much higher increase of activity PLUS has less dragons to share with than Alpine. (still with you). The problem is and what I am not understanding. IF Spessartines seen huge increase due to activity in that biome, than how come Almandines in Alpine became virtually extinct as you said? Alpine also seen increase in activity due to people hunting Lunar's there as well. Yes it has more dragons to share with in that biome than Coast (30 vs 20). But still you should have seen same pattern, an increase, maybe a lesser increase but still an increase and not the exact opposite pattern of decrease. You came back with later posted reply about more activity, more people hunting in those biomes, but that does not explain seeing two opposite patterns (decrease in highly active Alpine yet increase in highly active Coast). tl;dr: your conclusion should have seen same results for both Almandines and Spessartines .. yet they were complete opposite.
  18. Bahh! This thread really should be separated into 2 threads. Really there are 2 issues that should be asked. 1) Is this a bug? or if not 2) Is this an unintentional consequence? I would tend to think it is more question 2, but really only TJ09 can answer either one of them. It could also be neither. We can discuss this for ever, but realistically all we can do is make guestimates based on observed behaviors. I have already read some interesting ideas here in this thread (as well as in other threads prior) that can easily explain how this might not be bug but merely an unintentional result. Once again only TJ09 will know. While I tend to agree with most peoples assumptions / guestimates already posted, I have heard that bred eggs do not impact CB ratios. IF this is indeed true, everyone assumption based on breeding habits could easily be explained. As that could mean there are two separate % ratios given, one for CB and one for Bred. It could easily just simply be that ratio for CB is much different, when normally my guess would be that most dragons are both set at same or similar %. If this is true, than my guess would be TJ09 intended it to be this way. Merely all speculative of course. For example I can give another what if scenario on how I "think" this game is partly coded which would help explain that this could be neither actual bug or an unintentional result. This would also help explain why breeding habits seem to not reflect what is seen in Cave. Lets just say for example purposes, that all three (Almandine, Pyrope and Spessartine) are all coded as only under one dragon of Pyralspites (like many have already speculatively posted). Let us also just say that Pyralspites have 30% ratio set. This may sound low, but this really would not make it that uncommon or rare. However let us also say that TJ09 than has secondary check which than determines what type of Pyralspite it actually will be. Lets just say IF Pyralspite has been chosen the secondary check (ie IF new_egg="Pyralspite" than run etc command) could be set Pyrope = 75%, Spessartine = 15%, Almandine = 10%. So IF my above paragraph is true. This would mean when creating new eggs in Cave, you will see quite a few Pyraspites, but odds are very high that most of them will result in it being Pyrope. At the same time when going to breed for any and all types (Almandine, Pyrope and Spessartine) it would fall back on the default 30% ratio, or in other words you have in essence a 1 in 3 chance of producing a bred egg for all three types. So breeding you will not see much if any noticeable difference. If you do it would be purely RNG (random number generator) or luck. It could even be worse, for example the secondary check could be 90%, 5% and 5%. We really have no idea on how game is coded or what all percentage amounts are given.
  19. I would post this on more appropriate thread Retiring Site Layouts but since that thread is closed, I guess this is next most appropriate one that I can find. Per TJ one of the main reasons for doing away with some of the more lesser used layouts was for testing new things on each. (Inferred actually implementing new things on each as well). So why is it that the only layout to show DC Time in top right corner is the default layout? I use Dino Cave layout and was aware that since it was retired would no longer receive future updates. So I have never been surprised it does not show up on that layout. However, I just went through several of the other options that have not been retired and sadly found the only layout this upgrade feature works on is default. The default layout has too dark background, while the actually scroll is light tan/brownish and does add some light, it still is less lighter than several other layouts (like Dino, 1960's, St Pat). It simply does not give off enough brightness for me to see the keyboard. I usually play in evening and dont bother turning on the lights. This is not only reason I do not like default either. While hunting in the caves, the egg description due to different font styles does not fit as much in on one line. Meaning more egg descriptions are on 2+ lines. Slightly dyslexic makes this harder for me to key in on and read at quick glance (needed to grab rarer eggs quickly). So while I was considering changing to another layout, I just do not see any reason to change from one I personally like best, Dino Cave, if the only real option is default one which just does not suit my needs or tastes. Really the way I see it, is that all layouts have been retired .. just not officially.
  20. Usually no. Just for collecting and entertainment. And can I have my eggs over easy please. No need to put them in the basket either.
  21. ^^This. I never understood why they had 10 packs available of all the same type, when imho it would be better to get 10 pack of mixed or 10 pack of w/e ones you chose. Anyway, yea it will be sad to see store go, but do understand the reason. I have always wanted to buy some things when was able to afford to do so. Some of the things would have made great gifts (like Alt Black baby bib springs to mind). I just never had spare cash.
  22. I really LOVE how these dragons look ... even if they dont really look very valentinish to me. They simply look awesome
  23. Yea I didnt think it was coding issue, simply was too random failing with nothing being changed. Since I have not noticed this issue with any other site, that implies to me API is not prime culprit either. Which as far as I know, leaves Server related issue as the main culprit. As Ruby Eyes mentioned above.
  24. This is not simple matter of typo's. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. When it doesnt and gives you that message you can simply hit back button on your browser and hit enter again. It might work using the same exact info that it had failed on prior. I always use the browser auto-fill feature. I type "H" and it auto fills in the rest. It has always worked for years until last month when first started getting this error message occasionally. You can get in eventually if you keep trying, just annoying.
  25. Yes this will be done at some point. As well as including brief description like "5G spiral w/Skywings" for example. Pteperocks, our prior Prize Distributer, used to list that on the spreadsheet after contest end date that all winners could choose their picks from. I am not sure how us Mods will handle that yet, but it will be done.