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  1. ah phew collecting for my friend as they are without a pc atm
  2. woop really enjoyed it once i knew what I was doing lol was a good girl and didn't take the amulet
  3. Just found it now however stuck with the mirror puzzles :'l
  4. I can't find the location and wiki can't seem to find the page for the map? :s can someone help
  5. where does pearl live to hand her the mail?
  6. thanks for these they really helped was stuck on that ice for fifteen mins haha
  7. is there a guide to mix what with what as every time I mix it never works :l which kinda sucks when you loose your ingredients
  8. where can you locate these new eggs? it sucks i missed this yesterday :l
  9. thank you I always seem to miss when they announce new drops uk timing and all mega sucks
  10. Happy birthday DC and yay for more dragons :3 they all look so awesome I wish we had more room for eggs :'(
  11. bloody awesome i checked this yesterday my time no new release and then boom come on today and i missed it :l
  12. when does the other dragon appeared as mine hasn't O.o
  13. how do u get more things for the dragons? confused