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  1. Neat Need to get two of the 2020's, missed the event Hope this years are pretty like every time be on this time go me
  2. H: 3rd gen Holly Wanting. would love a 2019 Christmas either cb or 3rd shimmer/prize kin PM for questions
  3. It's not really a forever suggestion, and limiting to like 2 tinsel or 2 shimmers for a time being so prizes get sorted out would be a good idea.
  4. I know this has been tried a few times, but many of us have yet won a raffle despite trying every month even before for the christmas raffles while others have 3 or even more raffle winnings. My suggestion is either limitcap them like with holidays, or make them ineligible for the time being. EDIT I understand TJ said it would be pointless to do something like this, though capping wouldn't fix the odds it would give those whom have won the unfairness of trying to win multiplies. I know people who have quit playing over the raffles because of jealously of not winning yet month
  5. The difference would be like the Holiday dome wouldn't run out of eggs and have that " You look around and it's empty" It would always have eggs, if it sat there five minutes it would refresh so there would be no holiday blockers. I've ended up waiting about 10 minutes between eggs, or the minute I go in they got emptied
  6. I keep getting an Error has occured, anyone else having that issue?
  7. I think I love this idea better then the Unlimited or 4cb limit. TJ could always fix it where the eggs are unlimited but refreshed every say 5 minutes
  8. Heres hoping i can catch two of each of the old dragons. In the hospital.. blarg some start of the event. My dragons are up for breeding requests.
  9. Great eggs love the designs. As for the raffle I'm barely playing now, no matter how often I enter never win. Now more requirements to enter? Least it's fun to try
  10. Newp, they are more then able to refuse durning nonholiday breedings,BUT during holidays you're allowed to breed the refused pairings
  11. I'm still up for breeding as well Brussels- sunrise/sunset, just if you leave a request send me a note as well and I will respond soon as I see it
  12. I Just bred three darks with normal Luminas all three are dark, if anyone is interested in them two are 2nd gens and the third is well 10th gen stair ( not inbred) but not pb
  13. I JUST realized how to enter..... >.< I've been trying to figure this out for MONTHS some reason I thought it does auto enter...... YAY heres hoping I'll finally win
  14. Wow.... this looks amazing. Great job on the new updates
  15. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see what can be bred I love the egg designs
  16. HI, I saw this and decided to give it a shot. I'd be happy with a simple or alt black dragon, You are welcome to decide which. ( Blacks are my favorite) P.S reason why I edited, is does the egg need to be cb or can be it bred like low 2-3rd gen?
  17. Looks awesome, I missed out >.< I literally started tearing up. Oh well least they were not one time release dragons so I will get time when I'm not on a broken system .
  18. I swore i had an extra eggy spot... bred one of my shimmers ( to get 3rd gen egg) I miscounted... so now unless it's returned someone got a lovely 3rd gen bronze shimmer with RA from a female line shimmer >< ( can I cry?
  19. Don't be afriad of that. I was as well and made an 18 on it i suck at math and its easier then you think, just study and remember YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
  20. ty, I checked chrome and it showed properly. So now debating on keeping or trading.
  21. Mine is still showing rightside up, but i know for fact it was upside down >.< oh well trying to trade it off anyways. Wonder why it's not showing the proper postion
  22. I viewed yours and I swear it shows it upright >.<
  23. Nope, one of my cousins also got an upside down minty, but its upright now >.< I even took a screenshot
  24. I got an upside down mint egg, but its rightside up now.... did anyone's elses stay upside down?
  25. I'm having to trade for some... I had walking pnumonia for the past two weeks and this weekend I slept >.< They look amazing and totally LOVE the timing of every hour its a different coloring