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I want your..... Click if you dare I deleted my messages, IF I OWE YOU AVATARS PLEASE PM ME ACCEPTING IOUS on a case to case basis Trading HAVE


Passport for Europe info


( note, I'm active simi. If you wish for an egg please send a pm)Artemiswolverine.png

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    Birmingham Al
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    First off, I am indeed a female irl but answer to really anything

    ALSO, I AM BUSY AND MAY NOT ABLE TO ANSWER PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GODS DON'T BREED WITHOUT MESSAGING ME FIRST ( Missed out on something and need to let that be known) I work and end up tired, and lately suffer severe depression to the point all i do is sleep

    IOU info. Recently someone has scammed me So with that in mind please realize it now on if we do business, you will receive weekly updates and I expect the same. Even if just a note explaining you didn't have time to breed. Unless you are TRUSTED IE, a friend, or someone I've worked with before OR spirter alt

    After 4 weeks or 3 attempts on my end to contact about updates I will blacklist you.

    I am also a TRUSTED IOU BREEDER. if you would like a list of people I've worked with please ask. they're nice and would give references, in return I give references as well.

    After all that if you're still ok with working with me, my pricelist is at the bottom, I do also give away dragons time to time and have the right to keep any dragon I breed based on what code they have. You will be compensated for that though with a free choice on what you want bred

    Breeding info

    2nd gen Bronze tinsel X copper ( Luiferus)
    3rd Gold tinsel with Royal Blue
    3rd gen silver tinsel with wrapping wing
    3rd gen ( Penk grandparent) with Golden Wyvern
    3rd gen Bronze tinsel with autumn seasonal
    3rd gen female line with nebula
    Checker mates
    3rd gen Bronze Tinsel with C l o u d S t r i f e ( Radiant angel) and S a f e r S e p h i r o t h ( Depisis) Spriter alts ( Lineage) http://dragcave.net/lineage/x6DD1 )
    3rd gen bronze tinsel Mad Hatter Burtonesque ( Grave alt) http://dragcave.net/lineage/RJngF ( Lineage)

    NON Prize

    3rd gen checker Holly ( dead grandparent Santa and pinkie)
    Mated with Pink X holly)

    2nd gen thuwed brimstone X turpentine

    IOU's none as of yet

    from me

    10 pink (any) 3/10
    20 red (any) 13/20

    Shortaxel ( done)

    TO ME
    Zero paid up

    I help My fiancee out with his trading since some reason he cant get on here and we figure its better doing it this way then me using an account made for him


    also if you give me a dragon and don't see it on my page check my fiancee's, it's adorable watching his face when i give him something rare

    Oh and my little cuzs use my laptop as well LaraofKrypton and Nelsonbar, and AlifaGreenleaf. We share the same IPS, and fiancee comes and goes from UK. Also I gave my little cousin my old aol account, they're not allowed to make one, so I monitor it ( adult privileges when dealing with a minor). I use LaraofKrypton@ yahoo, they use the AOl one.


    I Breed upon request if it's a prize I ask for the egg before I trade my end, I have been badly cheated so I will no longer accept IOUs unless we have traded before and have earned my trust or are a trusted IOU breeder, I may require references

    I ask anything from a common to a rare depending on what and how many :) I think i'm fair with my requests and if you wish for a common with one of my cbs for a stairstep just ask.

    If you want me to breed something rare, please be willing to give something of equal value or better.

    ALTS i love breeding but will not trade for freezing, unless its inbred/messy

    my commons, I will give away for free

    Uncommons a fair trade

    Rares/Holidays I take requests for and would like a CB metal or a 2nd gen prizefail depending on how many

    ALTS i will breed gender and hatch till i get one. I would like a 3rd gen shimmer/tinsel if I'm breeding more then one I would like a 2nd gen or a cb metal or a copper........

    I HATE UNBREEDABLES, if you see one on my scroll it is up for trades. i do ask for something nice since i have traded and/or caught it. if you see a cb rare on my scroll i will most likely trade it as well


    Yes I have one, yes people are on it. They're because of just not just liking the person. Could be extreme rudeness, multiaccounting and when called out act stupid, or just not warning me the eggs were to be gifted. Just ask if you're curious.


    To be fair, about me I have aspergers , BPD, and a few other issues, but will give good as I get in anything that catches my attention. Debating online is fun to me, but normally hate people, if we talk in PM or Public, don't hate me because of my opinions, that's a stupid reason to dislike people, besides with the aspergers thing it's not like I care in the first place how you feel, I don't know you, therefor no offense you're a random person online that has an issue with another.