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  1. Name: Shan-Yu From: Mulan Cause of Death: Mulan traps him with his own sword, and Mushu sets off the mother, king, or whatever of all fireworks (and it was huge!). It comes straight towards Shan-Yu, and he explodes, along with a whole fireworks show. Why I Feel Thus Villain is Unintelligent: He could've just removed the sword from his cape, which was attached to the roof. I mean, come on!
  2. Hmm, let me see... Beetlejuice; Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and (just now) Pinkie Pie from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic"; Rolf, Gonzo and Animal from "Muppet Babies" (really creative); Rigby from "Regular Show;" Jake and Lumpy Space Princess from "Adventure Time" (I'm on a boat with a couple of wackos, so lump off!); Kyle from "Fanboy and Chum Chum;" Rocko the wallaby The list is LONG!
  3. Don't forget to check out "Beetlejuice: The Next Generation!"
  4. Oh, I noticed that! Using body language, I could tell that she wanted to offer Zira help, but instead, Zira committed suicide! I guess she thought she deserved to die.
  5. I was gonna put that there! Oh well.
  6. Oh, thanks! Could anyone else give an example?
  7. Was that "her" a typo or something?
  8. That reminds me! Name: Scar From: The Lion King Cause of death: Was eaten alive by minions Why I feel this Villian is unintelligent: He should'nt have called the hyenas his friends after calling them enimies! Who's with me on that one?
  9. Well then, do you have an example of a villain who did something so stupid, they turned a near-death expiriance into an actual cause of death?
  10. Name: Gallaxhar From: Monsters vs. Aliens (Yes, I am doing my favorite movie.) Cause of Death: He was the last living thing to be in his mothership just as it exploded. Why I Feel This Villian is Unintelligent: Susan shooting the statue's arm with Gallaxhar's ray gun is what regained the quantonium and deactivated Gallaxhar's escape capsule. Clearly, he should've never had a ray gun and/or the want for quantonium in the first place! Name: Dr. Facilier From: The Princess and the Frog Cause of Death: Tiana broke his voodoo chain and Facilier's "friends" dragged him to the fiery realm of you-know-where. Why I Feel This Villain is Unintelligent: He could've just accepted and/or built a voodoo chain out of metal so it could only dent when dropped. Also, why was his tombstone so fancy?
  11. Okay, imagine you're watching a movie. It's almost over. Just when the villain is so close to winning, he or she dies of some apparant cause. When I witness this, I remember about something related to it. Most villains in movies die because they're apparently pea-brained. In order to place an example, fill out this form: Name: From: Cause of Death: Why I Feel This Villain is Unitelligent: Here's an example: Name: Judge Claude Frollo From: "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" Cause of Death: Just as he's about to kill Esmeralda, the gargoyle statue Frollo is standing on starts breaking. He grabs onto it, and the statue scowls at him, revealing itself as one of the pairs of the eyes of Notre Dame. Frollo then falls to his death in burns in the flames down below. Why I Feel This Villain is Unintelligent: Seriously? Besides him, who grabs onto something while it's breaking off? For a political figure, he sure is absent-minded! And that is why this is my favorite Disney Villain death. Now you try. P.S. You can do more than one per post. P.P.S. The villain posted does NOT have to be from Disney.
  12. Sorry! Rarity is all about beauty, like a stuck-up rich person. Rainbow Dash loves things that go fast, like roller coasters!
  13. @Kila, a lot of ponies probably wish they were her, because she's rich, and has great ideas.
  14. hlynj8

    Aesop's Fables

    So many fables- so little time! Ikr.
  15. The first three are the ones that are so good, I can't decide on my favorite! Rarity only cares about beauty! It's only mane-deep, people! Besides, I get overheated easily, and when I get overheated, I break out in red, itchy hives. Anyway, my original pony is the long-lost cousin of the flat-out perfect (only in my opinion) Rainbow Dash. She is a Pegasus, like Rainbow Dash. My pony is mainly red, and her mane and tail are scarlet, golden, azure, and orange, with her eyes a sea-foam green. She is mostly seen by everypony at sunset, when she flies across the horizon. Her name is Sunset Dash. Is that too illogical,or do you think it'd make a good character?
  16. Because she wrote a done about respect? Totally! Sadly, cutie marks can't be the complexions of real people. Sweetiebelle is flat-out NOTHING like her sister.
  17. Sorry! I'm not into expensive gems and long skirts and stuff. But Sweetiebelle's an exception.
  18. Ikr! Rarity promotes jealousy, Applejack is just annoying, and as for Pinkie Pie is just do overrated! Rainbow Dash LOVES adventure, Fluttershy is against animal cruelty, and Twilight Sparkle is a GENIUS! I don't get why Spike has a crush on Rarity; she's so prissy, and he's Twilight's sidekick.
  19. My favorite pony is either Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, or Twilight Sparkle. I egg-flippingly HATE Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Rarity.
  20. Being exposed to the world with my real name and all my secrets revealed! I don't know why, but it is!
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    Aesop's Fables

    List your favorites and put them in the way you'd like the title. Mine are: The Hens The Goat and The Fox The Horse's Mistake The Dogs and the Fox What about you?
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    Song Name Game

    Not Your Birthday by Allstar Weekend
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    Song Name Game

    We Found Love ~ Rihanna