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  1. I am fluent in English....I know a few words of French but I suck at it...
  2. My room is a mess always has been most likely always will be.
  3. When I grow up I want to be an RCMP officer specialized in dog handling.
  4. My parents are control freaks,they want to control my life,they never want their little girl to grow up,they are over-protective and overly annoying.
  5. I am sadly obsessed with Howrse.com
  6. I'm completely terrified of snakes (Only in real life though,I'm fine with pictures...some video clips make me go a little mental breakdownsih though)
  7. I have a picture of my precious home country,Here it is
  8. I'm allergic to mayonnaise,salad dressing and miracle whip.
  9. Hmm maybe I won't loose them if I put them here... *tigerra79 and I*Realistic Human* Character(s) Name-Blayde Gender-male Age-16 Personality-Can be violent though if you are someone he starts to care about or trust he will risk his life for you,also VERY protective Looks- Pet-Husky mix named King Other-none at the moment. Name-Vallo Gender-Male Age-17 Personality-RPO Looks- Pet-None Other-not at the moment. *Drakossozh and I...a few others as well* Character: Dragon~ Name-Sapphire Age-Hatchling Gender-Female Personality-RPO Handler-Blayde Other-N/A Pic/Description- Handler~ Name-Blayde Age-18 Gender-Male Personality-RPO Dragon-Sapphire Other-N/A Pic/Description- Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover Character: Username: RainRythm12344321 Name: Blayde Age: 17 Sex: M Looks: Personality: RP History: RP Other info: Has been in the book for about a year...AND Writing the Story!!!!!! *BloodyKisses123 and I*Spys* Character: Name: Kylaa-Dawn Markellee Age: 19 Personality: Rp'ed Appearance: This is the closest I could find... Spy name: Dusk Killer Special attributes as a spy(mask, scarf, knives always hanging by side): She always has more weapons on her then more people could even imagine Gender: Female History: Rp'ed Other: She is really quiet,only speaks when she has to
  10. Catlover died in an explosion KA BOOM!!!!!!
  11. Seeking RPs Username:RainRythm12344321 Preferred Style of RP:1 x 1,short posts,really any (But a fair warning I do make a fair bit of typos,and sometimes my long posts are a little....awkward lol) Preferred Genre:I am fairly open for this Other:I can usually get on daily just PM me if you think you have an RPG I might like