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  1. A little discussion to start/add, so I hope this double post is okay. I'm going to set this game up so it is expandable, starting small and working my way up. To avoid the current issue of asking various artists, as well as TJ, for permission to use their IP, this will be brand new content that can be adjusted to fit Dragon Cave dragons and actions later. To start, I'm going to need a terrain. The ones off of the Dragon Cave homepage will work. Just give your opinion. Second, pick a color for the first dragon. I'll sprite something up. Third, I need a few options for how yo
  2. Had a few things occupy my time, so haven't had time to work on it. It is started, though.
  3. The pedometer is only useful if you have a device you can use, such as the Poke Walker, or perhaps using a phone's GPS. The target platform I am thinking about is for the computer. As for fan-art, you are whole-heartedly allowed to make whatever images you want, but as stated, if the work goes anywhere but to the creator of the fan-art, it can be deemed illegal since it is derivative of the original sprites. Granted, if we ask permission and mention this is going to be free and a DC pastime game, I don't think they would mind.
  4. My condolences. Oh, and if you need something to take your mind off things, drawing could help. Or spriting. Dragon Cave has a thread for it I believe if one of the media areas.
  5. Spriting is the better term to search. It is used more in reference to what pixeling actually is. This may help some. They have scratch sprites at the bottom.
  6. The only outside help I would actually need (outside of any programming issues I run into, I have areas to help me there) would be in art/sound. I can make some stuff or find free resources, but we have a lot of different dragons and if this is going to look halfway decent, then we would need to animate them a bit. I could probably manage with our current sprites if I got permission, but that is a long list to go through. Otherwise, I would have to make brand new sprites that didn't look exactly like the originals (copyright issues). And what's with the "so if this project takes flight"?
  7. Yeah, you would need to either upload to Imageshack or Photobucket and then use the URL or they would need to enable uploads. As for the images, those look pretty awesome.
  8. I am not sure if I fully would, but what about Gooey? Points to the person that remembers him.
  9. I have played various ones, but my all-time favorite is still Harvest Moon 64.
  10. [img=URL of Image] For your image issue. Just put the url in the middle.
  11. Huh. Definitely an interesting fact to know. I should probably look at a video of Black or White. I haven't played those yet.
  12. I honestly just admire artwork. Of course, if cheese wants to help...
  13. Considering what we have for our dragons, if this was to make a game, that detail would be almost perfect.
  14. Definitely enjoyed Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident.
  15. Pixeling? As in just placing the pixels? I just wanted to see some of your work. If you mentioned pixeling because of the game, we haven't decided on a style for it yet, but 2D movement is what it will have to be. We could fake 3D and try for isometric (2.5D), but, still it wouldn't matter. Think of Pokemon, they have lo-def, more pixeling style sprites for the early games, and from either Ruby/Sapphire or FireRed/LeafGreen they started pulling hi-def sprites, with some smoothing.
  16. Well, we could definitely do with some organization. One of the things that does concern me is getting a user's data (which I can do with or without the API, but that is a different story). Another is the artwork. We would have to ask each artist about using their sprites, and trying to come up with working images for moving. As for just some plain organization for us to build on: World: The world itself should be based at least loosely on the Dragon Cave site: we would need to have each environment so we can place the dragons where they fit best (or perhaps where we feel they should
  17. Heh, boy do I know the stats and how they affect everything. I've even seen the random chance of a Chao climbing the "mountain" wall in the garden. As for the stats apply based on race, that could work out well. For an age idea (I mean, come on, dragons live forever), we could use the actual day (each link gives a date bred/stolen) and for a way to increase stats we could use something that incorporates views/unique views/clicks. It would add encouragement to help dragons out, definitely. @Aislein Will do. I may try to put this further up on my list of things to do. It may not be as fancy
  18. For the battling idea, I would definitely agree and say just doing something like skirmishes. Something like sparring or karate matches. DC doesn't lend well to the idea of dragons dying due to a battle, plus, who wants to lose a dragon? If I set it up a bit like the Chao, they did have karate and racing. Dragons can battle and race. lol.
  19. I was definitely addicted to the garden as well. Even used the DX one and the Game Boy for the metallic eggs. It's been on the back burner for a while, with me trying to get everything in order. I think for starters, I will just do a simple 2D one that can work like the Game Boy Chao Garden. Linking to DC wouldn't be too hard if I could find the API I heard TJ mention. As an afterthought, having an option to where each time you "pet" your dragon or something, it could count as a view, with an option to turn off the feature should you start to get too many views.
  20. I just finished with A Darkness Forged In Fire by Chris Evans and the first three books in Legends of the Dragonrealm (Firedrake, Ice Dragon, and Wolfhelm) by Richard A. Knaak. I'm trying to decide what to read next.
  21. As for the clickable idea for them, you could just have someone (I'm assuming TJ is the one in charge of the boards, I'm new here, so he probably should) download all the images and create "smiley" packs. These can be uploaded, and if worst comes to worst and they can't be put in the forum storage area (there is a designated are for smileys), then you can just upload them in a hidden forum and use the links. The smiley packs should work with Invision software, or at least they did last time I checked. By uploaded, I mean the admin area should have a form for uploading a zip file of smiley