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  1. I tried making 3 neglecteds on Monday, but the auto-refresher on Allure of ND didn't work. Does anyone have any experience with this? I'd chalk it up to user error, but it worked just a few days earlier (although the eggs died cause I cut it too close at 4 mins)
  2. 2 Active Aeons https://dragcave.net/view/2TF3k https://dragcave.net/view/z0jmw
  3. I'm always disappointed when I cast the death spell and nothing happens
  4. Fun mini game, I got all but two of the spells for the endings before I came here for some solutions. I wish there was a sperate marker for 'bad' endings, they're pretty funny, I'd hate to miss one.
  5. If anyone thinks it'll be too cheaty to just look at the temple lock solution on the wiki, I solved it by picking a rune (I chose the brown one but any one will do), and starting from top left to bottom right then back again, click on each tile until it turns into the rune you chose. Keep doing that and eventually every tile will be the same rune. It took about 3mins of clicking to solve it that way.
  6. The sprite is so small I didn't even realize it was a mushroom. The name puffball just sounds cute and lovely, like a name for a puppy. Plus, I was convinced, absolutely convinced that the sun blossom and the azure scale was related. Hard not to when the sun and the sky are related.
  7. The second cauldron puzzle is pretty bull****. There's not a single hint that color is important so who's going to think about the color of the sun blossom? I was convinced that the parent of the sun was the azure scale cause it's the color of the sky, and the sun is in the sky. The scale has to come 3rd so I kept putting the sun 4th, but that's obviously wrong. Plus, 'loveliest' fits the puffball a lot better than the sun blossom. This could've been solved by making the hint "the orange sun comes directly after its parents", then it would've been completely obvious that the color of the sun b
  8. My fav part about new releases is catching rare dragons cause everyone is distracted looking for the new dragons. Just caught a xeno that was just hanging out in the volcano lol
  9. Slow internet will be the death of me
  10. Ooooohhh. No I've never clicked one. Thanks for the info! But does this mean the same thing will happen to vampire eggs?
  11. As the title said, the egg part of the encyclopedia doesn't unlock for the red Xol Dragon.
  12. Upside. down. mint. I. got. it!
  13. Think I'll keep the gingerbread house teenage me made. It's gaudy and awful, but very nostalgic.
  14. Why are all the biomes completely empty? Is it just me? I've been checking for 20mins
  15. The bolt dragon says it cost 1 but actually cost 2. Was pretty disappointed to find that out. There's practically no reason to use them over the reds at my lvl
  16. Ugh, there's no way I'm making it then. I guess that's the difference in free time of a student and a working adult. I need a time machine.
  17. How often do the treats actually drop? I'm on my break and barely get any even after refreshing every 5,10, and finally 15mins! The rate used to be every 10mins the previous years if I'm remembering correctly. I hope they didn't increase the time. There's no way I'd be able to collect them all if I'm limited to 4/hr.
  18. Jesus. I've been checking in and out of the volcano for several days now and I've yet to even see the description for the new dragon! There's 50-80 people camped out at the volcano at all hours. It's nuts! I've never seen this before. Not even the Xenowyrms were that hyped. Edit: Well I got 2 after waiting till the hour and clicking like mad. So apparently it IS possible to get some. You just have to be Speedy Gonzales plus not be on mobile.
  19. Awesome!! Finals are over, time to get back in action!
  20. I saw an email this afternoon that I was one of the winners. It's the first time I've ever won a raffle in my life T_T (it looks like I was a back-up winner but it still counts!) My computer's hard drive died during the Christmas event so I pretty much gave up on winning with my 3 pitiable entries. I was looking through my email when I noticed it in my junk mail I've got a bronze egg and I have no idea what to breed it with. I don't really pay attention to my breeding habits so my scroll is too full of inbreeds and weird lineages
  21. Yesterday I did a super spam. It took 5 mins of continuous clicking to randomly send out all my flowers. Today has been slow pickings, I felt like I hardly grew any of my flowers I blame school taking up half my day
  22. I've been spamming random flowers to random users. I plan to do this during the first few days then concentrate more on specific users later. I wonder if we loose fully grown plants when the event ends though. I'd like to eventually see a full flower bed
  23. I reached 50 a long time ago. I have a whole Cats vs Dragons theme going on, it's fun I wonder if the building will save with damages once this event is over. I keep repairing but I don't want a stray snowball to leave a dent in my creation when time's up