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  1. Free to a good home :3 Claimed! Thank you!
  2. This is genius, i've been eaten, but the improved sprites totally make up for it! hahaha
  3. Oh thank you! I thought they would come out greyed because i already send them all...^^"
  4. This has been my favourite event so far! I loved reading all the dragons dialogs and i loved their personalities <3 The zombie and the pigmies are the bestest^^. Wondering if the images are available as avatars somewhere! Thanks for the event!!!
  5. I just found out about the halloween biome...this is... this is the BEST GIFT EVER. THANK YOU. *cries in a corner while holding my Shadow Walker egg*
  6. https://dragcave.net/lineage/Nb9uL And its a Nebula! Love it <3
  7. Happy birthday, everyone! YAY! the new eggs are exciting! And OMG ANOTHER EGGSLOT i am so happy! Although i didnt get all the sprites because certain rare egg decided to pop up lol... oh well
  8. Edits because amazing people! Happy Halloween everybody!! I promise to give one of the next event dragon to someone who misses them. Love x x
  9. Alrak

    2015-06-27 - June Release

    Aweshoooouuuummm Thanks!
  10. Not sure if its the right thread BUT I AM SO EXCITED. After i dont know how many years.....:
  11. Haha! grabbed one! thank you for the release :3
  12. Thanks guys^^! i am not as unlucky as i thought :'D
  13. Oh no! cant believe i missed the release :C
  14. No luck with the opals :/
  15. *pokes bronze eggs* cmon, little ones! i need those salty dragons and its bed time already!! >_<"
  16. Yes! got one pair of each alt^^. *sighs on relief* Too bad im gonna miss tonight egg :/ so i hope it will be a breedable pigmy, as someone said before, that would totally rock!
  17. Managed to catch one of each!! yay^^!
  18. Never a waste! but look out with the Tardis, you may appear 20 minutes earlier
  19. Its amazing how my connection decides to go slow when only 100 persons were on the Volcano and then works just fine when the madness begins... just my luck! >_o And wow, the cave emptied in 3 minutes? of course i didnt grab a single one :C
  20. yay^^! happy birthday!! Cant wait for the release ^^. There's any chance of more avatars being made? The Nebula is missing! ;3 anyway they are fantastic, thanks, Mysfytt!!
  21. Alrak

    2013-05-05 - May Release

    seven!!! seveeeeen o___=!! Thank you!! Let the red hoard begins, lol
  22. I just did the same!!! DX hurries are no good If someone finds it and is generous enough, pm me! it should belong to a DC friend, if wasnt for my stupidity... ;^; is this egg: lineage
  23. Crimson Dragons are amazing!!! I want tons of them^^ They remember me of red velvet cake ;D ...mmm cake.