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  1. i am afraid of being alone in a room.or a building.sometimes out in the street. o.o'

    my house is tiny,and most of the day im the only one here,and i love on a really small quiet street,and almost the whole day once i get home from school,im alone.once i was actually the only person in school.really freaky.


    im also afraid of anything sharp or pointed when someone else has it.i have a sword myself,yet i freak out whenever someone wields a pencil at me.though that was caused by my sister...


    mildly afraid of spiders...mildly...actually pretty seriously.but only if theyre near me.i like spiders...as long as they are nowhere near me...there was a brown recluse in my bathroom last week.still pretty freaked out.actually scared of most things dangerous.like rattle snakes.used to live near a bunch of them.and some other things,idunno.


    well...guess im afraid of pain in general...but only stabbing/stinging/cutting/slicing/sharp object inflicted pain.i get bruised all the time and stuff and im fine with that...o.o'


    wow.this is...really long.



  2. Describe the others, too, please?

    void is dark blue with a black swirl,space is black with a white swirl,mind is sort of light-teal with a triangly thing,time is red with a red gear,life is tan with a green swirly thing,like the breath symbol but sideways,hope is gold with a white...thingy,doom is a dark greenish color with a darker skull on it,rage is purple with a sort of face thingy on it,light is orange with a yellow sun.did i get them all?