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  1. soooo many things.and i cant have anything because of money reasons... :I also wish i didnt have a mental disorder,and its a really long story as to why i cant fix that.
  2. i am afraid of being alone in a room.or a building.sometimes out in the street. o.o' my house is tiny,and most of the day im the only one here,and i love on a really small quiet street,and almost the whole day once i get home from school,im alone.once i was actually the only person in school.really freaky. im also afraid of anything sharp or pointed when someone else has it.i have a sword myself,yet i freak out whenever someone wields a pencil at me.though that was caused by my sister... mildly afraid of spiders...mildly...actually pretty seriously.but only if theyre near me.i like
  3. I be both asexual and agender.Derp,I should totally be in bed by now...
  4. my favorite is the one that fills in,then erases and like,starts over o.O its trippy man
  5. void is dark blue with a black swirl,space is black with a white swirl,mind is sort of light-teal with a triangly thing,time is red with a red gear,life is tan with a green swirly thing,like the breath symbol but sideways,hope is gold with a white...thingy,doom is a dark greenish color with a darker skull on it,rage is purple with a sort of face thingy on it,light is orange with a yellow sun.did i get them all?
  6. breath is light blue with a kind of swirly mark
  7. lets see if i can remember them... theres heart,space,time,mind,void,life,rage,doom,blood,hope,breath,and light
  8. yush,finally got the second homestuck egg >3<
  9. 11 eggs so far... ಠ_ಠ why must this be so addicting?
  10. >3< iv missed a chicken and 2 dino eggs now...darn you easter eggs ಠ_ಠ
  11. it takes a while to get to the good stuff...just be very patient e.e
  12. OMGOMG homestuck egg ಠUಠ this be awesome
  13. at least ill always have my platiraptor l:I
  14. meh,the whole thing wasnt bad either way.
  15. i only hope that if it is real,the dinosaurs are better than the ones here >.>'
  16. -eating dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets- l:I
  17. http://dragcave.net/lineage/ImqlG eh,figured i should l:I ~Please use /lineage/ links rather than /view/ links~
  18. an april fools virus of silly pictures?