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  1. Does it seem that the site is kind of....broken...for anyone else? It's doing this for me for two different browsers, so I'm not sure what's going on.
  2. Edit:nvm, I am dumb and apparently more blind than I thought when I am tired. Found it!
  3. Happy Birthday, Dragon Cave! I'm so glad my best friend texted me at work to let me know we had an update going, I'm so tired I would have missed this otherwise. I've already gotten my new eggs, can't wait to see the babies when they hatch! *also I am PLEASED about the market*
  4. I have a grey g0ose ! ...I can't believe it happened on a storm dragon, too. Because they are the EXACT colour of grey farm geese.
  5. And here I have just a little punky ballerina. I still think she's adorable, though.
  6. Been trying to get my phone to see if it could scan the QR Code sprite, but no dice. Guess I'll never know if it actually works or not.
  7. Question. Are dragons that have a z at the start of their 5-digit code more valuable than others for some reason? I've seen some comments about that and am wondering.
  8. The eggs are still dropping, aren't they? I didn't even get online to check DC yesterday and I find out about this just now. I would hate to have missed anything. Edit: Nevermind. I just saw one in the volcano biome.
  9. *sigh* No BB-8 or kitties for me. Oh well. I got 16/60, so that's something. They're all beautiful.
  10. The eggs are beautiful! I'm just sad that I won't be able to get all of them. I've only gotten two. *thank you not being able to access DC until today**sigh*
  11. I'm so excited! I've managed (somehow) to get three eggs, now I just have to wait for my other two eggs to hatch so I can try and nab two more. This is one of those times I wish I was at 200 dragons already.
  12. Well. I can tell with everyone getting upwards of four of these at a time, it'll be a LONG time before I manage to get even ONE. I just tried on the hourly drop, and no matter WHAT I clicked, it was already taken by someone else. I guess I'll be waiting a week or more until this 'new egg craze' dies down a bit.
  13. Just managed to catch a CB Red Dorsal. Which is GREAT, I've been wanting a CB red to start a breeding project.
  14. I managed to frantic-click on a paper egg in the cave, and...GOT IT!
  15. I just refreshed over a Paper egg in the AP. *cries* T_T
  16. Wound up getting all of them at last! They're beautiful eggs, thanks to the artists. :3
  17. Refreshed over a dino egg, then a CB gold, then ANOTHER dino egg....and then managed to grab a CB Vine. But GOOD GRIEF, I'm irritated with myself for having such a quick refresh reflex. *facepalm*
  18. I just managed to catch a CB Vine egg FROM the Cave, not the AP. o_o
  19. Thank you! I've found myself a second egg...but I can't click on it, unfortunately. Edit: Nevermind, two refreshes fixed it!
  20. How often do the eggs show up? And would they show up on individual dragon/egg pages, or just on 'main' pages?
  21. Refreshed like five times over a RED Dorsal egg from the AP ...yet still managed to grab it. Got a pretty interesting-to-look-at lineage, too. :3 Only thing is now I'm egglocked again until my Ice hatches.
  22. A very kind user gave me a Geode egg, so now I have another pretty! :3
  23. I actually just looked at the lineage of one of my Stripes -- Ifrit, my red stripe -- and discovered that it really IS a pretty lineage. He's got a Christmas-colour lineage! http://dragcave.net/lineage/aSa20 Which means now I'm looking for a 3rd gen red female with a pretty lineage like this to mate with him, to continue the pretty. ;
  24. So is that why the Blacks are all alts? Huh. Well, I personally am glad. I prefer the alts, especially the females, and the one Black I've got wound up being an alt female, so I'm pleased. :3