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    I initially opened my breeding list from Nae Sojunghan only to my friends and have just finished with all the requests on that one, so I'm now (as of September 21, 2014) opening my list to other people.

    For 2G Tinsels I'd also want 2G Tinsels / Shimmers (for breeding purposes). I might consider two or more 3G Tinsels / Shimmers, but they have to have good lineages.

    For 2G Tinselkin I would also ask for 2G Tinselkin or Shimmerkin, but I might also accept two or more 2G kin from Christmas and Valentine dragons.

    I might also consider multiple CB metallics.

    The same principles apply to 3G and 4G... I will accept swaps for similar gen tinsels and shimmers, or consider CB rares and metallics.

    Please see my siggy for my wishlist/breeding record and waiting list. Thank you!

    Caveat: I am not able to check forums everyday-- I work and have a rather busy schedule IRL and sometimes get home so tired that I just fall into bed, so if I don't answer your message at once, it just means I haven't read it yet, okay? I promise to deal with my PMs on the weekends. XD

    I will only open 10 slots for Nae Sojunghan for the first run (reservations are full now, sorry, unless someone backs out), since she's a bit temperamental and it may take a while for us to work our way down the list. Please don't send me your payment at once-- it's easy for me to get egg-locked if everyone sends me eggs / hatchlings at the same time. :( So please wait until I say it's okay for you to send them.

    Lineage projects need these CBs: Brimstones and Whites, Hellfires and Skywings, Bloodscales and Luminas.