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  1. A friend of mine, who routinely keeps her scroll hidden, caught a nice egg on the Drops yesterday - by the time she'd noticed that the new egg had been targeted by a Viewbomber who'd evidently missed it and noted the code to try to kill the egg, it was then, if I recall correctly, at over 1 and a half thousand Views and had nearly 900 U Views.


    She's keeping it fogged until it can be hatched, but she'd planned to gift the egg and is now afraid to, in case it dies on the giftees scroll or continues to be targeted.


    She was afraid to post here and I'm not mentioning her name to protect her.


    I'm still fogging my dragons when they can't be closely watched in case I get targeted again by whoever was obsessive enough to re-post my eggs in EATW twice, immediately after my removing them, and then entering them elsewhere - and a lot of other people are now keeping theirs Fogged as well, for the same reasons.


    Is this the sort of situation we want to continue here at DC, or do we want something done to protect players against this sort of vindictive lunacy?


    This is not the Hunger games - it's supposed to be a safe, family-type pet-dragon-collecting game where people have fun.

    Same story happened on my friend's scroll, she caught a CB gold and it got 400+UV in half an hour.

    She fogged it for days but it still died.

    Sad story, makes all of my friends hide their fresh caught nice egg as soon as possible now.

  2. noctiluca, copper colors are determined by the mother's biome, so no, you won't get a green copper from that pair ever.

    Thank you for the kindly reply Fiona!

    will start a new lineage anyway, love the water color feeling of this sprite tongue.gif

  3. Just a curious question: I'm trying to make a lineage of male green copper with female red copper, however all i got is 2nd gen red coppers...does this pair really produce 2nd gen green copper ever? If not, i may have to stop trading for their offsprings now... sad.gif