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  1. Same story happened on my friend's scroll, she caught a CB gold and it got 400+UV in half an hour. She fogged it for days but it still died. Sad story, makes all of my friends hide their fresh caught nice egg as soon as possible now.
  2. Thank you for the kindly reply Fiona! will start a new lineage anyway, love the water color feeling of this sprite
  3. Just a curious question: I'm trying to make a lineage of male green copper with female red copper, however all i got is 2nd gen red coppers...does this pair really produce 2nd gen green copper ever? If not, i may have to stop trading for their offsprings now...
  4. One of my friends gifted me a fresh caught caveborn brown copper two days ago. She's really good at catching extremely rare eggs.
  5. I prefer female black tea much more, thus here's the result: http://dragcave.net/lineage/bXsLn will start this lineage after i finish goldXGW project=)
  6. just cant believe i got this one in AP gosh.