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Right now, I've got the flu, my moms got it worse and is asleep in bed like all day. It's all rainy and yuck outside and I just want someone ( anyone! ) to talk to before I start crying for no apparent reason again. I'd be happy to receive a pm from anyone, really. If your open to just chatting. You can call me Beth, Boo, Boo Bear or Dove. I also go by Han Solo, Han, Solo or Soloett but those nicknames are reserved for the person who gave them to me.

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    I'm a Doctor Who fan. Started watching it online with my Dad. Started with the series in 2005 with the ninth doctor and am now watching it with the tenth doctor and Martha. I miss Rose. ):

    I also play Minecraft but I just got it for Christmas so I'm still learning.

    I have one of the most amazing boyfriends in the world but Ill try not to post about him unless the topic allows so without making a weird connection such as pillow fights reminding me of him. Heck, everything reminds me of him or I may just already be thinking about him but anyways Ill try not to post to much about my Joshua.