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  1. Yes! You should totally get a group!! I've been wanting to join for awhile but... People have all taken the eggs spaces!
  2. I tried out for GD I hope I make it! I usually go straight to that section to talk anyway
  3. Yum! Boost juice? Soooo good look it up!
  4. Cool! C'mon guys post some stories I really want to know more!!!
  5. Thy love is thy nothers fear Wtf
  7. I wasn't saying you were agreeing with me, I was just clarifying.
  8. *facepalms* That's not what I meant! I meant that no person has the right to kill or be killed.
  9. GUYS. Just because someone murdered someone, it doesn't mean that they aren't people themselves! Every person should be treated equally.
  10. I am an Aussie, so no death penalty here. But I do believe that death penalties are cruel, because two wrongs do NOT make a right!
  11. Looks good, Usagi! I made a new subspecies! http://www.felisfire.com/thread?i=35433 Follow the link to see the Stone-bearers.
  12. *pinches* Thanks for saying you like him, Usagi!
  13. NOOO Cave is gonna go down. YEEEESS Updates will be added.
  14. ((*shrugs* I read My Little Brony, I see it a lot. :/))
  15. Another feli kitted! The above feli is the kit.
  16. Thanks! Eagle Wings gave birth! Cream Wing is quite a pretty tom, imo.
  17. Thanks, Darkness! I used 6SB2ARF1ZD.
  18. I bought an Igneo for 150 EN. :3 White Fire looks awesome!
  19. Derpy tried to keep bucking, but couldn't. ((One could easily misinterpret that, if they use buck in the place of a certain swear word. XP))