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  1. i'm excited to see the new halloween dragons, but i agree with the critiques on how the event was handled. i'm disappointed that the plot ended so abruptly without any resolve. a lot of questions went unanswered, such as what caused the virus, how the cure was found, if it could have any lingering effects, etc. i did enjoy the little game and the idea of having to choose a side and fight for your team, but i do agree that it felt unbalanced with the lack of a team player count. nonetheless, i am grateful there was a mini-event at all, and as always the spriters did a wonderful job. 😘
  2. thank you both!! i should've known to hard refresh, lol. the styling looks gorgeous now! but it was an ap url, so that explains why it's only displaying five generations. i didn't realize it cuts off the lineage to five for ap eggs, though! that's interesting.
  3. maybe a little bummed about the zombie update? it makes obtaining them so much easier, but i honestly really enjoyed getting to plan my zombie fodders every halloween. prob an unpopular opinion, tho lol i also really appreciate the generation ruler, however i think something's wrong with the styling/alignment? it's appearing like this for me, and i'm also unsure of why it counts from 7 to 10 on this lineage in particular? shouldn't that be a fifth generation egg?
  4. dang, i really love both of the adult sprites! the bolts' noodle body is so elegant, almost reminiscent of a skink. i also really adore their golden crescent-shaped horns. if only my eggs would hatch faster lmao.
  5. i've got a lil mineral 'n gem collection going, some are tumbled and others are raw, but i do love collecting them!! so far i have: 1 selenite wand, 1 raw amethyst cluster, 2 desert rose, 1 raw chalcopyrite, an assortment of pyrite, 1 tumbled blue lace agate, 2 tumbled goldstones, 1 chunk of pink himalayan salt, 2 tumbled snowflake obsidian, 2 tumbled sodalite, an assortment of rose quartz, clear quartz, and smoky quartz, 1 tumbled spiderweb turquoise, 1 raw blue calcite, 1 tumbled green aventurine, 1 oval cut lapis lazuli, 1 raw basalt, a few tumbled hematite and gold tiger's eye, and a small collection of bottled gemstone chips including red garnet, peridot, onyx, and some other friends! my favorites from it are my amethyst cluster and chalcopyrite, but i'm currently looking to add blue fluorite, sea sediment jasper, opalite, moonstone, opal, a celestite geode, and a piece of rainbow aura coral *. ο½₯゚ ✧
  6. i currently take care of a moon cactus named kevin, a spider plant, multiple devils' backbones, an aloe vera, an amaryllis, and a finicky af sedum treleasei like, i've had this sedum for a year and it's had root rot twice, the first time it killed off three out of four of the stems i had, and now after removing the rotten part i'm trying to get it to root again lol. it's also suuuuper picky about sunlight, i live in florida and i've kept it on a south-facing window and it ended up stretching until i finally placed it outdoors in direct sunlight. i've never had luck propagating from the leaves, either, which is a huge bummer :// for anyone considering getting a succulent/cactus, pls don't make my same mistake and purchase miracle gro's brand of cacti mix!! it drains like utter crap and the water just sits on top, and when it does finally absorb it never soaks all the way through; some parts will be damp, others will be dusty and dry. 0/10 would not recommend, instead find something with lots of chunks of crushed rock in it and minimal moss. i've read that this mix is the best mix out there, but you can make a similar recipe of 1 part turface, 1 part pine bark fines, and 1 part crushed granite! gotta love them succulents
  7. honestly all i came here to say is that 1. cutiefly is the Best and no one can convince me otherwise 2. rockruff is everything i was hoping iwanko's english name would be
  9. cool rocks, semi-precious/precious minerals, seashells, glass bottles, animal skulls, and potted plants! i'd keep my own potted plant garden, decorating it with all the things from my hoard.
  10. i've been meaning to reply to this, so sorry about that!! but today i finally found a retailer that carried the manaphy box, and my best pull was a rc flareon ex! the manaphy promo card is also beautiful, it has little phiones floating in the background and it's so cute. i also ordered my celebi box on amazon earlier this week, it hasn't shipped yet but i rlly hope this one won't be a dud - you're definitely right about them either being a hit or miss! but the dark type cat you're thinking of is purrloin/liepard! they were also one of my favs, liepard's shiny form is sooo gorgeous. i wish i would've had the change to get more of the legendary treasures boosters when i had the chance, though!! they still have some in stock on amazon, but i'm really dubious of the legitimacy since the set's been out of production for some time but if they left amie out of the new games, i can see them coming up with an alternative method of raising affection with puffs or something similar. you can bet i'd be bummed about it though!!
  11. i only own borderlands 2 on the pc, but if you're still looking for a buddy i recommend checking out the co-op subreddit and making a thread there with platform, game, and what you're looking for in the title! it seems like borderlands players are pretty abundant there.
  12. i've taken the test a couple times, and both occasions i've gotten INTJ i think it's pretty descriptive of my personality and how much of a narcissistic recluse i can be, lmaoo
  13. while nintendo loves to play favoritism for japan, i'm sure the west won't be left out as far as getting magearna goes; i can see them doing an event like they usually do at release. you're probably absolutely right about the arcade game being japan-exclusive though, lol but reg. the two new pokes, i looove the rock pup the design is so adorable and i love the typing, i hope it'll end up evolving to be comparable in strength to houndoom - i can see it becoming a sturdy physical attacker!
  14. i'm only 10 adults away from my gold trophy!! once all of my current hatchlings and eggs grow up, i can finally have my seventh egg slot 😍
  15. 86Β°, overcast, and humid as hell. it was supposed to be storming today, but tropical storm colin has been skirting my area so far.
  16. type: dragon, fire pokemon: zangoose, reshiram, raikou, garchomp, aggron, luxray shiny: zangoose, charizard, reshiram
  17. pancakes, bacon, and a scrambled egg
  18. i'm not surprised that both legends have psychic types, as it's pretty common that pokemon associated with space are given that typing. but i've also seen a lot of discussion around solgaleo in specific! while it's strange that an emissary of the sun is not fire type, you have to realize the sun is not actually on fire, but rather powered by nuclear fusion. and the last thing a star attempts to fuse before its death? iron: the main component in steel. additionally, solgaleo is also known as "the beast who devours the sun." in alchemy, there's a lion who eats the sun and symbolizes the purification of metals. both of these theories could explain the reason for the sun legends' typing, and with the name of solgaleo's ability, it could be a hint at an allusion to alchemy. i'm really excited, though!! i love the idea of the rotom pokedex, maybe it'll allow the trainer to communicate with pokemon?
  19. if it fits, wear it on my finger! if not, string it onto a necklace. a ribbon?
  20. my birthday's on valentine's day, so i think i could consider the dragons released on that day to be my birthday babies! the idea of a dragon with some special meaning that hatches/matures on a special day is super novel, though! i think i might do that this november for me and my partner's 5th anniversary. ❀
  21. the only good pulls i've gotten from the generations boosters so far were a full-art articuno and a full-art gardevoir ex, although i (reluctantly) let my boyfriend keep the articuno because he bought the box for me, lmao. i'm really impressed with the artwork too, though! i've been a fan of the radiant collection since they were introduced in legendary treasures - and i'm still trying to get a reshiram from that expansion - but i really hope i can get the charizard line and a few eeveelutions from generations' collection. ❀ but i have to agree, keldeo's movie didn't impress me too much, either, but i do love him! i'm still trying to catch the musketeer trio in omega ruby, too - they're the only legends i haven't gotten besides the ones that are version exclusives. maybe i'll make it a point to catch them before the event, that way i'll be able to complete the set when keldeo's released! to be honest though, the only event pokemon i've actually picked up so far is mew on my omega ruby save, lol. ;; i've been soft resetting them for nature and ivs, so i still have all of the other events sitting in queue on both x and or, waiting for me to get them from the delivery girl. πŸ’” but you're absolutely right, it's so worth it to max out hearts; all the pokemon in my party are maxed out because the benefits are fantastic!! even for the 'mons i use for competitive play, i always max them out because the exp bonus comes in so handy for levelling, especially when you combine that with blissey base training. it's probably one of my favorite features, and i really hope amie makes a reappearance in sun & moon.
  22. yum!! green apples are my favorite variety. hummus?
  23. yesss!! i love the collector's boxes! i've been desperately trying to get them all for the pins, but so far i only have mew and darkrai. i'm hoping to grab celebi and jirachi before they get harder to find, there's only a handful of places that still have them in stock! i seriously can't wait to get my hands on that arceus box come august, though ❀