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  1. Interesting that I should see this code again! Two years ago, the owner of Shine and I had a views race, didn't occur to me that it could show up again Great code choice for sure. In fact, congratulations to all winners, I'm seeing some great code choices out there.
  2. http://dragcave.net/holidays14-raffle This link will eventually tell you whether you won the raffle or not. In previous years, it was the same link except holidays12 or holidays13 (as examples). The page isn't found right now, since obviously TJ hasn't released the dragons yet. This. In reality, your chances aren't much greater if you have 10 entries or 14 entries. What matters is that you participated and got in at all, the difference between you and anyone else is really not all that great.
  3. Good luck to all entrants! Really hoping there's going to be an "I'm impatient for getting an email, click this link to check" thing like previous years. I really liked that option.
  4. Brian Setzer. Not enough people know about him IMO, it's sad how little recognition he gets.
  5. Twisted Sister. Most definitely.
  6. Category: Lineages - Longest Purebred Title of Record: The Gold-Horned Tangar Lineage: 7 Generations Name of Submittant (forum name): Rarek Scroll Name (link): Rarek Proof for Record: Charles Xavier - Professor X, 7 generations Reason for submitting new Record: Doesn't exist. Category: Lineages - Longest Even Gen Title of Record: The Gold-Horned Tangar Lineage: 7 Generations Name of Submittant (forum name): Rarek Scroll Name (link): Rarek Proof for Record: Charles Xavier - Professor X, 7 generations Reason for submitting new Record: Doesn't exist.
  7. Sorry Whispers, I'm in the middle of a boatload of schoolwork I need to get through. I'll try to reply as soon as I can :/
  8. ((Yay! Great roleplay, I had lots of fun with it Thank you for the great concept!))
  9. Andromeda looked between Kanya and August. Kanya looked just as unsure as she did in regards to being set free. It almost seemed like a hopeless dream that had been in the backs of their minds for the duration of their time in the arena. Not to mention the fact that they had no idea where their homes were in relation to the arena itself. How would they get home? She sighed heavily and nodded at August's words. Clearly they weren't going to get much better than that, better take what they were given. She glanced back at Kanya momentarily. The poor girl, she seemed at a loss for what to do.
  10. "Well, despite all of that, you've managed to gain our friendships. You're more than welcome to visit me in my forest any time you feel like it." She gave him a warm hug, squeezing him very slightly. "Please do stay safe. I'm sure you'll be a wonderful leader." She grinned as she pulled away. "I suppose you'd be Lord Eli now, wouldn't you?"
  11. Andromeda was confused at Eli's statement as he took her hand. "Us two? What's going to happen with you? Surely you're not thinking of staying in this dreadful place!" She looked at him with a look of muted concern, hoping there was an explanation forthcoming. After all they'd been through, she would've thought he'd be eager to leave.
  12. Andromeda gave a half-smile when the Sorceress mentioned what they had done to Zygard. She motioned gently towards Kanya. "She did most of the work. I was more of a distraction than anything else." It took all her effort to push herself up into a standing position, then walked over to Eli. She laid a hand on his shoulder. "I know it must be difficult for you to know your father is who he is. But you're strong, you've overcome greater obstacles just in the arena alone. Besides..." she held out her hand, much like the very first time they'd met in the common room and smiled. "You've gained
  13. Andromeda looked up at Eli in confusion. The Sorceress was half of the reason they had been fighting in the first place, how could they not be in danger? She looked down briefly at herself when Eli asked if she was hurt, as though that would yield answers. She coughed into her hand and shook her head weakly. "No...I'm just really tired. I used more of my own energy than I should have." She pushed herself up onto shaky arms and looked up confusedly at the Sorceress. "C...congratulations? I don't understand, you're not trying to kill us?" She had more fear for the Sorceress than she di
  14. The sudden disappearance of the fire was as though a pressure was lifted from her dome. The exertion she had to put into the dome caused it to spread rapidly outward for a brief instant, its structure exponentially weakening as the dome exploded outwards. Finally, it dissipated and Andromeda fell backwards onto her back, staring blankly at the ceiling with her chest heaving as she gasped for air. The slightly comical bit about it was that Andromeda was usually very fussy about her hair. For the duration of the time she'd spent in the arena and her cell, she'd made sure it was well kept in
  15. The chain of events that followed happened too quickly for Andromeda's comprehension. One minute Kanya was speaking to her through her mind, the next was Zygard choking her. Then came the flames and the fire, and she began to panic. Kanya wasn't the only one who was able to make a barrier. What would have been a loud thunderclap normally was muffled by the roar of the advancing flames as an energy construct in the shape of a dome enveloped her. She watched slowly as the wall of fire came up and over her dome, until all she could see was fire. She looked around, eyes full of panic as thoug
  16. Andromeda couldn't let the grappled electricity die fast enough as she was pulled towards Zygard. She expected him to be able to grab onto her, but was surprised to see Kanya's hound, yet again saving the day. She let out a momentary sigh of relief as she got her footing. Before she knew it, the vampire was rushing at Kanya and it was her turn to save the day once more. Her eyes lit up brightly, and she thrust her arms forward with a huge shout in effort. Enormous streams of electricity shot forth from her hands, coming together in a huge thunderclap, producing her familiar falcon, the ve
  17. Andromeda dropped to the ground like a sack of bricks the instant Zygard's powers let her go. She let out a soft groan, rubbing her head and wincing. She laid there for a good while, then sat up and looked groggily around before noticing Kanya and Zygard locked in combat. She watched as Kanya used her white magic to drive back the vampire and she smiled. She was doing well. She had to react quickly however as Zygard took a swipe at Kanya's head. Without a second to waste, Andromeda's eyes were alight, a bolt of electricity streaming from her hand. The bolt fashioned itself into an electri
  18. Soon, the sun had gone low enough that it was below the trees, and the forest got significantly darker and colder. Thankfully, the shelter was complete, and so was the fire, Lani having finished it after putting a couple of river rocks around a series of twigs and branches, lighting them with some flint. She was once again next to the fire, huddled into a ball and shivering to get warm. "We should get some rest," Lani suggested. "We need to be well rested for our next day's travels."
  19. Andromeda's attacks didn't seem to do much, and she seemed to recognize this. Or at least, her altered mind controlled thought processes realized this. Her powers and eyes dimmed down as she carefully analysed the situation, seeing that the barrier seemed to be a spherical shape. She started to ponder if she'd ever done more than a half bubble. Immediately, she powered up all over again and thrust a huge thrust of electricity straight into the ground, digging up a large hole in the ground, getting underneath the hemisphere of her barrier, forcing her to make even more of it to protect herself.
  20. I'm sure there's enough water for mud making, although with the new discovery being so recent, people probably won't be too pleased with use of water other than for drinking. I'll leave the decision up to you
  21. Lani began to shiver, realizing that the sun disappearing brought a chill that was unexpected in the Amazon rainforest, and yet there it was. She had to stop her slow draining of the vines as she brought her legs in close to her chest and hugged them, closing her eyes and laying her head on her knees. "Shelter might be a good idea as protection from predators and keeping warm. Especially keeping warm." She screwed her eyes up tighter, trying not to think about the winds that whipped against her skin.
  22. Put in a reply Been pretty busy lately with school and such, but I'll try to post a little more often.
  23. "Hold on a minute, I think I still have my pocket knife." Lani rummaged around in her pack for a minute, searching for the survival knife that everyone had one of initially when the trip began. She started to become thankful that the chartered airline thought of everything in that regard, but was starting to wonder just how reliable they were if they were giving knives "just in case". She finally found it in the pack, pulling it out and taking one of the vines from Feliceia, making sure to thank her for it. When the knife sliced through the outer edge of the vine, she quickly discovered i
  24. Andromeda didn't even hesitate. She immediately fired again, but this time learning from her last mistake. The strike was far weaker this time, and instead of bouncing off, it clung to the barrier in a mass of sparks. She spread her hands so that two distinct streams burned away on Kanya's barrier, waiting for her to falter in the slightest. Her burning eyes were fixed on Kanya with a gaze of pure determination and anger. Poor Andromeda had no idea what she was doing thanks to Zygard's mental grasp.
  25. ((Nope, good by me)) Zygard came close enough to Andromeda that she probably could've taken the opportunity to land a hit while he was talking. Still, she stood there, listening to the ramblings of an insane man, and that cost her dearly. She started to realize the conversation was moving towards an end, and she started to move towards him in an attempt to strike first. But it was all too easy for the vampire as with one flash of his eyes. Andromeda fell to her knees instantly, clutching at her head and making choked whimpering sounds as she shook violently, fighting in vain against