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    Lover, not a fighter. But beware if i have to fight for what or who i love.

    20; Dirty blonde; Green/Blue eyes; Four brothers; Only girl; Complete tomboy; Cluttered; Clean; Loud; Shy; Herself; Flexible personality; Reads through mountains; Writes her share back; Keeps music close; Friends closer; Hates being lonely; Never flown; Stares at the sky; Wishes to travel to all the places she knows nothing about; Loves to smile; Loves to laugh; Loves memories; And cameras; Designs tattoos; wants some herself one day; Loves eyes; Lips; Torsos; Hips; Hands; And legs; She is her backbone and her wings; and loves her for it; Many nervous habits; And OCD's; Enjoys talking; Colours; Writing her letters; Repetition; Design; Language; Literature; And making someones day; Doesn't like being given things; Loves the stars; Dislikes unnecessary nastiness; Loves to collect quotes; Has alot of love to give, but not enough for herself.