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  1. Thank you my secret santa! <3 I love all the eggs you gave to me, especially the shimmer scale! I'm worried that I won't get the gifts that my secret santa wants.. Also does anyone have a cb magma?
  2. I want to Change! Forum name:Teatimecocoa Reason for change: I read this forum in my phone at class. I reread it and realized that there was something I missed, sorry about that! Wishlist: 1. 2G or 3G Gold or silver dragon. 2. 4G or more gen shimmer (any color) 3. CB Nebula, preferably green. 4. 2nd gen black dragon from a olive x black lineage. 5. A CB duoton hatchling. 6.Surprise me! ^u^
  3. I want to participate! Forum name:Teatimecocoa Scroll name:teatimecocoa Wishlist: 1. 3rd or 4th gen gold dragon 2. Any silver dragon 3. Low gen copper dragons blue/orange 4. Cb any color nebula 5. The newly released Pygmy :3 6. Any new dragons that I may not have!
  4. Yay! It's nice to hear that everyone has gotten at least a gift! ^^ Anyways today I failed to breed a red dorsal... so instead my dragons were merciful and produced a nice lineaged tan ridgey! I hope my giftee isn't angry that I didn't get him the right dragon... ah, well, too late I guess...
  5. Woop! It seems that my giftee has received the eggs but hasn't said anything yet, or even reply to my message or said anything in this forum. Still needing that red dorsal, and no word from my gifter for a while now
  6. Alright! Thank you SO much Skythestral for helping me with my list! I appreciate it a lot! And special thanks to happymom and sunsteps88 but I can't claim your dragons since this is a secret santa and it would be greedy of me to keep them as my own. I sent the almost last 2 gifts now to my giftee! I hope they're happy with them <3 Now I need to try and get a red dorsal!
  7. I Need Help! Please can someone help me with the following dragons? - An ice or thunder - 9+ tinsel dragon - Red dorsal I can be contacted: Always by PM I can trade for this dragon: Yes* *I can trade for them, but maybe not VERY rare dragons ^^; Thank you if you can help me!
  8. I'm sorry for not posting here ;_; I didn't know, thanks whitebaron for pming me about it! I got an AWESOME gift from my gifter! A vampire egg <3 And also I got another one from urge101! Thank you two so much! I have also given my giftee a nice lineaged black dragon, a nice lineaged vine and a red striped dragon. I also am encountering some problems, my bronze dragon is having too much birth control and I STILL can't find the ice or thunder dragons. And i'm still breeding my purples to make a red dorsal.
  9. Hey guys, I really need some help here with my giftee! I don't have the trio and I can't seem to find one anywhere in the caves, I'm also really worried I won't give the other gifts to my giftee D: Other than that problem my dragons have been failing me Especially my bronze dragon! Shes been breeding no eggs and this is the second week. Also thank you so much onna <3 I REALLY Love that vampire dragon! You don't know how many thank yous I could say right now :'D
  10. My giftee received the two eggs <3 With a seriously long story that I won't post here The eggs were too good to be true! I almost felt like luck had chosen me so I could give them away! They were such short gens with nice lineages! I hope my giftee likes it c:
  11. Oh, um I have a question. Because i'm new to this we send a pm to our giftees with teleport link and all right? I've got two of their wishlist dragons ready to be sent c:
  12. This sounds awesome! I cant wait until this happens!
  13. Oh okay thank you <:, and yeah the green catches more attention X3
  14. I want to Change! Forum name:Teatimecocoa Rank:Bronze Reason for change:SURPRISINGLY Half of what I wanted just popped up at night (the pillow, drake and vine dragon) So I would really like to change it because I don't collect two types of the same dragon, unless i'm trying to get the male/female version. Would really appreciate it! Thank you. Wishlist: 1.Nice lineage vampire (if can't helped then messy) 2.Tinsels 9 gen+ (gold or silver, I already have bronze) 3.Messy Ice/magma/thunder 4.Messy ridgy(tan) 5.Surprise me 6.Surprise~
  15. I want to participate! Forum name: Teatimecocoa Scroll name: Teatimecocoa Rank: (your trophy level or below) Bronze Wishlist: 1. Nice lineage vampire (if can't helped then messy) 2. CB Day glory drake 3. Tinsels 9 gen+ (gold or silver) 4. Messy Ice 5. Messy vine (Ah, ive been looking for one for so long ) 6. CB pillow dragon This is the first time I play so I might need a bit more explanation and I will try and not mess myself up