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  1. I got a bunch of free books off my Kindle that I'm going to read on the side: ~ Nobody by Creston Mapes (really like it so far) ~ The Ghosts of Varner Creek by Michael Weems ~ Shattered by Karl Jones ~ Crazy Love by Francis Chan (can't believe I found it for free) ~ Pyxis by K.C. Neal ~ The Eighth Sea by Nancy Sprowell Geise ~ The Blood Gate by David Ross Erickson ~ In Her Name EMPIRE by Michael R. Hicks
  2. I'm a total Hunger Games fangirl, but putting that aside, the series is actually really great. I started reading Emma by Jane Austen on the side, but it's difficult for me to keep up with the language (considering it was written back in the 17-1800s) |:
  3. Just wondering, what books are you guys reading right now? c: I just finished Impossible by Nancy Werlin, and I'm now starting on Perfect by Ellen Hopkins~ <3
  4. Finally saw the movie today, I loved it <3 I thought it got all the key points of the book across, and that it was a great rendition of the book. Can't wait for the second to come out to see how they do on that one~
  5. I absolutely loved the Percy Jackson series when I read it. <3 I think I ended up reading the whole series in four or five days; it was virtually impossible to tear me away from the books. I was homeschooled at the time so I would sit and read literally all day. I ended up losing a lot of weight and getting really dehydrated because I wouldn't eat or drink anything ^^''
  6. My first favorite book series was the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. After that I got really into Percy Jackson, and when I got the Hunger Games a few years ago I became obsessed with that, and still am. <3 I also really like the books Ship Breaker, Carpe Diem, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and photography books.
  7. Three Days Grace, Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Hollywood Undead, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Hedley. <3
  8. ScarMay

    Warrior Cats Books!

    I started reading Warriors like five years ago and fell in love with the first series <3 The second and third I didn't like as much, and I stopped reading the fourth after the second book. I guess I had just outgrown it? I like re-reading the first series sometimes though; it was really well-written and I loved the plot. I also loved how there was only one PoV throughout the whole series.
  9. "But there are much worse games to play." ~ Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins For some reason it's just an eerie yet amazing quote to me. After I read it I got goosebumps~ <3
  10. I've started re-reading the first Hunger Games book, and that seems to comfort me whenever I need it. I'm thinking that'll be my go-to book~ Other than that, I love reading the first six books in the Warriors series; I started reading them at a really good time in my life and a lot has changed for me since then, so they help to bring me back to those happy times in my life. <3
  11. I'm getting into one of my "moods" again /: Today was terrible, and felt like such a waste of a Saturday. Hopefully tomorrow will be a lot better </3
  12. My friends keep bailing on our plans to go see it, so I'm finally going to see it tomorrow with my boyfriend~! <3 I heard it was an amazing rendition of the book, so I'm even more excited to see it~
  13. I'm going to see the movie with my friend tomorrow (I think) <3 I'd really love it if Suzanne made a book of short stories that give backgrounds to some of the characters... Like how Finnick and Annie fell in love, or what went on in Haymitch and Maysilee's games. It's definitely something I'd get <3
  14. Finding someone who balances you out really helps in my experience. Me and my boyfriend are a lot different (but not opposites), and it helps to keep the relationship interesting and we try new things because of it~
  15. I'm going to pre-order my tickets later today at the mall~ c: My boyfriend thinks the movie looks dumb and that the books are dumb (he's not much of a reader, and isn't into fantasy stuff), so I'm hoping he actually enjoys the movie. The plot is amazing and the characters are too perfect, it'd be almost impossible not to love the movie. I guess it all just comes down to how the director projects it; but so far it's gotten nothing but perfect reviews on Rotten Tomatoes~
  16. I started reading the series back when Catching Fire first came out, but only just read Mockingjay like a week ago. It was so sad, but I thought it was still great c: I'm really excited for the movie; every time I see the trailer for it on tv I have a mini heart-attack and get chills all over <3 I wasn't really team Peeta or team Gale, I guess I just sort of kept reading to see what happened without picking a side. In the end I was happy with who she chose, though. He's a sweety <3