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  1. Whoops! Bit of a mishap behind the scenes, please check your codes everyone! Looks like a hatchling or two bolted while I had the dryvac on. They'll be fine of course, but if your list of dragons entered into DDF looks a smidgen shorter than it ought to, sorry about that!
  2. Trainer name: Wobblegong Game version: Y Friend code: available on request. I probably can't be reached without a PM anyways. Pokemon I can offer: Pretty much anything available in the main game-- if I don't have it yet, I can GTS one and breed as many as you'd like. Ditto power GO! Notable Pokemon I can get you fast: Deino, Timid Larvesta, Adamant Larvitar, Ditto, Hidden Ability Shroomish, Hidden Ability Venipede. Plus assorted stuff found relatively easily in the game-- want a Goomy earlier than you see it in the wild? I can hook you up! Pokemon I need: ● Gen 2/3/4/5 star
  3. I just noticed this-- very handy, thank you! My cleaning is all the faster now. *turns dryvac back on, putters back behind the curtain*
  4. I had to hard-refresh to get anything to work, despite having scripts enabled. Try that if the site isn't working for you but javascript is allowed! (Windows: ctrl-F5; mac cmnd-F5?) Thanks for leaving the old version available, I really do like the functionality of dealing with codes. Didn't realize how much until I was confronted with the new version. (It's nice when I forget to take a newly-grown dragon out beforehand, I hate leaving adults in hatcheries if I can help it.)
  5. Marking for deletion (clicking the red X) doesn't count as a view because it does not load the dragon's page. If you keep an eye on the bottom of "view all", when you click it for a dragon you get a little message thanking you for helping keep the hatchery clean. The idea of counting clicks is to count how many clicks-the-stat you doled out to Dragon Cave dragons, so counting dragons you didn't actually look at (generally because you couldn't/it wouldn't count) would be counterproductive! Also, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for marking for deletion. It makes my dryvaccing about a
  6. Yeah, sorry, I almost added a digression about that -- it's entirely possible, I know other hatcheries can do it via page scraping/API access/etc, but it's a completely different system. Not better or worse, just different-- I assumed you didn't have any plans to change DDF over to something more automated. I guess I underestimated your to-do list! Hey hey hey while we're thinking of neat things, could we get some kind of useful FAQ somewhere, either in the main post of this thread or on the site itself? (Or both, if you feel fancy.) Stuff I keep wanting to mention/bring up: the click-
  7. As far as I know, there's no good way for DDF to automate or have other players flag/remove frozen hatchlings, so they'll generally be removed by whoever put them in. Pinkgothic would know, but that's my understanding. This isn't ideal, but given that a frozen hatchling DOES use up one of the owner's 21 entries, a user isn't likely to leave them in there indefinitely. They wouldn't leave adults in there indefinitely either, but those are more likely to happen (nearly all dragons put in hatcheries probably grow to adulthood) and they're easier to notice for removal. I'd be astonished if th
  8. Clock's working for me, Firefox 22.0.
  9. I get to be a ninja! I accept this since there's no dryvac emoticon. Thanks for keeping the site going pinkgothic. Thank you to everyone (gone and not) who ran DDF back in the day. Here's to dragons and clicking and keeping the hatchery clean for as long as we can going forward!
  10. I certainly don't lose anything but the clicks to apply it, so every once in awhile when I'm staring at a BSA page clogged with purples I go through and bap various breeding projects/rares. Seems to be helpful, I feel like I have more success with fertility'd pairs.
  11. Wobblegong

    Glomp Gifting

    A little bit late but Riverwillows → Wobblegong: the perfect code egg! Thanks again!
  12. Pulled this Flamingo out not too long ago. Gorgeous! I'm so glad people are generous enough to share out nice eggs.
  13. PSA: ER's back to not cleaning itself automatically. Probably a change to something on the Dragon Cave side of things, seems like other hatcheries' ERs aren't faring any better. I have some issues when trying to work with the Viewer and it finally occurred to me that I could ask for some help. 1. Sometimes when I try to configure the dragons per time with the Viewer, when I hit "Start Views" it discards my settings and puts me back to the defaults. Seems to be related to trying to look at many dragons at once, somehow? For example, 300 ERs/50 dragons/10 min works, but all ERs/50
  14. Ohmygoodness this is a nice change. I might actually spend an appreciable amount of time hunting in the AP now! Wonderful.
  15. Oh, I like that! Especially with LadyLyzar's "Wasteland" tweak. Yes please!
  16. 3rdgen neotropical + canopy checker free to a good home! Please post here if you nab it. Nabbed, thanks!
  17. Any or all of these suggestions would be welcome. And hooray for a neat event!
  18. Wobblegong

    Glomp Gifting

    Once more, thanks so much! I never thought I'd get one of these-- and it has a pretty nice lineage to boot! Yay!
  19. Wobblegong

    Glomp Gifting

    Wobblegong -> WWECornSerpent: 3rdgen checker Thuwed (it's so green!)
  20. Depending on where you are, this Nebula is either from the North or the US. And they drop in the Alpine biome? Since when?
  21. I'd love "signing up" eggs/etc for trades before they can go through. Still keeps people from spam-dumping caveblockers, but reduces the hassle of trading a little. (Yes, I know, trading isn't a hassle like it used to be, but let's be honest-- does forcing people to come back to deal with putting fresh-caught CBs in trades or the like in five hours improve the game? I don't think it does.)
  22. Wobblegong

    Glomp Gifting

    cerimonster -> Wobblegong: thunder egg! Thanks so much, it's adorable!
  23. Troublemaker "oh yeah I can never remember the glorydrake egg description" sunsong that jumped under my cursor in the biomes: 1pip6! Yeah, living up to your code alright. I hope it causes me less trouble when it's older! Trade offer I reluctantly accepted because another BSA is another BSA, even if it IS 17 counts of messy inbred-- and only then saw the code: MsLIp! I Influenced female as soon as I saw that. Ma'am Lucky Diversity Lip-- Ms Lip to her friends-- will have a place of honor on my scroll, despite that disaster of a lineage page. And one of my favorite Canopy dragons now,
  24. Thanks! I'll try doing something like that... maybe use the fiery jerks, keep up the red/"passion" theme. Concerning the sunstones and golden wyverns, I'd say equal parts good and weird! I want to see it now, so I think you should do it.