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  1. He purred softly and turned again to the dragon. "We will avenge you and all others. We will overthrow Aka and his kingdom, but we need you. Train your army and prepare. A war is coming. A war like never before...." (Welcome! Oh i just love nebulas! So pretty
  2. "Sayiri wait! There's no need to be afraid. All will be explained later. I just need you to trust me. Trust me til the end of our journey." His voice broke and he whispered. "I love you."
  3. That's when Arilou realized, were they were coming fro. The sounds...The direction... They were coming toward her. The roars fell silent and through the fog, giants emerged. Horribly sized mutant dragons. Some large and graceful, some small and deformed. The largest approached and spoke in deep growls. "WHO. YOU. ARE?" He stopped and removed the badge stabbed into his wing. It shone with the same blueish glow as the light. "Soldiers under the will of Aka." "AKA? HE. DID. ME. THIS!" He roared. "Yes, he did this to me too. But this time, it worked." His eyes glowed with a blue g
  4. (RHIA IS DEAD?!?!? I expect you to read up before you roleplay. Joining late has its disadvantages and I hope you can deal. Plus, you can't control the responses of my characters, even if Rhia was alive. You are now unaccepted for the time being. Llana is excepted. Great idea for a dragon!) Hathina heard shrieking and immediately jumped to her feet. "We'd better check it out." She picked up a leaf wrap of herbs from nearby and ran to the main cave. She saw hatchlings and Elders on fire, rolling in pools of water and screaming. She ran to her stock, flying over blazing flames to her shriek
  5. (Accepted despite the fact we have a crazy amount of hellfires! Will edit and roleplay later, going out of town today! Will be back after supper)
  6. Alright! will do. I''m working on a a request currently but will get to it as soon as I can!
  7. (I have something dramatic in mind... I love drama lolz. Can u think of anything dramatic haha?)
  8. Hathina smiled. the words echoed through her mind. "I love you." She echoed him and the words had more effect on her heart than any herb or potion could ever have.
  9. Hathina looked at him in surprise. "If this is a dream, I don't ever want to wake up." She curled up next to him and let her misty aura flow to him.
  10. Wow!! I'm going to request two things. Take all the time you need! 1. A painting or drawing of.... me! Lol I'll give you some pictures... I just want to see you draw me haha. 2. A portrait of a black cat with a red ring around his tail, white patch around left eye with a red eye, scar crossing through the white patch, white other eye. Red paws. But red like gingerish. Cat fur colors. Hope you are up for a challenge!!
  11. Hathina sighed and slumped down in the green grass. "I used to run away here when they tried to make me fight. They could never find me. I set up the leaf roof and stayed here for a long time. Then I became healer. Its still so peaceful here though. I've never showed it to anyone before."
  12. Ok Sweet. I'll get working tonight. Might take me a bit for each one.
  13. Oh well I don't think you can trade adult dragons so I'll work my magic and once you are unlocked, could you breed a vine and a black. If it makes a vine, breed another two and if it makes a black, great Ill take both.
  14. Yeah it is. Its so cute tooo
  15. Um well there has to be something in the scene besides just islands I think.... Any people? Um if not, just certain features... Oh and one vine and maybe a black egg would be great. If you don't want to do that, I could take a vine egg in the chances of desperately hoping that it is an alt lol.
  16. Oh um its seems a little strangely phrased as I'm having a ahrd time understanding it. Errm fading out at the bottom ok I can do that... Just how big do you want it? The text width thing is confusing and exactly what do you want in the scene? Well since you want so many banners done, I guess it really depends on the value of the dragon you give me. Maybe two dragons... Idk. If I'm really unsatisfied with my work, it might end up being free!
  17. Hathina gasped as he pulled the shiny object out of hiding. "Oh it's so beautiful! Thank you! Where did you-" she noticed the glimmer of disappointment in her eyes. "Come on. I know somewhere we can go." Giggling and disappearing, she leaped away into a cavern with a beautiful leaf roof. She pulled a vine and the leaves pulled away, showing a starry sky. Arilou ignored both her brother and the hatchling and continued to sing. "That September. In the rain."
  18. Hathina gave a giggle. "Dinner!" he started passing out bowls of the soup to starving hatchlings and Elders. "Eat up!"
  19. Arilou sighed and curled back up in the hole. She started a soft little lullaby. "The leaves of brown came tumbling down. Remember? That September... In the rain. The sun went out just like a dying ember. That September... In the rain. To every word of love I've heard you whisper...." Despite her brothers glare, she blinked away a soft tear. "Don't you start this Arilou! Stop it right now. Ughh I hate when you do this! He's not coming back!" He growled and stomped away. "-The raindrops seem to play a sweet refrain. Though Spring is here, to me its still September. That September...In
  20. Oh my! Could I request?? They are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!