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    Not taking Shimmer requests. Sorry! Shimmer "fails" will be golds, so they will probably be pretty rare. Feel free to offer if you see any in trades; I'm not keeping any lists or making any promises. Thanks! ^_^

    Join date: Oct 12, 2008

    Scroll goals: I aim to have one of each sprite, except for adult Stones. So if I decline a trade, please don't be offended; I am generally just not willing to replace my dragons. I still need:

    Previous Xmas & Vday ungendered hatchlings
    Enraged Xmas 15
    (Note: I don't collect Dinos. They're cute but not my thing. XD)

    ~~~~~~~~Name ALL the dragons! :D ... ;-;

    Someone is always wondering about my Stones' funky names, though it's probably not as exciting as it looks. When I first decided to collect Stones I came up with a numbering system so it wouldn't be a chore to name all of them, cobbled together from bits put through a sanskrit dictionary. I was taking an Indian history course at the time. :P

    Everything before -musti is a (poorly abbreviated) number. Musti means "fist"; when I started I really liked a song called "Ten Thousand Fists" and it was something of a chat joke that I was trying to get an army of 10-thousand stones. (Now it's srs bsns of course.)

    Since the gender symbols hadn't been put on the scroll page yet, I gave my male and female stones separate surnames for easy breeding. "Zailaja" (male) and "Aupala" (female) are just different ways of saying "stone", and each run of 100 stones has its own suffix after that.

    0-100 = sainika = soldier
    101- 200 = raksin = guard
    201 - 300 = cara = spy
    301 - 400 = b[h]uji = protector
    401 -500 = azva = archer
    501 - 600= s[e]nya = warrior
    601 - 700 = kavi = leader

    I had no idea I'd end up with 600+ of them, but it's easy to keep up with and the names are never taken. At the moment I'm working on an in-scroll even-gen project, so the geodes will definitely pop up on the AP when I get them. If you catch one, enjoy! ^_^