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  1. ~Please use the edit button near the top of all your posts instead of double posting to up your post count~


    Zombies are creepy.


    I was thinking, Hmm, there is no Zombie thread so what the heck!


    If a zombie invasion came I would die last... I promise you.


    And to motivate you:


    user posted image




    Nah I would I know the perfect place to go lol

  2. I had a dream about world war 3


    I suddenly appear in this battlefield with Americans and Chinese people fighting.I had a option,help the Americans or help the Chinese.As I was thinking I decided to help the americans and then they told me to go in the helecopter and take out the Chinese at the east gate so I then deployed for my mission.While I was flying the helecopter the Chinese had a turret on the ground,At that time I didn't see it until it was firing at me I dodge at least 4 missiles but 5 got me.I was going down fast and finally crash into this swamp. I was the only survivor in my crew.I got out and toke up my m-16 I look up and saw a heck load of aliens attacking the Chinese and Americans.Within a year there was only 10,000 humans left.Then the zombies came and kill all the humans except me I was the last and only human alive against 5million aliens and 15million zombies.


    Then the dream ended,It was scarey.

  3. recently i had a REALLY weird dream. apparently, Rishda Tarkan (from the chronicles of narnia: the last battle) was giving the tis roc and some other guy and evil pie that was going to eat them or something blink.gif i was just finishing up reading that story, so i guess my mind thought that Rishda was planning on betraying the Tisroc or something blink.gif

    Hmm you're Probaly right

  4. Well, in Kindergarden, I thought my technology teacher was going to kill us if we didn't get 100% on our assignments. Every day before technology, we had a bathroom break. Using my cunning mind, I devised a perfect plan: Hide in the bathroom, and skip technology. So I waiting in a stall for probably an hour, before I heard announcements over the intercom to dismiss students to office for release. Thinking that the school day was over, and that I would be locked into the school for the night, I started screaming. As loud as I possibly could. The principal found me, and sent me back to my class.

    I got in big trouble.

    Lol you can't ditch don't ever hide in the bathroom.

  5. In my dreams....


    I once drove a zebra-striped golf cart around my school's old robotics lab with an Allosaurus chasing me.

    And by that, I mean literally driving around the building in circles, with the Allosaurus always close behind xd.png


  6. The weirdest dream i've ever had was me and my mom were in here truck and she drove off a bridge and we died and within the next month their were 3 women who did the same thing in my dream it was so wired lol i dreamed it and it came true lol to other people though

    Siskia you saw into the future.