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  1. Naruto don't really show a lot now anyways pink panther is one of favorites to.
  2. I watch Avatar and Phineas and ferb.
  3. Yea I love that to especially the show when rigbey wanted to be player one that was funny lol.
  4. Hi my favorite show is discovery channel I was looking through and saw no favorite shows topic so I decided to make one .
  5. ~Please use the edit button near the top of all your posts instead of double posting to up your post count~ Zombies are creepy. Nah I would I know the perfect place to go lol
  6. Dragonshadows if you have a job that gives you at least $50 a month you should be able to have it for a long time if you bath and clean the genie pig everyday.
  7. I had a dream about world war 3 I suddenly appear in this battlefield with Americans and Chinese people fighting.I had a option,help the Americans or help the Chinese.As I was thinking I decided to help the americans and then they told me to go in the helecopter and take out the Chinese at the east gate so I then deployed for my mission.While I was flying the helecopter the Chinese had a turret on the ground,At that time I didn't see it until it was firing at me I dodge at least 4 missiles but 5 got me.I was going down fast and finally crash into this swamp. I was the only survivor in m
  8. My motto is "Never give in just keep trying and you will suceed"
  9. Lol you can't ditch don't ever hide in the bathroom.
  10. Now what if he doesn't have a job.
  11. I'm allergic to ivory puffin and lobster. Oh and I'm also allergic to fur if I smell it I will start to sneeze ~Please think out your posts before posting so you don't have to double post~