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  1. Woah, hey, sorry guys. I'm just gonna time skip to Hollywood, if that's alright with you guys. Like Dash said, my iPad's been eating my posts. There's also the issue of school and homework, along with friends. All these things contribute to my inactivity. I will, however, post tomorrow.
  2. Sorry! I keep disappearing on you guys... DX Anyway, I've posted. Sorry for keeping y'all waiting. Let's just assume Meg and Macy are following Katherine. I didn't write for them, and I really don't feel like doing so... (^^Laziest RP owner EVAR)
  3. Emmie thought a moment before she finally felt the nausea set in. "One- One moment, please," she said, putting a hand to her mouth and turning away. She then retched and turned back to the group. "Um, I don't think I'm up for shadow traveling again, just yet. Besides, if it's all wonky right now, maybe it wouldn't save us much time anyway." She looked down the rope as it was handed to her. Theo stepped out from behind Tali and cleared his throat. "You should have taken the Orpheus Door. It would have been ten times quicker, and there wouldn't be any of this nausea business," he declared. Theo never liked staying in the shadows and letting someone else do the work for him, and they were bound to find him eventually. Emmie looked at Theo and tried to look surprised. "Theo? What are you doing here? You weren't picked." "I was just gonna wave you off, but I managed to bump into Tali here just as she shadow traveled! Some luck, huh?" he replied. "O-okay, I guess. So, Jarvis," she said, turning toward the younger boy. "you ready to steal a car?"
  4. Emmie opened her eyes and looked around. This was most definitely not the Underworld that had been described to her. "Where are we, then?" she asked, looking to Anna. Macy and Meg just picked random pegasi, set them up to ride, and got on. ((Gah, bad evil short post. I'm sorry... >.<))
  5. Theo couldn't help but notice another boy looking at him as he waited for Tali to shadow travel. He smirked, held a single finger to his lips, and winked. He actually thought it was funny that the younger boy was staring at him; he hadn't gotten that much attention since... Well, never. It made him rather angry, actually. He was one of the smartest Athena kids, and he never got so much as the time of day from his mom. If the gods had some sort of plan for all of them, why didn't they bother to talk to them? Some of the other kids had spoken to their godly parents, and most of them weren't even very powerful, so why not him?
  6. "Don' worry 'bout me, cous," Meg replied to Anna. "You're th' one goin' ta th' Underworld! Plus, you're younger, don' you forget!" She laughed a little before hugging Anna again and walking back to her own group. She then turned to Katherine. "A'ight, princess, let's get goin'." Emmie nodded. "Yeah, um, let's get going now. N-no time to lose," she replied to Selenia. Theo was in the tree, right? He had to be. Why didn't anyone notice him, then? She decided to forgo the thought and focus on the task at hand: getting everybody, even someone who's not supposed to go, to the Underworld. She rested a hand on Tali's shoulder and closed her eyes. Quickly, Theo made his way over and put a hand on Tali's arm.
  7. ((I'm no good at writing other people's charries... )) Meg smiled at James. "Nah, Peleus is friendly. 'e's even friendly toward some o' th' campers. Knows who not ta attack too," she explained, walking over and petting the dragon. She'd always thought he was a sweetie, for a dragon. She also loved the story about how he got here, along with the fleece. Some of the stories that went around camp were rather far-fetched, but Meg was certain all the stories about Percy Jackson had to be true.
  8. ((Sorry, guys! My posting habits are really bad right now!)) "I-I get what you mean. No offense taken," Emmie said, wringing her hands. She stole a quick glance at the tree again, then looked back at Tali. "Okay, so you can take me in the first group, then we'll leave Fenrir here so he can take the second group in the case Lucifer is a no-show." ((Just going to move Lucifer to the meeting place and assume all of Soiled's other charries are here also.)) Lucifer made his way to the meeting place and waved at the group. Emmie was a little taken aback when Lucifer showed up, then pulled herself back together as well as possible. "Okay, then, let's head out, then," she said, glancing at the tree once more. Meg smiled and walked over beside Katherine. ((Not much for her right now.)) Macy meandered over toward Meg and Katherine, wanting to get going before she had the chance to run off.
  9. Okay, so let's get this show on the road for real! I'm just going to force control Lucifer for the moment, so he can take the second group going to the Underworld.
  10. Sure. Let's not have him be super social, though.
  11. Emmie breathed a sigh of relief as Tali showed up. She wasn't late, but Emmie didn't want anyone else being her second in command. Well, Theo's second in command. He wouldn't be able to make all the decisions, though, so Tali was still going to be her right hand. "Don't worry, you're not late, Tali. Um, I wanted to ask if you'd be second in command anyway. For the Underworld team, I mean. I figured I'd have to be leader, since I came up with the idea to split up and everything, so I wanted you to be my second in command. I mean, I don't have any friends other than you and Theo, and Theo can't come. Not to say you wouldn't be my second in command if he was picked, but..." Emmie stopped for a moment. "I'm rambling. I'm sorry, I do that when I get nervous."
  12. I'll try to keep you updated if I see another PJ roleplay or if a spot opens up here.
  13. It is far too late to join, I'm sorry.
  14. ((Hur whut. Er, hi. I have not been posting on this. Despite the fact that I am the original poster. I am a bad person. Recap?))
  15. "You're joking." "I swear, I'm serious!" "Well, you need to take me with you, then." Emmie stood in awe for a moment before responding to Theo. "But you weren't picked for the quest..." "But you're not much of a leader. I can be your shadow, help you make decisions. No one even has to know I'm there." "Tali's shadow traveling us. She'll know." "Then I'll show up last minute." ~Timeskip~ Emmie glanced at the tree, scanning for Theo. If she was able to see him there, there was no doubt anyone would be able to find him. She looked as thoroughly as she was able, happy to not find Theo. She knew he was there, but she wanted to be sure she wouldn't be continuously looking at him while she waited for the others. It would be really suspicious if she kept looking at the tree, considering how long she'd been at camp. Meg came sauntering out of her cabin and toward the tree. Upon seeing Emmie, she smiled and waved at her. "Ey! 'Ow are ya, idea girl?" she called. Macy had barely slept. She kept getting the feeling she was going to be late because she always woke up to the sun. The dark was just unnatural, at least, until the moon came up. She didn't know how, but it still lit up, though significantly darker. It was some comfort, at least.
  16. I'll timeskip, I just have to post one more bit with Theo and Emmie.
  17. ((Front page of the OoC has the current recap on it. It might not be perfect, but I try to keep it up to speed.)) Emmie was almost out the door when everyone started to introduce themselves. "Emmie, daughter of Hephaestus," she said, then immediately left the Big House. She had to get to Theo before he found out what had happened. He would react best if the news was coming from her, Emmie had decided. Macy glanced around the room, a little confused as everyone suddenly began to introduce themselves. "I'm Macy James, daughter of Poseidon," she said, shuffling into a corner. This whole place is so freakin' weird. Meg smiled and waved at no one in particular. "I'm Meg, daughter o' 'ypnos," she announced, as if it was a huge achievement being her.
  18. Well, the first person in the RP to say they wanna lead will be put down as leader of that group. Emmie was leader in Underworld mainly because she's the one who suggested splitting up, Tali is second in command only because she's Emmie's next best friend behind Theo. He can't be 2iC because he's not supposed to be there... Heh.
  19. Emmie was rather surprised as Anna asked her to help out with Fenrir's armor, did puppy dog eyes, then joined another conversation. It took her a moment to process what had just happened, but she was more than happy to help make armor for a hell hound. She'd never done that before, and she loved doing new things. Unless they involved dying. In which case, she was much less than interested in doing such things. "Um, sure," she answered, though a little late. She looked around at everyone in the room, then down at her still burning hands. Why isn't Theo here? He'll be crushed when he learns he wasn't picked for the quest... "I... I'm gonna go eat, then we can all meet up by the old pine tree with the Golden Fleece on it," she quickly said, then went to go see her friend.
  20. *nonchalantly wanders into a corner* I'm sure I have no clue what you are talking about... *whistles*
  21. Teams thus far: OLYMPUS: Leader: -Undecided- 2iC: -Undecided- -Meg -Macy -Katherine (Hunter) -Astoria (Hunter) -Jack Underworld: Team Leader: Emmie 2iC: Tali -Anna -Erik -Jarvis -James -Theo (the sneaky sneak) -Selenia -Steph -Lucifer
  22. Heh, I haven't been on this RP in a while, have I? <--Understatement, right there. I wouldn't mind if this restarted under your management, Limn. As I haven't been around for so long I'm not even sure what is happening anymore.
  23. Okay, then. Yeah, makes sense to do SOMETHING about the sun before everybody freezes to death...