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  1. I'm light blonde and my best friend is dark-ish blonde, which is more brunette. She is always picking on me because i'm blonde too! It kinda annoys me how people assume i'll be dumb just cause i'm blonde!
  2. Whenever this song comes on we grab two chairs and two people jump up on em'! Then we start shuffling around em' like their royalty or something and the whole time were screaming the lyrics at the top of our lungs!! It's such a blast!
  3. Country or Pop- don't laugh! I like em' both! Country has to be no. 1 for me though!
  4. Thanks for the information on vitamin b6! I had no clue that helped you fall asleep! I'm going to have to try that.
  5. hurricane146

    Nancy Drew

    Oh my gosh!!! Finally!! Someone who likes Nancy Drew besides me! I collect her books! I really enjoy her stories!!!!!
  6. I used to like neon green and blue but lately I've been leaning towards a violet purple! I saw it when I was coloring one day and it was gorgeous! I loooove it!!!
  7. It used to happen to me all the time! Especially with the most annoying songs ever, but that's when I realized I needed to turn the volume down!
  8. Crazy Dreams by Carrie Underwood is my theme song but it's sooooo annoying!! I listen to it once and it will be stuck in my head forever!!! Also Don't Know Nothing by Maroon 5 is like a ticking bomb! You could listen to it for half a second before changing the song and I would have it playin in my head all day!!
  9. I am so an insomniac! I don't fall asleep till its time for me to wake up pretty much every day!! But something that helps me get to sleep, is listening to slow music at a hushed volume. It works for me so maybe it will for you!
  10. Okay! So here's how it goes! I'm gonna post my favorite animal first and why its your favorite. Then if you read this, you post yours! Don't break the chain!!! Jk! And don't criticize anybody for their favorite animal either! Okay! My favorite animal is a Bald Eagle! I like them cause their really Majestic animals! I like how they keep the same mates and nests their entire life! To me their pretty cool!
  11. Wow! I feel bad for all you guys allergic to a thousand different things! I am allergic to Penicillen. And that's it.
  12. Knowing me, I wouldn't be surprised if my last words were, "Nooooo!!!! I should have never kicked the bucket (at P.E!!!!)"
  13. My fav motto is in my signature!! It's: Smile to change the world, but don't let the world change your smile:)