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  1. 6/10 I see you around every once in a while, but I hardly see anything beyond the RP section, so that must mean you're around at least a decent bit.
  2. I'm back! I know, I know, it used to happen every other week, but seriously this time it's different... Because I was gone longer... And... Yeah, that's pretty much the only difference. Whatever! *Throws hands in air* Anyway, in all honesty, I really missed you guys. I can't wait to get back into some RPs with my old friends and all the new people who showed up while I was gone. I should actually be able to post consistently throughout the week now, since I finally have something to use other than my IPod (which I don't mean to diss, because it's actually been pretty good). So yeah, (I think "so yeah" might actually be my catch phrase) to wrap this up, if anyone who was a friend of mine sees this: PM me. I would love to just PM all y'all, but I don't want to forget anyone and seriously, I don't have that kind of time. Also, I'm lazy. If you don't know for sure whether we were good enough friends for you to randomly PM me, do it anyway. Peace, Cyrus
  3. Okay, I have a few crits(more like questions), since no one else apparently does. You are not unloved! Where are all of the locations, relative to each other? I.E. Is the mansion in the city, or forty miles away from it? How does the teleportation between the asteroid and earth work? Is the device at a fixed location on earth, that they can use for travel, or does each member of the brotherhood have their own portable device? What role will human characters play? That's all I have right now, because I don't have any more time, but I might come back with more.
  4. @Sailing: *clamps hand over own mouth so nothing else stupid will come out* Sorry about that. I had completely forgotten to check if anyone had called anything, I just skimmed though the sheets. Both of my apps have been sent. I'm waiting for the inevitable reply back saying that I need to change something. *sigh* I just hope it's nothing major.
  5. Oh, okay, that's fine. That sheet wasn't up when I asked the question, so I thought both spots were still available. My character can just be combat/survival teacher then, if that spot hasn't been taken by the time I send in my sheets. Deleting posts in main thread.
  6. I have a question. I'm making my characters now, one of which is a teacher. Would it be okay if he taught both gym class and combat/survival class, since he would be a good teacher for each and they're very related? If someone came up with a teacher for either of those classes, my character could just be reduced to teaching whichever one wasn't taken. But until that happens, he could fill both roles.
  7. RP Advertisement Name of RP: Halloween version (of the RP "not alone") Link: The RP | The OOC # of active RPers: 2 Plot Summary: Halloween has come around and all of the creatures known as "mixes" -genetic experiments that are human, but share DNA with other animals- are taking the opportunity to get out and have some fun, since they're not even the weirdest looking people around. In other words: "It's so overt, it's covert." A few other creatures that don't get out enough are also taking advantage of the night, like your typical vampires, werewolves, hippies and other assorted humanoid creatures. But what they don't know is that the scientists who created the mixes figured this would happen, and are mixed in with the usual crowd in an attempt to catch their freed experiments. Other: The RP ends on midnight, Halloween night, so don't miss out!
  8. My first one with Polos, Silverlight and Little lost dragon went good for a while, until silverlight left. We continued it after that for a while, but then Polos left as well. Recently, me and LLD decided to just open up a new classroom for the two of us, which is going decently. That's my report.
  9. ((You can say that again! I've been stalking this thread since, like, page fifteen or something, and I still don't get it! It's very entertaining though.))
  10. I don't mind at all. Here, let me find the page for you that explains all of this stuff. I'll edit it into this post. If you have other questions feel free to PM me. Here it is: The first two posts on here should clear up your questions.
  11. The question I want to know the answer to is why he wasn't banned sooner. Pinkieseb has godmodded, skipped other players at crucial points, powerplayed and been an overall discourteous role-player since he joined. Now that he's gone, I might consider getting back into this RP, if I can find where my character fits in again. An NPC is a Non-Player-Character. Basically any character in an RP that isn't played specifically by someone. Like random guards or enemies. They're there. They do stuff. But they don't belong to anyone.
  12. ((BUMP so people notice this. I'm sending in my sheet soon.))
  13. Hey, I'm back to give you some more crit to help you on your way. Sorry it's been so long. -bold "plot" above your plot section to make it more visible. -make a section for the setting/here and now, with a bold headline "setting". This should contain everything everyone could ever need to know about where the characters are and the surrounding area. Basically, what's the character's situation? -add some rules. Too many rules may look intimidating, but not enough rules is worse. Let people know what you expect out of them in quality and length for posts. Look at the sample rules given in the "getting your RP approved" section. Actually... -just go ahead and read the whole "getting your RP approved" thing. It's extremely useful. -next: I noticed that, although it is assumed, you never actually outright explain what happens to the volunteers. They get mixed with animals right(one of which is dragons)? Do the dragon volunteers also get mixed with animals or do they only get mixed with humans? -once again, you can never read over your RP too many times. There are still some mistakes that a single sweep through could easily eliminate. That's all I got for you right now. Thanks for listening!
  14. Interest check Who would like to see me make an RP? I have so many ideas it's crazy, so I'm just checking to see if anyone would join one if I made it. I would be going through the approval process, obviously, to get out any mistakes, but I'll need a co-author to bounce ideas off and to take over when I'm gone anyway. If you're interested in helping me, or if you're interested in joining, just PM me. I'll probably have a limit on players, so those who PM might get first dibs. I say "might" because it'd be a lit RP, meaning experienced players only. Being boss-tacular is a must for co-authoring. Also, once I get a co-author, I won't take more, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't PM because you think "oh, he probably has one already". If everyone thought that way I'd never end up with one. P.S. I reserve the right to cherry-pick/be picky when accepting people.
  15. When someone posts crit and you correct your RP, you should post saying that you edited, so they know you're using their advice. That'll get you more attention on here. If no one else comes and crits for a while, I'll give you some crits of my own to help you along.
  16. You're obviously not thinking this through all the way, but I'm gonna drop it because I'm getting tired of arguing with you.
  17. I understand that. My question is why they have a boundary line that you can't cross. A boundary line only serves a purpose if there are two teams. If there aren't two teams it doesn't make sense to have a boundary that you can't cross. I understand what you're saying, but that can't be how free-for-all dodgeball is played.
  18. ...I can't believe you're not comprehending this. Then why wouldn't they just use the full court then? Why would they have it divided if everyone's fighting the people next to them anyway?
  19. Well obviously they can make groups, that's how anything works with free-for-all. How can you be stuck on half of the court with people you're against? That doesn't make any sense.
  20. I've always played it with teams as well, but I'm just going by what she said and I do know that you can play dodgeball without teams. The court would obviously only be divided into two halves if they were on teams. Therefore it would stand to reason that without teams there would be no dividing lines.
  21. Sami chuckled at the way Konata said her name. Sami-chan! Makes me sound like some sort of ninja or something. When the game started, Sami stayed next to Konata, picking up any balls that rolled her way. She didn't collect many balls that way, nor did she get many people out, but at least she could help out konata if she needed to. "yeah, I guess. You can just call me Sami though." she said during a lull in the action. "you're Konata right?" Just then, Sami got a feeling in her mind like you get when you see someone's fist flying at your face. Except, she felt it for someone else, like her natural reactions were kicking in to defend... Konata? Not even thinking, she began to throw her hand up in front of Konata's face, seeing a ball out of the corner of her eye. Suddenly something blocked her way and she stopped her hand short. The ball bounced off of someone else's hand, saving konata, while Sami stood there with her hand half raised in the air. Sami looked up to see the tallest, most athletic looking black dude she had ever seen, his hand still in front of Konata's face. Sami slowly lowered her hand, looking at the man with awe. Even with her improved reflexes, this man had been quicker than her. I need to improve. she thought.
  22. @Shiny Hazard Sign: Mousia explained in her post that it was a free-for-all match. There isn't a dividing line, nor are there teams.