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  1. I would go back to the past and tell myself to take my friends' feelings more seriously... And actually study for tests. =/
  2. Hey guys, I'm trying to play TH01~The Highly Responsive to Prayers. The emulator I'm using is Anex86, but I'm having trouble getting it to open the game. I've followed a couple of guides I found on Google, but they don't help much... When I click the "Start" button a window appears saying "No disk!", although I have already loaded an .hdi file. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like before I start the game: http://i1264.photobucket.com/albums/jj491/.../anex86_ss1.png And here's what it says after I start it: http://i1264.photobucket.com/albums/jj491/.../anex86_ss2.png Does anyone know how to fix this...? Also, if anyone can tell me how to use the english patch by Radical R I would appreciate it very, very, very much.
  3. I'd definitely be a Pillow. Sleeping 18 hours a day is my ideal state, after all. Not to mention that wonderful fur...
  4. A Pentel P207 my father used in the 80s (I think) and when I don't have it with me, any available pencil. I really hate writing with pens... >< I make a lot more mistakes when I write with one and I can't see the point in them in most cases. Unless it's an official report or something, why not write with pencil? Being able to correct mistakes makes things just so much simpler...
  5. My favourite would be Lyra's Earth from the series His Dark Materials. Who wouldn't want a daemon after all? Guera from This Alien Shore seems quite interesting too. So many different people, living together and accepting each other despite their mutations... Sounds like heaven. And then there's the world of Princess Mononoke. Mountain gods ftw! シ Haha, there are so many... I'd better stop now.
  6. EureKa

    The Egg Basket

    Scroll Name: EureKa_16 Egg Type: Pillow Dragon Any Wishes for the Egg's Home: Although not necessary, naming is always appreciated. ^.^ Claim my eggs! Traded elsewhere.
  7. Quite a bunch of things, really... Like passing the end-of-the-year exams (especially math and ancient Greek) without studying the slightest bit. Or suddenly getting really interested in school. I'd also like new good headphones, 'cause the ones I got now are slowly falling apart. Problem is, good headphones cost over 50€...
  8. I was reading the manga Eureka 7 last summer, and I rather liked it, although it wasn't all that impressive... In any case, the female protagonist's name, "Eureka", really stuck in my mind, so I started using it as my username. It's definitely better than some other nicks I've got, like "PeaSoup"... *facepalm*
  9. This. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I wish I could live there... It seems like such an awesome place.
  10. You really shouldn't feel bad about sitting at your computer. In this day and age, it gives you the same, if not more, chances for socialising that real life does. And you can do any sort of activity, from playing with your buddies to reading a book while listening to music or learning things, e.g a new language, just like you do "IRL". Of course, that's just the humble opinion of a basement dweller whose favourite activity is stalking forums. (to answer your question, I also like reading books and manga, watching anime and digging through the internets for worthwhile fanfic. Oh, and let's not forget the obvious: I do quite love raising dragons. )
  11. The first time I got 12 and then 4... Although it might be because the first time my screen's brightness was near zero. But shoot, I feel as if I'm gonna throw up any moment now...
  12. I guess I could say I'm purebred Greek, which is rather boring... But for the people here the fact I am a quarter from Asia Minor, and three quarters from two different Greek provinces seems pretty unique... ^^; Also, judging from my mother's family's looks, I'd say that I have a bit of northern blood in me too. Not many people in my grandma's village were tall and had fair hair and blue eyes, after all.
  13. Good luck with Greek if you ever get round to it; I am a native speaker and still have trouble figuring out the proper syntax sometimes... ;_; (mainly because there is no such thing as syntax in Greek, no matter much they try to make us believe it.) Your school teaches some cool languages, by the way. I wish schools here offered Japanese too... To reply to the topic at hand, other than Greek I speak English and German. I'd much rather have learnt Spanish instead of German, but it was a requirement for entering my school (it belongs to the German government). I could also put Ancient Greek in the list, but they don't really count; the skills we're taught are useful only for translation purposes. Languages I'd like to learn are the aforementioned Spanish and Japanese, Italian, maybe Russian or Mandarin or both (my parents are partucularly insistent on those two :/) and if I ever manage to convince myself it's worth the trouble, one of the Bantu languages (Bantu is a family of African languages). ... Wow, that's a lot... I'd never realized before writing down the list.
  14. Been trying since yesterday and still haven't gotten one... :/ Tough luck.
  15. Why do cliffhangers and unclear endings even exist? Duh! You watch a show, it's great all the while, then you reach the end where everything's supposed to be explained, and what'd you get? One main character dies with hardly anything explained about his past and you've got no clue what happened to the rest of the protagonists!
  16. I'm currently re-reading The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman for, like, the 100th time with plans to immediately move on to The Amber Spyglass as soon as I finish it. I first read this series as a kid and I completely fell in love with it... Ever since then I've read all three books countless times.
  17. Just finished my hunting! Good work spriters! All the eggs were awesome!
  18. Hmm... It's too hard to say which one book is my favourite, so... -This Alien Shore by C.S. Friedman -In Conquest Born also by C.S. Friedman -The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan Oh, and The Book of Tea from non-fiction (by Okakura Kakuzo).
  19. EureKa


    Goodness knows how many manga I've read online (I've got 124 series listed in my MAL account, plus a large number of series I've forgotten about). Unfortunately I don't have nearly as many tankobon as I'd like (and from the genres I like now)... -.-# I have a total of 62, but half of them are from only two series... Here's the list: Alice 19th (7 vol. -- complete) Aria (vol. 6) Bakuman (vol. 1) Clover (vol. 1 -- complete) Deadman Wonderland (vol. 1) Fairy Tail (Vol. 1-4) Fruits Basket (vol. 4, 11, 21) Gate 7 (vol. 1) HAL by Makino Aoi (vol. 1 -- complete) Naruto (vol. 6, 17, 41, 43) One Piece (vol. 1) Ouran High School Host Club (vol. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) Pandora Hearts (vol. 1) Princess Knight (vol. 1) Rurouni Kenshin (vol. 1, 2) Soul Eater (vol. 1) Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (vol. 1-13) xxxHolic (vol. 1-13)
  20. Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. Its beat always gets to me. ><
  21. When The Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin and She's a Fox - Jimi Hendrix & Lonnie Youngblood Pretty old-fashioned, huh? >.<
  22. Haha! I hadn't seen MCR mentioned anywhere in, like, ages! They were my favourite band up until 7th grade (that was three years ago, btw). I had a total obsession with Gerard and his hair and Frankie's guitars! I still have a picture of Gerard on my wall. They were the band that first got me into listening to music, so although I've moved on now, I always listen to their music fondly. Ray and Frank play fairly well together and I was really sad when Bob left the group...
  23. When I was little the only colour for me was pink. Everything I owned just had to be pink. Now the craze is over, thankfully, and my favourite colour is tea green. ^.^