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  1. good hmm... time to come up with something else, then!
  2. blancblack? oh boy, guess i'll have to name them after grey garden characters now... i love them! the aqualis are absolutely gorgeous as well!!! that color contrast gives me life - definitely gonna have to get my hands on some more of them
  3. i don't think that is it - of the xenos that counted for me, at least two out of three already had hatched before the new raffle started, but only grew up afterwards.
  4. just missed my 4th gold or so in 2 weeks, while all the pretty nebulae i keep picking up constantly miscolor... i dread starting my siyat x nebula lineage, at this rate.
  5. no win! but i'm sitting with a pretty good amount of xenowyrm hatchies on my scroll and enjoying the new requirements, so far. makes me curious to see what else we'll get!
  6. on one hand, i know i shouldn't punish myself trying to breed something like this... on the other, it's so good!!!
  7. good luck next year to everyone who didn't win, and congrats to those who did!
  8. christmas tharja is upsetting but lissa and chrom have such lovely art i really like them
  9. https://dragcave.net/lineage/FTXbA they gave me an egg on my first try! it's not a shiny but it's still really lovely and i'm so happy, i'm gonna give this to my friend <3
  10. oh nooo.... yeah, from what i've heard people have been really unlucky on this banner - i feel really bad for you! gives you a blyn same, though at least this time they announced beforehand she'd be separate, and she doesn't share a focus color. it seems they're only doing 3-unit banners for new units (except for the limited ones) now, and i'm not entirely sure why, but at least the units are good? the powercreep bothered me a bit but i think the weapon refinery is at least partially helping with that also i just got hector from legendary heroes and this time he isn't -atk
  11. welp, kinda disappeared - how's the legendary heroes banner treating all of you so far? for me, it's been ridiculously lucky! in 6 (i think?) pulls, i've gotten 7 5s heroes so far. that's deirdre, celica (+atk -def!), bridal cordelia (the one i was hoping for..!), genny (my third one), and ridiculously enough, three brave lyns (one of which is +spd -def... also, i can field a team of brave lyns now.)! so that's incredibly good haha i don't think i'll be summoning on the children of fates banner, though... not really interested in any of the units there. i'm reaaally hoping there'll be a thracia 776 banner soon, i feel so bad for that game (also, leif. please leif)
  12. first of all, you should generally use lineage links rather than view links - for bred dragons, click 'view lineage' on their page, and for caveborn dragons, replace 'view' in the url with 'lineage', so you get a link like this: https://dragcave.net/lineage/xB1bi second, your scroll is basically your userpage. it's where you keep your dragons - seeing as you play flight rising, scrolls here are the equivalent of lairs there. if you click here, you'll be able to see yours - though, the url of that page doesn't allow others to see your scroll. to let others see your scroll, use this link instead! https://dragcave.net/user/Limanya so this here would be my scroll ^
  13. ^ beat me to it it might also be useful, if you're comfortable with it, to put a link to your scroll in your signature. that's up to you, of course, but it lets people see your dragons more easily
  14. i've been trying for years and i finally won. I Deserve This. (really though, i'm super happy - it's a bronze tinsel and if i were pickier i'd be disappointed in that but they just so happen to look gorgeous with terraes, which i was planning to breed my prize with if i ever got one, so i'm excited! i already have names in mind haha)
  15. nah i don't like merging, i'd rather see tons of 5s units on my unit list. gotta keep my f2p btw soul satisfied somehow
  16. i just pulled my second halloween nowi (who i do not want!!!!!!!!!!why is she naked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and i REALLY don't know how to feel about this also i'm team soren until i die
  17. glad you like it! i've been waiting to breed those for a while haha
  18. halloween! henry! now! pleaseletmegethimsoicanarmoremblemohgod
  19. definitely gonna be trying for henry, so i can have a full armor team to do quests with - though jakob seems fun too!
  20. i've got genny too, but i usually use sakura on my tempest trial team out of habit - but outside of tempest trials and chain challenges i don't really use healers anyways. i might go for a triple breath of life build on my inigo, though!
  21. i have a roderick and he's actually tons of fun to use! darting blow + drag back works really well on him trading would be cool, but it's never going to happen since rerolling is a thing, unfortunately :< also i just pulled a +atk -res dancer inigo and my depression is cured now
  22. hmm, i'm not sure - my phone's charging and i can't check. i've never pulled a limited unit and uhh i think the last 5* i pulled was a really bad iv elincia (rest in sword units), so...there's that? last tempest trial i pulled a +def -res nephenee fairly early on and she carried me through the entire thing, up to the point where i actually hit 99999 points, but i don't have a single bonus unit at 5* right now (2 seliphs 2 julias 0 love from intsys) so i think i'll go for guidance and stop after that
  23. ahh, yeah, the pull didn't go so well unfortunately... i'm hoping i can get some more orbs for the performing arts banner though (also that name is amazing i love you)