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  1. Which is worth more, a 3rd, 4th, or 5th generation even-gen pureblood turpentine egg? Same basic question. Which gen is desirable for a staircase night/day glory lineage with nights being the CB and the males?
  2. I would like to be a gifter! Forum Name: Xeonha Scroll Name: Xeonha Proof: Potato Dragons I Will Breed On Request: Split: 1 Bluna: 1, 2 BBW: 1 Shallow: 1, 2, 3 Gray: 1 Magi: 1, 2, 3, 4 Dark Pink: 1, 2 Pink: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Purple: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Red: 1 Ridgewing: 1 Sunrise/set: 1, 2 Terrae: 1 Water Walker: 1 White: 1 (send me a PM telling me what pairings you want)
  3. Ah, sorry for assuming. I think the best you'll get is an uncommon.
  4. What do you think a purebred 2G turp egg is worth? common, uncommon, or rare?
  5. Those are called "Tinsel Fails" and some people specifically look for them. Try advertising it as "2G Tinsel Fail Terrae" and you might get some bites.
  6. That sounds brilliant. ICE CREAM, HERE I COME!
  7. Luckily the teacher flat out told us that if someone doesn't do their part in the project, to tell her. And we can't talk to the teacher to figure out a solution cause the project is due tomorrow, lol. But thank you! I'll definitely do that next time I come across this problem.
  8. I need advice. Last week on Tuesday, my Art History class was divided into different groups, and my group had 5 people. We swapped emails and I was put in charge. That day I sent an email saying we needed to pick an artist from the list we were given to focus on, and to bring 2 sources. She responded to this email with: "Doesnt matter to me , just give me a name , and the work will be done . lets not make this difficult lol". We didn't meet up on Thursday, since people were missing and I honestly forgot who our 5th member was. I talked to the absent people and we decided on an artist, and I sent out an email detailing our plan of action. Most importantly, I said that by Tuesday, everyone had to bring their research or send it to me by email. By Monday, I had sent out five emails in total about our project. On Tuesday, four of us showed up. When I brought up the missing 5th, one girl said there was no 5th. The other girl said she joined another group, and the guy thought she had just skipped out. So we shrugged and did the project. We split up the work into different sections (futurism, constructivism, focus artist, and the art) and gave each person the research we had gathered for each section and essentially finished the project. I said that by Wednesday, email everyone how long it took to recite their part. Today, Wednesday, I looked through my email to see everyone's time. I noticed an email from the mystery 5th member. It said this: "So i'm not sure which area i should focus on. How many people are in the group ? you should assign us each a section so we don't have to find hella information just our part." I was flabbergasted! So I called the other leader-type in my group, and we agreed that she dug her own grave. I sent her an email saying this: "I'm sorry, but we split up the work on Tuesday after class, and have the project finished. In the email you responded to that I sent a week ago, I stated that if you couldn't bring your work to class on Tuesday, to send it to me through email. If you had computer issues, I suggest that you talk to (the teacher's name here) since I did send out at least five different emails about our project." Everyone agrees it was reasonable. Here's the part I need advice on. I feel hella terrible about having to tell this girl she screwed herself over and we won't help her. I know it's her own fault, but I still can't shake the guilt. DC, what do?
  9. Silver me Timbers, haha I love it!
  10. It would be really nice if others could see which dragons are available for breeding. That way, when I tell someone I'm giving a BSA egg to, I don't have to list oodles of dragons that aren't available. Among other uses.
  11. I would like to become a donator! Forum Name: Xeonha Scroll Name: Xeonha Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/Xeonha Unavailable Dragons: Reds and Rares. Anything else?: I am willing to breed Blunas, Shallows, and Geodes since they are only rare because of their method of obtainment. I am not willing to go out of my way to catch CBs, but I will gladly breed anything else on my scroll, but only if I am not currently egg-locked. So, check my scroll, see which two dragons you want me to breed, and then send me a PM describing what eggs you want and your availability. I'm not going to hold onto an egg for you for more than 24 hours, but if you follow my guidelines I'll be happy to breed as many eggs as you want
  12. Just wondering, are you avoiding competition breed pools that are like.. 1pt: Green, Stone, and Harvest with bonus being Geode? With the bonus dragon being a breedable from the 1pters?
  13. I chuckle every time I see my Vine Dragon, Vinsey McGee. Oh, and two-headed named Orochinecku which is a play on Orochimaru. To name a few more; Splashisaurus (shallow), Floatikins (balloon), Riccota (cheese), Mr Floofums (pillow), Mr Whiskers (purple), and Lookit Mah Stick (white).
  14. I'm not too sure about the value of this egg? Mostly because I personally adore glories no matter the lineage, so I'm much too biased to figure out what's a fair trade.
  15. An Electric named Thundor, an Ember named Sizzlin, a male Purple named Mister Whiskers, and a Pygmy named Itsy Bitsy. All the others are just ones that are one letter off from what I'd assume to be popular, and thus taken.. Like Glittar, Leviathane, Emareld, etc.
  16. Would children from this bronze be worth anything? Does he count as a Thuwed?