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FCOsuUs.pngVtU6lf5.pnginamem10.gifimage.png351fsqr.jpg<Thanks, Shokomon!My Scroll | Wishlist & Scroll Info IOU, PM, and Request Friendly! | I hoard and raise Spriter's Alt Babies :33Never be afraid to ask. The worst that can happen is you'll get a no.

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    Palace of the Dead
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    Dragons (clearly). Initially, I was only interested in the pink dragons (they had little hearts on their tails!), but I've grown to love a lot more of the other ones as I've been on this site :33 My sister got me interested a while back, and we both play when we've got the time.

    ladyinpink or Rosastrasza in IRC

    Currently in the process of naming all of my dragons. It's gonna be a while, but it's gonna happen.

    I love all of my Spriter's Alt babies, and am more than happy to spread this love to others! Currently, I'm mass-breeding them regularly to give away for free or through raffles. However, I'm also happy to breed specific dragons on request, so feel free to send me a PM, I won't bite! I do request that if you receive an SA baby from me, PLEASE DO NOT KILL, BITE, FREEZE, ABANDON, REGIFT, OR NEGLECT/EXPERIMENT WITH THEM WITHOUT ASKING ME FIRST. I know I can't stop people from doing so, but I can certainly withhold my dragons from them.

    ~*~ IOUs Owed to Others~*~
    x2 CB Male Howler Drake Hatchies > ADP

    ~*~ IOUs Owed to Me~*~

    ~*~ Trade Negotiations ~*~

    ~*~CB Holiday Dragons~*~
    -x2 Rosebud
    -x2 Heartseeker
    -x2 Arsani
    -x2 Radiant Angel
    -x2 Heartstealing
    -x2 Mutamore
    -x2 Soulstone

    -x2 Ribbon Dancer
    -x2 Wrapping Wing
    -x2 Solstice, Rosy
    -x2 Mistletoe
    -x2 Aegis, (1 Pass, 1 Aggro, PERMA)
    -x2 Snow

    ~*~Cool folks~*~
    Areous, EscapistLore, Fiona BlueFire, Infinis, miaou, natayah, PieMaster, Sinion Kabe, Tecca, WWECornSerpent, The Dragoness

    *My sister, ladyspritzy, and I often babysit scrolls for one another. Please don't scorch our scrolls!