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  1. Here is my submission! Author: moon89 Fandom(s): Assassins Creed 2, Howl's Moving Castle Character 1: Ezio Auditore ( when he's ~25) Character 2: Sophie Hatter (as an old woman, under the spell) Title: My story: Ezio and Sophie were walking up a hill, that was covered by flowers. "So... You made that hat yourself?", asked Ezio, not knowing why he had dated an old woman. "Yes, and it's a special one. It's made for this walk. And of course, for you... I hope you like it?" "Ah, yeah. It looks great. Fits persons of your age.", he stumbeled. Sophie smiled from one ear to the other. "Could I design one for you, too?" Ezio hadn't expected that, so he looked kind of shocked. "Err.. And what is it good for? I thought only old ladies wear hats? Can I hide knifes under it or is it possible to make the edges as sharp as a blade?" "Ezio! What are you thinking! I've met lots of strange persons, but none of them is as intereting as you! A hat, that is a throwing knife." Sophie laughed. "But if you like, I can try. I would do a lot for you, pretty, young Ezio." "Let's discuss the details later." Ezios face turned red. "I can't stop thinking about the reason why an old woman like you, wants to date me?" Ezio was looking with interest at Sophies face to see how she would react. "I've already told you. I'm under a spell, that makes me look so old. In reality I'm as old as you." Sophie tried to convince Ezio, but she knew that it would take more than just saying this. "I don't know, if I can believe you. At home you would be hanged for saying that, but I try to fight for the truth. I don't know whether you are lieing or not, but I will reveal the truth." So he took her hand, looked deeply in her eyes and walked on, determined to understand Sophie. "I'm a mystery for you and you are a mystery for me. That's just perfect."
  2. Request I'm looking for a 2nd gen female Silver from Holy as mate for this guy
  3. I speak German and in school I learn English und Spanish.