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  1. People with faster internet/computers are also going to actually see - and fairly-often catch - rare dragons. Oddly enough, during periods of better wireless, (which seems to be highly variable) I actually managed to see and snag several metallics in the Cave this year after Releases, when few people were on - who left them sitting there while slow me actually managed to get them, probably because many of us usually never see them in the Cave and so they missed the descriptions just long enough to give me a chance. On the other hand, I had to get Staterae from the Market, although a fast-catch
  2. Still having the same issue here, as well. Another odd thing is that even though I'm going into the AOND fansite every day, albeit perforce now through the forum link, AOND no longer shows among my frequently used site links so that it seems that this (rerouted?) version is not registering as 'here' or as a site at all on my computer? DDF, that I do Clicks on daily, is still first in line, AOND used to be second, Silvi's, which I went to a few times when this issue started but haven't used for a bit (that's normal as well - love the site, too, it it's hard to load when my wireless
  3. Thanks, pinkgothic! Did manage to get my new eggs in just now; the ?insecure? page I was sent to had the egg entry way below immediately-visible areas of the page, which I just finally tried scrolling down to see, lol. Not just script-only but a very weird set-up there, on my screen... Edit: and just pulled said new eggs out - 3 AM, waiting for the cat to come in and it appears that my brain had managed to get off to sleep even though the rest of me has to stay up...
  4. Still like that for me, too... I wonder why us? Are you using Linux? AOND might not be compatible at the moment with some systems, perhaps due to the same problem pinkgothic mentioned above, if bbik's been too busy to see the message/fix it?
  5. When I go through to the fansite either through my front-page link or the site, it shows up only as text and informs me, when I try to go through, that it's an insecure link? Edit: Am I the only one? I can get through just fine to do Clicks and entries on DDF and Silvi's looks also perfectly normal, yet my entered dragons are still picking up Views apparently through AOND, despite my not being able to see any dragons on black and white typed primitive pages I'm getting today on AOND, which was normal yesterday... And this is occurring both through my handy link and the one in DC fo
  6. Can't get on to enter new dragons; import all gets me: Not Found The requested URL was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.25 (Debian) Server at leviathan.thorngale.net Port 443 Anyone else finding this?
  7. Be sure to Fog right after commenting here, lol; there's somebody who needs a life out there.
  8. Thanks, this is brilliant! Need longer and heavier Drops, though, lol, they're gone almost instantly!
  9. Thanks, but my brother switched me to Linux, knowing that I know nothing of computers, promised to help walk me through whatever - but I have chemical sensitivities and other related health issues from work-place chemical poisoning. We have people staying here and visiting right now who use a lot of household/gardening/personal-care/laundry chemicals which cause disastrous issues for me - and I hate trying to do do/learn things when I can't even breathe properly any more and my 'brain's no good'. Not that it ever was, but worse is downright scary, lol. I'm often too tired to type and the mess
  10. Lol, I've no idea of how to do screenshots, but if it happens to me and not to other people, it's likely something to do with my system, which has been doing some odd things (heat/humidity?) - and if it happens to other people, we'll presumably hear about it on the thread. Edit: late last night, it started giving the count of my youtube playlists as two short, but can count correctly today, when I refreshed the page I still had up - and I haven't turned the computer off during that period, so it wasn't cleared that way. Little odd things like that. And I'd been in and out of DDF y
  11. .Thanks! My goodness, you're fast! Just to mention, though, I'd actually tried the update button, just in case, but the hatchies still seemed to be there... something to do with my computer, perhaps? (It acts weirder than I do - scary, lol.) checked just now and removed them no problem, thanks ever so much.
  12. This is kinda weird: I went to remove some hatchies which I'd given away from my account listing/the site and after I'd marked those, found that the 'Remove' option does't seem to be showing? I tried bringing up a new page, but it still didn't show... Not a biggie,as everything else seems to be there, but thought I'd mention.
  13. Well, everyone's also grabbing the brand-new Muskies FROM all biomes right now - they may turn out to be Cave-blockers, for all we currently know. In large, friendly letters, 'Don't Panic', lol.
  14. Yes, and check out whether your egg have been added anywhere that keeps Fogged eggs in, as with Egg Drop Soup, where I found and removed mine.
  15. Mangrit, I hope your bitten eggs don't die, as I dunno if that'll still lock the slot for 24 hours? Anyone who's safely Fogged your eggs, check Egg Drop Soup, as Fogged eggs aren't removed and mine were also in there. If I hadn't removed them, they'd automatically have started receiving too many Views as soon as unFogged.
  16. Just want to thank HeatherMarie for the warning - I had the same problem. Wondering if someone has a program to attack this many people so fast? And why?
  17. Wow, thanks to all concerned!
  18. Thanks, all, it looks normal now, may have been my computer overheating, I suppose - much like myself, lol. Or some effect of an update? So now, I'll hope that my computer and bbik are OK!
  19. Is anyone else now suddenly seeing a different dragon entry page, with the dragons listed in a light tan colour very difficult to look at? I've had it up to run the little viewer below all day and it wasn't like that a few hours ago or probably less, since I'd last looked at the page... I hope that both bbik and the site are OK!
  20. Just wanted to say how happy I am that this site is working so well now, while delivering a big thank you!
  21. Gotta say I love the Chinese-style sprites on these! And the fact that they're dropping well and are easy to pick up quickly for those with limited time/slower systems! Again, thanks to all involved in this B-Day celebration!
  22. Happy B-Day, DC, and thanks to TJ, spriters, Mods and all involved in this celebration - especially for the lovely eggs and for the fact that they've apparently started Dropping better, lol. To those wanting to open Encyclopedia entries, why not Click growing dragons at the fansites you use and also help keep dragons alive? I personally find it easier to Click on slower-moving pages, and find Silvi's, Valley Sherwood, Daily Dragon Fix and the AOND ER excellent for that purpose, if that helps at all.
  23. Hello. pinkgothic, hope you're doing well, despite these AP changes and all of your checking and extra work? Thanks again for maintaining this essential site (my first fansite stop of the day, when I remember to come on DC for Releases, lol,) so admirably well - it's appreciated! I came here to find out whether the Protection was no longer operable, as is the case; just to mention, in case this has not yet been noticed: once you Fog freshly hatched eggs, the hatchies are evidently not retained on the site either, so we'll have to remember to re-Import All as well, when coming in to
  24. Hello, pinkgothic! Merry Holidays and a New And Improved Year to ya! Just wondering, (albeit sorry to pose questions on Christmas Day and all,) are the previous day's Clicks still supposed to vanish in wee early hours? Mine didn't last 'night', and I've not been on much due to computer issues, so not sure what's due to that issue, although I did manage to test by protecting an egg caught this morning and it worked using the left-over Clicks, so now wondering and thought I'd mention, in case due to glitches, rather than this being just my computer and variably lousy connection. (A