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  1. Everything in the ER is also "locked" it seems, the ER eggs are solid hatchlings, and the ER hatchies are solid adults. None of them can be force updated, either.
  2. My goodness, you're so welcome ❤️ I definitely cannot take credit for the lineage, I only bred it, @XDLugia is the one that built it. ^^ They graciously gifted me a set of parents. I am so happy to know you love it, and I am sure they will be as well. Enjoy! ;w;
  3. Sent around 600 eggs to the AP a few hours ago ❤️ Starts out with 98 pb waters, and then it goes into my typical mix of avatars, other hybrids, pbs that can alt, 3g checkers, prize checkers, 4g checkers, a few 5g checkers, then purebred pinks, purples and reds, and then heart lineages, thuwed checkers and then offspring from my 2g SAs (resulted in about 35 - 40 babies from them) as a finale. There are a few 4g+ SA lineages as well.
  4. GPB is the.. greatest purebred brimstone you can find 😆
  5. They don't, sadly. Thuweds are a prime example. They have grown wild before, due to hatching in the ap and growing up before they get to surface.
  6. When the blacktip x celestials were bring bred, I bred roughly 500 to 600 Rainfur eggs (I bred 900+ pairs), which consisted of purebred waters, avatars, other hybrids, then 2g pbs that can alt (undines, dark greens, blacks), then checkers, then BSAs, then heart lineages, then thuwed checkers, and finally the offspring from my 2g SAs as a finale. After those, I did some ratio tilting breedings, so things like melismors, razorcrests, tercorns, crystallines, pyrovars, etc. Stubborn things. Those gave around 60 eggs, give or take a few.
  7. YUM, big yum! Dark chocolate?
  8. Thank you, Lagie. o: Been around a loong time, but I don't post a lot. ❤️ 54,370!
  9. You're very welcome. <3 And I am happy to breed a replacement if you like. ^^ @Alesita
  10. I poured my heart and soul into that lineage, so I can't tell you what it means to me to see people admiring. <3 I breed both sets of parents every time I mass breed, hoping they will find their way to people to (hopefully) brighten their day a little. Thank you for these comments. I wanted to post a mass "you're welcome" to all the mentions I've gotten since the 21st of Feb. I don't get on the forums a lot, but it made my heart really happy to see those notifications. ;w; I am happy my children can help out lineages and/or be some eye candy for you all. ^^
  11. Have: CB neglected, will gender Want: 2g arcana from female silver shimmer (auto) or 2g halloween SA, preferably SA x common https://dragcave.net/teleport/1667a702994682f2d7c1cb89987d498c
  12. Have: CB neglected, will gender Want: 2g arcana from female silver shimmer (auto) or 2g halloween SA, preferably SA x common https://dragcave.net/teleport/1667a702994682f2d7c1cb89987d498c
  13. AP section was walled by one breeder (various breed types, but still one breeder after checking 20+ eggs) and had the same timestamp on everything. It gave me so much hope that it was finally over and back to normal.. but no, suddenly about 12 eggs with 3 days 21 hours popped out of the void at the top. I had hope maybe I could breed again, but.. seems like it isn't back to normal yet.
  14. Watched one of my last babies grow up. Straight to the wild. Watched her and watched for her about 20 minutes. AP ranged largely from 4 days 8 hours to 4 days 17 hours, with the occasional 3 day and 1 day eggs in the mix. The 1 day eggs kept disappearing and reappearing. 2 of my SAs are still out there, both zyus, both at 3 days, 14 hours. I'm sure they will have the same fate as the others that have grown up. Straight to the wilderness. I've checked about 30 or so, most of them were wild. Really hope this gets fixed soon.
  15. I agree. I don't go through 4 and a half hours of work trying to breed nice things for the community, entering them in a hatchery for a nice bonus, and APing, just for the majority of them to wind up in a black hole, totally unseen. I don't know if hatchlings are exempt from the AP's void, but even if they are, half of them are going to gender wrong. Definitely not going to breed anymore until it is fixed. There's just no point in breeding nice things if most of them are going to go off into a void and never even have the chance to be picked up. :/ Takes all the fun out of it.
  16. Also confirmed at least 10 babies (far too lazy to look at all 350 - 400) of mine that should have dropped were never picked up. When they were 4 days, 10 hours, so was the AP. Some of mine were 4 days, 8 hours as well, but a lot of them never appeared. When they were lower timed than the AP, they still didn't drop. When they hatched 8 to 10 hours later at "4 days left", the AP was 4 days 9 hours-ish. Their "accept aid" message changes when I change mine from not accepting to accepting, proving they were not picked up and were/are trapped in some kind of void. Some of my avatars di
  17. I do hope this issue gets fixed soon. I bred 400 or so eggs, as you mentioned, entered them ALL in Silvis so they would have a stack of UVs for easy hatching when they were picked up, furiously watched the AP during that time, and saw maybe 15 eggs of mine tops. I've bred to the AP many times and always enjoy watching them drop and hearing about them being picked up. It floods with checkers, SAltkins, avatars and BSAs. This batch dropped like nothing I have ever seen in past batches, even with their cracks and holes. I've done this before and always watch them hit in a flood, but not this time
  18. Ahh I got SO excited when I saw the colors and descriptions, infinity stone eggies ftw! Happy birthday, Dragon Cave! I joined back in 2007 and have had the privilege to see it grow into the amazing site it is today. -smiling- So happy to be a part of it all. Thank you TJ and artists for these new beauties! Can't wait to see what these infinity stone babies become.
  19. I joined the site in December of 2007, but I joined the forums later than that. 2012 actually. Welcome back! Always nice to see old users make a return. It's so nice to see dragon cave still around. And unlike back in the day, we can use fan-made hatcheries to help our dragons grow instead of being forced to be social!
  20. Oooo I support this. It'd be amazing to have multiple shots (potentially) at creating one dragon into a zombie, like a special code. Instead of it killed and gone forever, you can try every month. That is, if you could try with a member of the living. I'd definitely want it that way. I also agree about it being a really low success rate. Excellent idea! Definitely support. ^^
  21. I base my names off of the dragon's code, and then also give them my scroll's surname, Rainfur. https://dragcave.net/lineage/tlbi An example ^^ Sometimes I add to it so that it is more name-like. For codes with numbers, I try include them in a way, at least partly. 2 = tu, 7 = se, 1 = on.
  22. That precious sweetheart omg. I love him. <3 He is just so cute. >w< I love watching the anime videos where he tries to guess if the plot is real or fake. And his vines are just.. gold. Pure gold. As for youtubers, Thomas Sanders, of course. I've recently discovered Vanoss and his friends (I Am Wildcat, H2ODelirious, BigJigglyPanda, Mini Ladd, Daithi De Nogla, Lui Calibre and the rest) and I am living it up watching their gaming content. They never fail to make me smile on a gloomy day with their fun antics. I also love watching poketubers like Adrive, SmkGaming05 and Appl