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:wub: Home of the Rainfur dragons! :wub:

Sometimes I have dead eggs on my scroll from: Vampire bites. ND experiments. Killing an egg from a personal project.

I never kill, neglect or bite gifts. Gifts are loved and named. ❤️

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    ***IRL stress, I may not respond in a timely manner***
    My mom passed away december 9th and I may not see your PM in a timely manner due to stress/grief. Thank you for understanding.
    If it is especially urgent, please DM me on discord.

    Updated discord username as of 3/30/2021, i forgot that your numbers change when you lose nitro. so sorry if anyone has tried to reach me and couldn't.

    Hello there, stranger!
    I'm an an old DC member (since December, 2007) that is somewhat of a recluse on the forums.

    If you see something on my scroll you'd like an offspring from, feel free to ask. ^^
    I don't mind doing bloodswaps, alt swaps, etc. In most cases I'll just breed for free if you ask nicely, even my SAs, thuweds and prizes. I don't bite*!
    *unless you're rude. Then I'll bite. And you will not get an eggie from me. >:o

    Will create neglecteds for very nice offers (2g prizes (if I can pick the mate), 2g SAs, 2g thuweds).
    I am also open to hatchling IOUs! :) I usually charge 20 to 30, depending.


    I owe:


    I am owed:


    Completed IOUs:
    1 ungendered CB neglected to Irabane for 3 CB silvers.
    1 CB gold to Mizashi for a 2g silver shimmer.
    2 2g silvers from male/female moonstone to Ribombee for 2 CB red coppers.
    1 CB neglected to Dalek Raptor for a 2g bronze tinsel.
    1 Ungendered CB neglected to titinian.masquarade for 2g silver shimmer.
    1 CB male neglected and 2 CB golds to Ghost for 2g silver tinsel.
    1 CB Neglected to Carrow 2g for 2g gold shimmer from a royal blue parent.
    40 pygmy hatchlings to Hellhunt for 1 CB Neglected.
    125 Pillow hatchlings to Kastriia for 2g thuweds.
    1 CB neglected to VVarhound for a 2g bronze tinsel from freckled parent.

    My scroll name is catzrule1990.
    My scroll family name is "Rainfur". I mark my dragons with tags that indicate whether or not the dragon is cb, 2g, 3g, etc, but once the dragon has a child, I remove the tags from the parents. :) The name Rainfur is a combination of two things, rainbow and furry. This is a special and very personal name to me. With that said, I would appreciate it if you do not use the name for your own dragons. If you have an offspring of my dragons and want to continue the family name, then that's fine. But I would like to respectfully ask, please don't claim it for yourself and use it on dragons outside of offspring of mine. Thank you. <3

    I don't really know the ways of the world here, so if I've done something strange, confusing or failed to provide needed information, please bring it to my attention. >.<'
    I have depression and social anxiety that makes it a challenge for me to post and PM people, if I suddenly stop replying to your PMs, that is probably why. Please don't hesitate to give me a nudge, sometimes I'm also easily distracted. ^^''

    I'm generally very happy to influence, incubate and/or precog, so if you'd like to have me do that, just say so. <3

    I typically only come here when I am looking for something specific or I am waiting for a reply, so if you need to get my attention, here are some other ways to contact me:
    Trillian: catzrule1990
    Kik: catzrule1990
    Twitter: @RosieTheMeowth

    Please do not add my eggs or hatchlings into nurseries. I've been caring for my dragons since 2007, I know what I'm doing. <3
    Any dead eggs you see are ND experiments or vampire bites. <3