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  1. Ah, I see. That's interesting. So it's not a full time thing for you eh? That's a neat thing to do on the side. EDIT: It's not so cold ;D Summer here goes to 100 degrees Fahrenheit sometimes.. Don't worry about winter :U /slapped
  2. Ah, I see. That's interesting. Do you deal with many same sex couples?
  3. I'm sorry if this is a personal question, but might I ask where you're from? I'm just curious as to whether you're from the United States, or from another country? I myself, am Canadian. Same sex marriage is allowed nation wide here, which I am quite proud of. I was outraged when I heard of Harper's attempt to "reinstate the traditional definition of marriage" awhile back. I'm quite glad our marriage law's equality remains intact here.
  4. You believe god created us all? Then he also created gays. Which means he wants us here. How long will it take you to realize that? Perhaps your god's word was misinterpreted, as the bible is pretty well, a long, written game of telephone. And is not his direct words. I myself, am atheist, living by my own morals. I do no harm, and live my life on a day to day basis, contributing to society as anyone else does, regardless of religion, race, sexuality, gender.. You name it. But again, atheist. I do not follow any religion or believe in an deity. Why should I be put in the metaphorical box or cage of a faith I do not care to follow? Am I not free as my nation says I am? Am I not a free person? Or maybe I am less of a person because of who I love. That's just silly. I myself, am tolerant of differences. But the moment I see oppression, discrimination or bigotry. I am outraged. And "crusading" against gay marriage, or gays in general is oppression. Am I a bad person based on who I love? You choose an awfully stupid thing to judge an entire human being based on. You can judge their actions, their words, but judge who they love? That hardly says a thing about them as a person. What do you know about me from being a lesbian? Nothing.
  5. The bible also says to stone a woman to death if she has sex before she is married. Do you agree with that too? My parents are both heterosexual, my brother is heterosexual, as is everyone else in my family that I am aware of. Guess what? I'm a lesbian. Where's your logic.
  6. Those examples are completely different. The judge is not marrying one group, and excluding another. The Californian example wants to take rights away! Seriously. It isn't that hard. The Texan judge is not against heterosexual marriage. Your example is just some bigot who is angry that Homosexuals have rights. The judge we are discussing wants everyone, regardless of sexuality to have equal rights, and this is her form of protest. Your example wants rights taken away. As is your Idaho example. That is taking away rights, while this judge wishes to bring rights for oppressed minorities. She is not marrying any couples, as a form of PROTEST. Protest. She is not discriminating, she is protesting. For equal rights. Not to strip society's beloved straights of their rights. But to give gays the rights they deserve. This is how she is making her cause heard.
  7. Bahaha~ I see what you did there ;D I don't quite know, in all honesty. Just seems to be the way things are.
  8. That isn't the reason I wish to marry my partner, it is merely a benefit. One that I am equally entitled to as any heterosexual is. My point is, why should heterosexual couples get those benefits, and rights and homosexual couples be barred from them? Did you not read the other half of my post? I would be more than happy to live the rest of my days with her, unmarried if I had to. But with all the legal aspects, marrying is the safest option, if something were to happen to one of us. And, we need to support eachother, no? Throwing our money away wouldn't help our lifestyle.
  9. Children even get bullied because they are adopted. A friend of mine a few years back lived in a foster home, and told people around school, she was bullied for that and made fun of. It doesn't make much of a difference WHO adopts them, because many kids are like her, and are bullied solely based on the fact that they are adopted. And then of course, as mentioned. There are those kids who don't get adopted. I'd rather see them end up with a loving family, regardless of who that family is made up of. Bullying will never end, unless we all end up in a world like the "It" in "A Wrinkle in Time" by Madeline L'Engle, if anyone is familiar with that. Me? I've been bullied for my style, my looks and interests since I was younger. Mostly because I don't fit my gender stereotypes. What are you gonna do about that?
  10. Marriage isn't that important to me, luckily.. It is legal here in Canada. But society is not as advanced as our law. I want to marry, because of the legal aspects. And the marriage taxes. I love her just like a straight person loves their partner. Why shouldn't I have the same benefits they get? Marriage taxes, and personal rights. I.e. If I were to fall seriously ill, or in a coma they would consult my partner. If we are not married, she is powerless. And I trust no one more than I trust her, and I want my life to be in her hands if ever it is threatened, and out of my control. Because I know I am safe there. So, just because someone else disagrees, hypothetically.. My life should be put in someone else's hands? I should have to pay more? That doesn't seem fair at all.
  11. ...I just joined this forum today. And this is what I see immediately coming here? I am a lesbian. I do not go around looking at every girl I see. In fact, I work with emotional attraction before physical attraction. I am not some horny, shallow semiconscious being going around flirting with every girl I see, or trying to be 'cool'. I'm not exactly open about my sexuality, only the people important to me, and the people I trust know. My girlfriend and I are in a committed relationship, one we keep secret. A relationship with the risk of social judgement, bigotry from people like you, and political threat. And you know what? It's all worth it. And it only makes us stronger. I love her enough to put up with everything, all the needless hate, all the biased opinions and judgement. And I'm proud of that. Because I'm not some shallow girl, chasing a shallow crush and having a fake, meaningless relationship. I'm not doing this for status, attention or for fun. Tell me why I'm wrong. See if you can.