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  1. Wow, the Fire Gems are gorgeous, I love the contasting colours in the adults! I just need another blue one and then I'll have a pair of each colour. Shame that they don't seem to be dropping very often anymore, I did see two of them in the Volcano earlier today but didn't catch either.
  2. What could you get for three CB Coppers (two green, one brown)? I took a bit of a break from active playing so it's been a while since I last traded anything.
  3. Wow, the adults are both gorgeous! Guess I know what I'll be hoarding next
  4. Such lovely adults! I think the Candelabras and Morphodrakes are my favourites from this release
  5. Yay, finally got one of each (and two of the Arias)! Good luck to everyone still hunting!
  6. Happy birthday DC! I'm so excited for all the new releases and re-releases as well as all the other updates!
  7. I see, thanks for the advice! Perhaps I'll check the trade section first, then, and see if there's something nice I can offer on there
  8. Thanks for the answers! I wasn't quite sure whether Golden Wyverns were considered uncommon or not, since I do see them relatively often in the cave but then again every once in a while I see them in trades too, so I dunno. I guess I'll just put my eggs up for trade and see what offers I get
  9. What do you guys think a CB Spessartine is worth? How about a CB Golden Wyvern? I'm wondering what other CB rares/uncommons I could trade them for, or for which gen Prize dragons.
  10. Ohhh man, all this new spoilery info is super interesting, now I really can't wait for mine to grow up. I do feel a bit hesitant about freezing a CB hatchie, but fortunately I just caught an egg, so if the adults don't have the BSA I can just freeze that one. Also, the BSA description seemed to imply that these are named "Celestials", which is a super pretty name
  11. Welp, I caught six of then, one from each biome. Good thing I had a few free egg slots and didn't have to abandon anything important. They are very beautiful, I'm really hoping they do turn out to be an alien dragon species
  12. Yay, finally got them all! Loving the Skyrim egg as well (even though I sided with the Empire, lol).
  13. Really liking the eggs this year, even though I don't quite get all the references I've collected 50 eggs now, and so far my favourites have been the aquarium, evolution and terrarium eggs.
  14. The Antareans look just as gorgeous as I remembered, and the Sapphires are incredibly beautiful too! Thank you spriters for both these dragons!
  15. Ooh, I think I remember the orange one! Both of the new releases are really pretty, can't wait for mine to grow up! I caught two orange and four blue eggs.
  16. Snowy, but surprisingly warm, I'd say about -10ÂșC. Last week was much colder, and it's supposed to get even colder later this week.
  17. This game is so adorable, I'm totally addicted to it! And I even managed to get my dad to play it, too I just bought the yard extension and am now working towards getting all the rare cats to appear, I'm still missing a few.
  18. A little late to the party, but I just got Mass Effect for the PS3 some days ago and I've already played it for well over 20 hours I've also been playing the first Borderlands game a lot lately.
  19. This is such a nice idea! I bred most of my checkers and price lines into the AP yeasterday, and will breed some more dragons today
  20. Just sent some more gifts to my giftee, will edit the spreadsheet once they're picked up
  21. Two Gemshard checkers that were gifted to me by two amazing users both coloured correctly! I'm so happy! In addition to that, I've also got many great presents from my Secret Santa, so this has been a really great week on DC for me so far!
  22. Also, regarding the spreadsheet: if I sent two gifts from the 4th spot and one from the 6th, is it necessary to put every gift I sent into the spreadsheet or just one gift per spot?
  23. I have sent my gifts! Forum name: OrcaFreak Scroll name: OrcaFreak Wishlist: 1. CB Neglected 2. CB Copper (CB Rainbow Copper) 3. CB Dino, any color except green (Purple Dino & Yellow Dino) 4. CB Red, Albino, Balloon, Brimstone, Dark Myst Pygmy, or Guardian (CB Red, CB Guardian & CB Dark Myst Pygmy) 5. 2nd gen female Bleeding Moon from male Silver Tinsel as a mate for him 6. CB Red, Albino, Balloon, Brimstone, Dark Myst Pygmy, or Guardian (CB Brimstone) I've also received a lot of amazing gifts from my Secret Santa Jazeki, thank you so much again!