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Your local spriter, Doom enthusiast, and Storm/Antarean hoarder. Formerly known as NiramiTheRaven196.
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Storm Sentinels: 1513/∞ | Antares Supercluster: 124/∞
Avatar and egg collection by me.

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    I love cats, dogs, ducks, dragons, pineapple pizza, MIDIs, and videogames. Especially Doom. Talk to me about Doom. I also love robots. Show me cool robots. Battle mechs or sleek androids, doesn't matter, I love em all.


    Aww the about me section doesn't show up. Here's the contents I intended to put there:

    My name is Mal and I'm your local robot-addicted Doom nerd. I'm sometimes an artist but only when I feel like it, and I write garbage fanfic in my free time. That's about as much as you need to know.

    I can also be found in these places:
    -Flight Rising:
    Also feel free to ask for my Steam and/or Discord.


    Stuff I hoard and am always looking for:
    -Antareans. my pure beloved children with outdated art, gotta love em
    -Codes that include variations of Nir/Nira, Inwa, Mal, fog, Doom, UAC, id, BFG, Ron; amusing codes in general; and four-number codes.