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  1. Got a horse that loves coins, and a riiiiing.
  2. Czech Republic. The weird land with beer and people who joke about every single thing. :>
  3. I talk on the internet more than I talk in real life, so I use English more than Czech. I even think in English most of the time. And when talking in Czech I sometimes forget a word and say it in English, successfully confusing whoever is listening to me.
  4. I recently got a dragon that has claws. And this vampire is clearly telling me, "See, biting eggs is bad. See?" And this trihorn's code reminds me of "Kaiser". which is why it's going to be named Community is Falling
  5. Yesterday I got nommed by a Demon near the exit of my own Doom II map (icannar.wad). How embarrassing. And shortly before that I was playing Invasion UAC4 (another Doom II map set) online on ZDaemon, when it desynchronized so severely I spent 10 minutes being thrown around the map, killed repeatedly by ghost projectiles, before finally dying for good and my ping to the server dropping from 7251ms to 24ms.
  6. Category: Breeders - Breeds Title of Record: Most Gray / Fog dragons Name of Submittant (forum name): NiramiTheRaven196 Scroll Name (link): http://dragcave.net/user/NiramiTheRaven196 Proof for Record: My scroll -- most (but not all) my adult Fogs are near the bottom of my scroll, under the other breeds. I also keep a list of my Fogs, so if you want to see the list, PM me and I'll send it to you. Note: As of submitting this, I have approximately 402 adult Fogs.
  7. According to my dad the very first game I played was either Doom or Wolfenstein 3-D. I was almost 3 years old and couldn't care less about a little number 18 on a box.
  8. I actually managed to get an undecided egg, after a thousand of these "You fail it! Your skill is not enough" messages, with awfully, awfully slow internet. x3 Now I'm hatchling-locked with a hoard of Fogs so I can't go failhunt for the opal ones, but well, Fogs are Fogs. <3
  9. Yay, another release at 6 AM my time! <3 I can sit in AP all day, rescue low-time eggs and watch people fight over the new eggs because that's the only thing my connection allows me to do. |D
  10. Fully scroll locked for the first time. <3
  11. I own these interesting codes: omg9o hUgeI < A funny coincidence that this is a pygmy. NdASL < I imagine it chatting with an ND going "hey neglected asl" SUNuv < Too bad this one's not an ultraviolet. And my most favorite of all, dooMi. Any players of Doom around? :3
  12. Today I got two swamp codes: DaMps and 6B0GS. Also I have these: 31onE - This poor Terrae is just one in a 31. DN2Tm - Players of old arcade shooters will understand this one :3
  13. Right now I have these hatchies and eggs: UhhSS - I like the code because I play Return to Castle Wolfenstein. ^^' NOO62 - Would be more awesome if the 6 was 4. IRC people know. |D E1GMA - Can't think of anything else than "Enigma". Tje1D - Apparently, TJ is one-dimensional.
  14. Got a Mint with the code WTFNd. Can be Mints neglected?
  15. The ads on Dragon Cave are getting interesting.
  16. Well, I have some neat codes too. boXBM - was gifted to me, and I couldn't resist naming him in honor of Maru the cat. e0W0b - a smiley with a cuteface and headphones. I lol'd when I noticed. WHh2Y - stop asking all the time like an annoying hatchling... pIoXn - I was like "pl0x to be female" but he was like "n".
  17. I think he meant the e-mail address that you're using on your Dragon Cave account.
  18. My brain tells me that invites aren't real, but my F5 finger says "Refresh the inbox, refresh it, perhaps there will be an invite e-mail."
  19. Prepare to see 360 of them.
  20. You don't like broccoli? Everyone likes broccoli. C:
  21. Lol, 360 dino breeds? You mean all the spriters just suddenly went "LOL DINOS" and created 360 dinos? Nope.