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  1. I'm feeling like absolute garbage. Hopefully I'll get over it soon.
  2. Malcorium

    Flight Rising

    I've overheard some rumors that the site is being ddosed. Not sure if that's true or not, but hopefully it'll get resolved soon.
  3. Pretty comfy. Got cool air blowing over me, enjoying some virtual snuggles and a stream of my favourite videogame. Hope others will eventually feel as nice as I'm feeling right now. c: Sending good thoughts to all you tired/sad/etc people out there. <3
  4. I'm very hyped for the new Doom. I felt obligated to replace my Jewelweaver avatar with a Doomslayer avatar. ;p
  5. Doom Slayer. Didn't get Doomslayer but this is just as amazing. I cannot believe. Now on to find a dragon actually worthy of the name ;p
  6. A rotation of various dog pictures I found on the internet. I love dogs. <3 Right now my desktop looks like this. link (1680x1050)
  7. Little bit of clouds on an otherwise clear sky. Some wind. I kinda wanna go outside now.
  8. I have set my scroll goals aside in favour of hoarding as many Antareans as I can. So that's my only goal right now I guess.
  9. The adults are looking amazing. GJ Odeen.
  10. Bred all my paired-up CB fogs to the AP. Some juicy PB 2nd gens ahead. Get ready for the Storm storm 8)
  11. I like dogs a lot. Used to be obsessed with cats but now I'm more of a dog person. I own a dog, my desktop wallpaper is a set of dog pictures, and when I'm sad I google cute dogs.
  12. Rather sunny, with a coarse cloud layer. Pretty nice actually. I should go outside.
  13. I can't wait for my eggs to hatch. o3o
  14. Yay, reference explaining time! This egg is a reference to the invulnerability powerup in Doom. I wanted to make it animated but got too lazy. And this one holds the code to the secret level of the first episode of Blood - dagger, eye, moon. (Don't look up Blood if you don't like blood and scary stuff, that game can be nightmare fuel.) It's also the order of the keys picked up in the level, which itself is a hint for the code. I purposefully made the eye more draconic because a human eye would look too creepy.
  15. Aww, found the shiba one. So adorable. :3
  16. I'm at 40 eggs now if my counting is right. \o/ Got both of mine already, too.
  17. I can't wait to explain what my two eggs reference. They're kind of obscure. So obscure that even my friend (who plays a lot of old games, mind you) didn't get the second one.
  18. Ha, I found my own egg already. c:
  19. Happy Easter everybody. Can't wait to collect all the glorious eggs.
  20. Oh wow I need this. This takes the cake in ultimate orange spaceness.
  21. A flood just as I lock myself with fogs, LOL. GJ me.
  22. Congrats on your first dragon! My first was Mavissius. c: