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  1. I'm getting my computer insides changed around tomorrow. Got some components for christmas so that I can finally play more modern games. I don't do any of the building, my dad is the family's computer builder so I don't take any responsibility if the build turns out to be complete garbage. Also not gonna post pictures because my place is a mess ;p Right now my desktop setup is: -CPU: AMD Athlon II X3 450 (3.2GHz) -GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 SE -RAM: 12GB -300GB harddrive (with only like 30GB free now lmao) -no idea about the motherboard -C-Tech Akantha Ultimate gaming mouse -Genius KB-G200 gaming keyboard -Thrustmaster T-Wireless Rumble Force gamepad -Wacom Intuos Draw graphic tablet -C-Tech Nemesis headset -LG Flatron L206WU monitor (1680x1050) -generic desk with a bit of garbage on it -some old office chair that no longer has adjustable seat height -also OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit It's nothing particularly special but it's pretty decent, second best computer in the household. I can play most of my (well, older) games on it with framerate maxed out, except for GTAV which still runs kinda slowish on a rather low resolution. And I'm getting the computer intestines changed to: -CPU: AMD Athlon II X3 455 (3.3GHz) -GPU: AMD Sapphire Radeon R7 250 -MSI 760GM-E51 mainboard -1TB harddrive I just hope it's all gonna fit together fine ;p I also have a laptop that I'm too lazy to pull out but it's a Dell Latitude that also has win7 on it and runs most of my favorite games fine despite having garbage specs. It has a Doom sticker and a Lightning flight sticker on the cover.
  2. Snowed here a few times since the start of November, but it always melted within a few days. All we got right now is cold, wet, rainy garbage with a hint of frost. My bet is that it's going to snow like heck in early spring.
  3. I usually name my dragons with random quotes from videogame streams, lyrics/names of songs, items from videogames, names of videogame usermaps, basically anything that crosses my mind. My taste in videogames and music usually ensures that the desired name is free. My Storms and Antareans also have a naming scheme (strictly enforced on Antareans, not so much on Storms) which consists of a randomly generated name and a common surname. Sometimes I make a name out of the dragon's code instead of generating one. My name generator of choice is this one on default settings.
  4. Having grown up on a computer instead of a console, I played various DOS games as a kid, even the adult-rated ones (pixel blood never bothered me apparently). Mostly Wolf3D, Doom and the popular clones, namely Heretic, Duke3D and Blood. Gosh, Blood gave me a few nightmares back then but it was so much fun and still is. ;p I also remember playing Jazz Jackrabbit (never got too far because I didn't know the cheat codes), and a little Czech puzzle game called Vlak (Train) that was based on Snake. That one was fun, you had to collect all the items on screen and then exit the level, and it usually involved very precise paths. I'm not quite sure which one was my favorite back then, I was quite fond of all of them. I still play most of them these days, not even out of nostalgia, I just genuinely enjoy them.
  5. A few mana crystals for a little (read: giant and probably out of my scope of abilities) project I'm doing. Arcane, venom, fire and lightning. They look much better on a dark background.
  6. I use imgur to upload images and look at pictures of dogs (and other interesting stuff) on the first page. Never posted any image publicly though because lol getting downvoted to hell.
  7. Fun times. Saw the eggs, read the descriptions, time to sleep now. I'll catch some later. Happy spookday everyone.
  8. Got all the treats including the new ones. Nice.
  9. I made my own egg badge because I prefer to use my own stuff in my signature. Here ya go, free to use:
  10. Never. Contagion for life.
  11. /me chants Spread! Spread! Spread! I'm going to spread some diseased, green, goopy love right now. <3
  12. Contagion all the way! \o/ Too bad i don't have the patience or skills to play minesweeper without help from my mom ;p
  13. I have the absolute hardest time with logic puzzles and especially with minesweeper, would it be okay if I let my mom play the event game? She doesn't have a scroll of her own and isn't interested in the cave itself.
  14. Made a tiny sprite of SHODAN from System Shock. SS1 remake hype (even though this is the SS2 version of her.) Looks much better on a dark background. Also the glowy circuit endings look a bit like tiny upvotes ;p
  15. Infinite antareans. I mean technically there's an infinite supply, but not on my scroll. ;p
  16. <= I finished up my avatar. Also did another drawing of Antaresia. I really like the character ;p And the brush feels super comfy, especially since there's not much difference between pen pressure on/off and my placeholder tablet glitches between the two. i gotta get as buff as antaresia
  17. Thanks for the compliments. Here's a quick colored sketch of a realistic Mario because I'm watching a Super Mario Sunshine stream right now and I can't draw in the cartoony Mario style.
  18. *kicks the door open with a drawing tablet in one hand and a pen in the other* It's time to draw bubblegum and chew art, and I'm all out of... wait. // 2020 edit: this thread is old so im updating the op I specialize in spriting, rough sketching and flatcoloring/sometimes even shading, as well as the occasional mspaint-style scribble of Malcorium. And does making exploratory maps on the GZDoom engine count as art? Because I do that too. Anyway that's pretty much all about my art, so let's get to actually seeing it. You can view most of my best art on malcorium.tumblr.com by the way. Requests are closed because I'm very much unreliable when it comes to them. Here's some non-DC sprite arts: ^A tiny Pokemon-style sprite of NEoS MAL-32, and an unnamed isshalaran character, respectively. There would be more if 99.999% of my spritework wasn't for DC and therefore top secret :') And I'm keeping this old sketch here cuz it's an absolute classic: The origins of Greg the Antarean. An absolute classic indeed.
  19. Changing of Seasons. I was expecting someone to have it on a seasonal, surprised to see it was free o:
  20. I would like to suggest a new category! Name of category: Most amount of adult Storm Dragons Explanation (if needed): Didn't see this record in the document so here it is. I would like to set a record! Name of category: Most amount of adult Storm Dragons Number of adult Storm Dragons: 1413 Evidence: Open up this file in a text editor that can count lines, such as notepad++. I used breed sort and then copypasted all the adult storm dragons in the file so it should be pretty accurate.
  21. I used to collect cat figurines, mostly porcelain ones, as a kid. Still have most of them somewhere, probably stashed away in the basement. Me and my mom also have a growing collection of various gemstones and minerals. The collection includes, besides other things: an awesome chunk of blue synthetic crystal, a small geode, and several mineral pieces shaped like eggs. My mom keeps joking about how they're gonna hatch into dragons ;p Perhaps I should base a dragon breed or two on them.
  22. Thanks! This clears things up. Another question, but if I want to submit my part of the official art usage form, do I have to PM a mod with it or do I just post in the thread? I get anxious when I see no other posts in the thread, heh.
  23. More of a lore question: Can a dragon breed's blood be infused with mana?
  24. Malcorium

    Flight Rising

    I got some things for sale. All for 20g. Tomato/Aqua/Caribbean gen1 Aqua/Caribbean/Tomato gen1 Splash/Sunshine/Black gen1 Blue/Rose/Magenta, not a gen1 but with art